Wake Up “The Children”……

Saturday, 29. September 2012 11:21 | Author:lsm

If we truly want to salvage the freedom that still exists in this country, Americans must wake up the children before November 6th.

No, not the children under 18; I’m talking about the naive, grown-up “children” who stare into the daily face of reality and refuse to acknowledge its presence. We must shake them from their slumber, open their glazed eyes, sit them down next to us, and read to them the lessons they should have long ago learned from the Brothers Grimm…….

Fairy tales of old held lessons of good and evil, right and wrong. As youngsters, we didn’t sit down each Saturday morning to episodes of Dora the Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants. We curled up to cartoons– now considered “too violent”– whereby a happy roadrunner and a sneaky coyote each tried to survive another day. We watched simple lessons from The Flintstones as Betty and Wilma repeatedly caught their fun-loving husbands in some sort of trouble and were the loving “voices of reason”. We watched Bugs Bunny and all his friends show us that actions had consequences and the “good guys” always prevailed.

We learned that it pays to be good.

Small, simple, subliminal messages delivered every Saturday morning.


I look at the current state of our nation and it appears more than obvious that half of Americans have forgotten the lessons learned in their youth. The narcissistic culture of today tells us to fight– not for morality or goodness– but for our own, personal wants and desires. If you remember back to the tale of Hansel and Gretel, you will recall two children who came upon a gingerbread house and a witch in disguise who promised them candy if they would follow her into the house.

After reading the story, even small minds were able to discern the intended lesson: Don’t be fooled by the promise of goodies. Evil DOES exists and it sometimes comes in a form which is utterly enticing.

Which brings us to this election, doesn’t it?

Folks, we are in a fight between good and evil in this country. Obama and his merry men are promising us “candy” in the form of contraception, cell phones, student loans, entitlements, and other “goodies” if only we will give this administration more time to accomplish their dream of transforming our country. Our president is luring us into his “gingerbread house” full of lies and deceit, a place where it’s abundantly clear will lead to the death of our nation as we know it. He’s asking us to cast away common sense, to dig deep within our own narcissistic minds, and vote for the temporary good of ourselves, not the overall good of our nation.

Many Americans still cannot see the truth.

They don’t see the mask of deception, the cloak of evil. To them, Barack Obama is merely a hard-working man who was handed a rotten hand, a victim of a prior administration.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. He stands before the American people every single day, puts on his “I love freedom” mask, and reads a corresponding script which has been typed into his teleprompter, words used to lure and fool the masses. He claims to love freedom as he systematically creates policies which strip us of our God-given rights. He claims to love small businesses as he creates more and more regulations which smother their very existence. He claims to love the poor and hate the “greedy” rich as he parties with and accepts donations from the wealthiest of the wealthy- and as he, himself, lives a life of opulence on the taxpayer dime.

He is a fraud, a masked man.

It’s time to take off his mask, time to reveal the truth. The uneasy, queasiness we feel when we hear Barack Obama’s lies are a result of our own inner conscience telling us that something ain’t right. Our president is shaking the foundation of what we know to be true. He’s telling us to rewrite the lessons of our youth– to believe that wrong is now right, up is now down, evil is now good.…..

We have to ignore what we’ve learned throughout our lives in order to believe in the masked man.

The Brothers Grimm were right all along; their lessons of hard work and standing up to evil pass the test of time. Marxism didn’t exist in the fairy tales of old because there is nothing redeeming about ultimate control, nothing redeeming about redistribution of wealth, nothing redeeming about coercion and deceit.

A witch is a witch is a witch….even when cast within a spell of beauty.

Wake up the “children.” Shake them if you must. Let them know that a cell phone or a promise of contraception will not lead them anywhere but into a gingerbread house of horror.

Kicking and screaming, they will take us with them……

We have become a nation at the mercy of “the children”.


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A Convention Of Consequence.

Sunday, 2. September 2012 11:52 | Author:lsm

You gotta love Clint Eastwood. This 82 year old celebrity stirred the political pot by doing what few Hollywood men have dared to do…

He stood behind the podium at the Republican convention and in simple words- words that could easily be understood by all- he told the truth.

“I would just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. Something that I think is very important. It is that, you, we — we own this country. We — we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours.

And — so — they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years. It is the same old deal. But I just think it is important that you realize , that you’re the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you’re libertarian or whatever, you are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.

It’s a simple truth…a truth that rings true to every American who has ever held a job. People are hired everyday with expectations that they will be accomplished at the job they were hired for. When the employee doesn’t meet expectations, he is let go.

It doesn’t mean he wasn’t nice or “clean” or articulate. It doesn’t mean that “the employer” is a racist. It doesn’t mean that the employee won’t be qualified for some other line of work.

Like community organizing.

It simply means that he wasn’t qualified for THIS job. Period.

It’s the simple truth. Someone needed to say it. Clint Eastwood– a Hollywood icon– was that “someone.”

Imagine that.

Clint’s performance was not what most of us expected– yet it was a welcomed surprise. There were many, many surprises during this convention, some which made us laugh, some which made us cry, many which caused us to pump our fists, and many more which had us digging deep into our hearts, rekindling that sense of patriotism which has been systematically drained from our veins during the past 4 years.

For 3 nights, we were flag-waving Americans again. While Michelle Obama was sitting home in front of the tube, once again LOSING pride in her “downright mean” country, the majority of Americans were inspired. For 3 nights, citizens throughout this land were feeling REAL hope that the country we thought was forever “changed” might actually reemerge. Americans had the pleasure of listening to one speaker after another stand before this nation, reclaiming our patriotism from this dark, socialist administration. Not one apologized for America’s exceptionalism. Not one shunned our religious foundation or our founding principles. Not one touted big government or big unions or big welfare checks as the future of this country.

Not one sang the Obama song.

Nope– They collectively sang “America the Beautiful”. Every verse. Loud and strong and proud and unapologetic.

We heard inspiring excerpts from speeches, one from Marco Rubio who spoke of his father working in the back of a room so that his son could stand before a podium in the front of a room. We watched Ann Romney tell us the tale of her “real” husband and their “real” marriage. We heard Governor Martinez recount the night she and her husband –both democrats– went out to dinner with conservative friends and ended the evening, stunned with disbelief as she proclaimed, “I’ll be damned, Chuck……We’re republicans!!!”. We heard Paul Ryan tell us that we deserve better, and Mitt Romney implore us to trust him— not to part oceans but to help our families.

They, somehow, made it easy to believe.

But the most inspiring quote of the convention for me, the quote which has stayed with me for several days, was that of Condaleeza Rice, perhaps because it struck at the very core of what this convention, what this next election, is really all about. No, it wasn’t the quote about the little girl in the “Jim Crow” South, although that gave me pause. It was this:

“That is why this is a moment and an election of consequence. Because it just has to be…. that the freest, most compassionate country on the face of the earth will continue to be the most powerful and the beacon for prosperity… across the world.”

This is an election of consequence.

We MUST remain free.

It HAS TO BE. It has to be.

We must.

And so we will. You see, anyone, and I mean ANYONE who has a soul and ANYONE who watched “goodness” on display at this convention, knows that America is on the brink of collapse and must be saved.

We will go to the polls and we will fire the guy who isn’t going a good job. We will let him go.

We will vote for goodness. For a chance at decency again.

And we will save our country.

Because we must.

It just has to be.


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Why Is Romney’s Wealth Different?

Wednesday, 4. April 2012 10:25 | Author:lsm

OK, OK, so Mitt Romney has money.

When, pray tell, did that become a crime? When did success become a negative? When did self-accomplishment become something to jeer, something to chastise?

The recent reporting by the MSM which demeans Governor Romney for his lifetime of success reminds me of high school, a place where young, underdeveloped minds scoff at other students–the ones who earn A’s on their report cards– calling them “nerds” and casting them aside because they showed some form of a work ethic. You see, hard work is not accepted by many groups in high school; it’s simply not “cool.”

Sagging pants are cool. Sideways hats are cool. Falling asleep in class is cool.

Success is frowned upon. “Who do you think you are?” is a common phrase thrown at students who acheive.

Back when I was in school, many of us knew better. We knew that good grades would get us entrance into a better college, a better job, and hopefully, afford us a better life.

Better. Not Equal. Better.

Yet, Mitt Romney is known by those who are obviously still stuck in their old high school mentality as “the rich guy” who shouldn’t be elected President because he’s too rich, too successful, and, therefore, “can’t relate to the rest of us”.

Strangely, the same folks who demean Mitt for his wealth, are enamored with the fact that Barack Obama went to college at both Columbia and Harvard.

Wait a second…..don’t you have to be “successful” to gain admittance to those colleges?


The Mitt-bashers also don’t seem to have a problem with Michelle Obama’s decision to wear $750 tennis shoes to pass out food to the poor. They refuse to talk about the fact that Michelle and Barack sometimes take separate planes on vacations simply because they don’t care to wait an extra 4 hours for each other. They celebrate the unnecessary White House pow-wows where entertainers are wined and dined on the taxpayer dime. They don’t care that the first children are enrolled in private school or that Malia took a boatload of secret service with her on a Spring vacation to Mexico.

They are more concerned over the fact that Ann Romney has TWO– count’em….TWO– Cadillac Escalades.

How dare she? She’s “so out of touch….”

It appears that in the eyes of the Left, only CERTAIN money is considered “good”. Warren Buffet’s billions are good. George Soros’ billions are good. Teddy Kennedy’s money was good. Tom Hanks, Oprah, Michael Moore, and the rest of the Hollywoods’ “hard earned” cash is also considered good.

After all– sitting in your private trailer with your private hairdresser, waiting to go on the set and read from a script is oh-so draining. And then there’s those tiresome award shows and interviews which are simply exhausting……

In the clouded eyes of the Left, Hollywood stars and rappers “have a unique talent and work hard for their money so they deserve their earnings”…….

Wait a minute. Hard work equals better pay?

That doesn’t sound right, does it? That sounds like capitalism. And the Left tells us that capitalism is bad, that Mitt Romney’s money is bad because he’s an “evil” capitalist. He didn’t earn his money the same way Oprah did.

Or did he?

Both Oprah and Romney used their talents to build companies which became successful. Both were job creators. Both made a hefty profit from that success. Both live lavish lifestyles and both are quick to give a nice portion of their wealth to charity.

Both have also fired people and downsized companies when the necessary.

Yet, have you ever heard ANYONE on the Left claim that Oprah is “out of touch” because she drives a Mercedes or because she wears designer clothing? Have you ever heard them say that she “can’t understand the little guy” because she owns a number of homes? Have you ever heard the Left literally COUNT the number of people who have been fired by Oprah because she simply needed to downsize or discontinue one of her companies in order to reorganize?

The answer, of course, is “No.” Discrimination is alive and well in the world of the Left. While they preach “acceptance” and “tolerance” and “kindness”, those nouns are reserved for those who espouse Leftist thought, who use their wealth to further the Leftist viewpoint.

Romney and his wealth would be celebrated if only he would replace that “R” behind his name with a “D”.

Heck, Ann Romney could get a chauffeur and a limousine if only she would “change” parties, if only she would “change” her morality.

You see, if you live life as a democrat– or socialist or communist or whatever they currently call themselves – then you never have to apologize for your success. YOUR wealth was earned.

YOUR wealth is good.

YOUR wealth is needed to help further “the cause” of brainwashing others into believing that wealth on the Right is greedy and undeserved.

You know what? I’m tired of the double standard, tired of the facade. The American people are being duped by powerful, rich Leftists who cast Romney’s wealth as undeserved and “evil” simply because they can’t find better arguments against him.

To them, I say this: Grow up.

Get out of catty high school.

You know in your gut that this double standard doesn’t hold water.

Time to turn your back to the naked Emperor and his merry men…before they turn their backs on you.

Which they will.


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Pray, But Only When We Say It’s OK.

Tuesday, 14. February 2012 9:49 | Author:lsm

So the Grammy’s opened up with a prayer to pay respect to the late Whitney Houston.

How nice. How honorable.

How hypocritical.

Yes folks, the same audience which included rappers who sing their “songs” of hate, clad with lyrics that preach murder, rape, and evil, feigned God-like reverence for the loss of a woman who found her voice as a child in a local church, took their industry by storm with her amazing gift, and then lived the last few years of her life paying tribute to the god of drugs and alcohol– a god much desired by many of the attendees.

During the prayer, most of the audience bowed their heads in silence. Some clasped their hands, tightened their clenched eyes, and appeared to find meaning in the words spoken by LL Cool. Others clearly felt out of place, awkwardly looking around while the words were spoken, unclear as to how to act when others pray.

They’re aren’t used to being “tolerant”.

I wonder if those who felt uncomfortable will sue CBS– after all, is it “fair” that non-religious members of the music industry should be subjected to a prayer to God? Should they be forced to suffer through even a moment of queasiness because others find comfort in looking upward for strength?

Maybe, just maybe, the non-believers found solace knowing that just a few moments later, Nicki Minaj would take the stage and give a roaring performance of her new tune “Roman Holiday” in which she mocked the Catholic Church and was exorcised on stage.

Whew. The atheists could finally settle back in their seats and enjoy the show.

They got the last laugh…..

I wonder how the Catholic members in the audience felt during Minaj’s performance? Were they insulted or uncomfortable? Or have they been so conditioned over time to find tolerance toward those who mock them -chastise them- that they’ve quit fighting for their beliefs, simply accepting the intolerance of others as the “new norm”?

Would Nicki Minaj have had the guts to mock the Islamic religion, maybe wearing a burka or staging a mock-stoning of a gay woman?

Here’s a thought: Let’s petition her to try it next year and see what happens! Let’s see how “gutsy” she really is! It’s easy to mock the downtrodden, easy to mock the disabled kid, easy to mock the Catholics and the Jews– they’re used to it. It’s much harder to mock the bully, the big guy, the person who will fight back.

Sometimes ferociously.

Why is it that Christians and Jews allow themselves to be laughingstocks, yet agnostics and atheists are forever calling the ACLU when they are “offended” by a religious monument, a prayer, or a simple mention of the word “God”? Why is it that a high school valedictorian cannot thank God for their academic gift and inspiration without someone being offended? Why is it that liberals get to pick and choose when they are offended and when prayer should be allowed– like at the Grammy’s?

Why do the non-believers get to control the conversation time and time again?

Tim Tebow was vilified for his outward religious display. Did he physically hurt anyone? Did he push his religion on anyone else?

Of course not. But he showed something that the Left doesn’t want to see on display. He showed us “good.” Tim Tebow had the audacity to be a “good” role model for kids– and adults alike.

“Good” is laughed at in our society. We have replace goodness with the dark side of life– with the reverence for those who march at Occupy Wall Street, spewing hatred toward Jews and others. We have replaced goodness with obscenity, pornography, nudity, and sexual perversion (including a new fascination with beastiality). We encourage this darkness in our youth by pushing sex and condoms in schools, along with thong underwear in our retail stores. While pornography used to be viewed only by those who bought magazines wrapped in paper coverings, it is now front and center on our billboards and in stores like Abercrombie and Fitch:

I actually snapped this photo at my local Abercrombie:

As I was snapping it, a mother came by with her 3 small children, one in a stroller. She didn’t notice the picture, but her young son–who looked about 8– stopped and stared at it while she shopped. He cocked his head quizzically, appearing to digest the information before him. And then they walked off.

I’m not supposed to be offended.

A display of the Ten Commandments in a government building, a prayer in school, a cross worn around the neck of a child in elementary school is somehow “threatening” to the non-believer, but outward pornography and the pushing of condoms and gay sexuality sold to us as “safety” is somehow OK?

The Left gets to pray at the Grammy’s if they want. They also get to silence prayers when they want. They get to mock the Catholic Church at an awards ceremony or mock Jews at Occupy Wall Street. They also get to be offended if someone mocks Mohammad in a newspaper cartoon. They get to keep our school children from singing “God Bless America” yet hand our children “fisting kits” in case they feel the urge to sexually “fist” someone they like.

They get to control the conversation.

Control, control, control. And they do it by claiming that THEY are the tolerant ones, THEY are the “good” ones.

We are allowing it. Plain and simple.

We are allowing it.


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A Case Against Gingrich

Monday, 23. January 2012 8:34 | Author:lsm

My warning for all of the desperate republicans who are flocking toward Newt Gingrich, believing that he is the man who can beat Barack Obama in the 2012 elections…..

Be careful what you wish for.

Take a deep breath. Do your homework. Rekindle your common sense. Read your constitution. Again.

Newt Gingrich talks a good game, in fact, he talks a great game. No one can sell an idea like this former Speaker of the House. He’s smart, he’s witty, he’s sarcastic, he’s authoritative. Newt not only has all of the facts, he can rattle them off like a quick-tongued auctioneer at your local auction house. He’s the smartest man in the room, and he knows it. When he speaks , we are somehow hypnotized into suspending our own beliefs, our own common sense, our own values because he appears to have “true wisdom.”

Getting into a political debate with Newt would be like getting into a one-on-one basketball contest with Michael Jordan. Newt is not only an expert on the inside political game played in Washington, he is the stereotypical prototype of the GOP.

And that, my friends, is the problem. Despite his claims otherwise, Newt Gingrich is not a conservative; he is a progressive Republican.

Big difference. Huge.

What do I mean? Let’s start with the fact that as a congressman, Newt voted TO CREATE the Department of Education. While current, conservative members in the party are begging for a candidate who will dismantle this bloated government agency, Newt was one of the leaders responsible for our BIGGER federal government.


If it was, I’ve yet to hear Newt admit to it.

Newt Gingrich sat on the now-famous couch with Nancy Pelosi sounding the bells for global warming and giving kudos to Al Gore for his work to combat the impending catastrophe awaiting our country. This was at a time when folks like Lord Christopher Monckton of England and Professor Lindzen of MIT were systematically proving that “global warming” was a manufactured hoax meant to redistribute wealth throughout the world. It was the same time when many Americans were questioning the validity of global warming and scientists were beginning to jump OFF the “climate change” bandwagon.

As “the smartest man in the room”, you would assume Gingrich would have been able to see through this socialist hoax.

Wouldn’t you?

Also alarming is the fact that Newt Gingrich claimed in the first presidential debate to have collected a paycheck from Freddie Mac to the tune of $300,000, serving as a “historian” for the bailed-out housing giant. That number quickly escalated to $1.6 Million, although in the past few weeks, we’re hearing Gingrich explain that he only raked in $35,000 per year from the housing giant.

So why did Gingrich mention the $300,000 figure in the first debate? Don’t most folks– especially “smart folks”– know the difference between $300,000 and $35,000? Maybe it’s a simple accounting problem that can easily be cleared up, but Newt doesn’t appear to want transparency on this issue. While Mitt Romney has asked Newt to release his contract with Freddie, Newt is simply ignoring that request.

Besides, he’s too busy asking Romney to release his tax records so voters will be able to see the “true” Romney; there’s simply not enough time in the day to show folks the “true Newt.”

We saw a small portion of the “true Newt” during the Bain Capital debacle, his vindictive attempt to bring down Mitt Romney by using class warfare and the ideologies of “excessive income” and “vulture capitalism.” Yup, a man who has had more than his share of paychecks signed by the taxpayer, is finding fault with Romney, a guy who has probably never taken a dime from the government and has paid more INTO the government than most of us have ever earned.

Besides, I thought that Republicans were the party that supports capitalism, the party that believes that wealth is a good thing, profits are a good thing, and that we should never put a limit on either the opportunity or success of the individual.

Obviously, Newt believes otherwise.

But it’s not just Bain Capital that has some of us scratching our heads. Newt has also criticized Mitt Romney for only paying about 15% in taxes last year, the legal amount that ANY American is required to pay when the majority of their income comes from Capital Gains. It’s the same reason that liberal billionaire, Warren Buffett, legally pays 15% in taxes.

Here’s my question: What percentage did Newt pay on his Capital Gains investments last year? More than 15%?

I think not.

Looking into his past political positions, we now know that Newt supported an individual mandate on healthcare for a couple of decades. Yes, that’s right. The main issue that has plagued Mitt Romney–Romneycare–is an issue with which Newt agreed and would have implemented had he been the governor of a state.

Which he was not.

No, Newt hasn’t run a company, hasn’t started an industry, hasn’t run a state. He pats himself on the back for “creating millions of jobs” because he was somewhere in the vicinity of the White House when Reagan actually DID. He’s taking full credit for Reagan’s policies– although last I looked, he was a simple legislator during that time and had a minimal amount of influence on Reagan.

Worse yet, as Speaker, Newt stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and led the charge against Bill Clinton’s cigar antics with Monica Lewinsky (along with the perjury which followed)….

And then he went home to his mistress.

No, not his FIRST mistress, his second one.

When asked about this infidelity, Newt calmly stated: “There’s no question that at times in my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard, and that things happened in my life that were not appropriate.”

Let me translate that for those of you who weren’t paying attention: If it hadn’t been for his intense love of country, Newt wouldn’t have had multiple affairs.

That darn patriotism ruined Newt’s marriages.

We watch this ex-Speaker during these presidential debates and we swoon over his commanding skills of debate. We cheer as he points his finger in the eye of the press, chastising them for asking the uncomfortable questions which they wouldn’t dare ask of Obama. We know in our hearts that Barack doesn’t stand a chance in the arena of ideas with Newt Gingrich, and the mere thought of a match-up between the two is titillating.


We must remember that Newt’s finger can point in more than one direction. What happens when that same finger stops pointing at the press and is suddenly pointed at the American public? What happens when he chastises US, accusing US of being unreasonable, accuses US of being too utopic?

His progressive tendencies will emerge with a force, and Newt will adamantly defend each and every one of them.

We saw a taste of it this past Saturday when Newt was a guest on Fox and Friends, a conservative-friendly show. Newt didn’t like the line of questioning– some of which had to do with his past ethics charges– and he lashed out, accusing the hosts of not being “balanced”. The questions were certainly timely because the Romney camp has alleged that there are realms of unreleased documents pertaining to Newt’s ethics charges. Remember, Newt DID have to pay $300,000 in penalties for those violations. The public needs to see what’s in those unreleased documents before the Obama campaign has a field day with them.

Newt’s refreshing, “attack the press” tactic will only work so long. It’s a matter of time before it gets old and Newt begins to appear to be an angry, angry bully who picks on the press and anyone else who gets in his way.

Obama will have a much easier time against a bully than against articulate arguments.

Many Americans are buying the “new and improved” Newt. Here’s the question which needs to be answered: Are we so desperate for “anyone but Romney” that we will concede our family values, our beliefs on global warming and immigration, along with our beliefs that capitalism is what has made our country great? Are we willing to put a PROGRESSIVE into office simply because of his debating skills? What has Newt done– outside of his debate performances– that convince Americans that he will be a good, conservative leader?

The answer? Very little. Very little indeed.

Be careful what you wish for, folks.

There is no room for error in this upcoming election.



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Obama: President or Dictator?

Friday, 6. January 2012 8:21 | Author:lsm


Plain and simple. Enough. The executive branch of government was never meant to mirror a dictatorship, never meant to be an office which holds absolute power and control. Americans were never intended to live in a communist form of government with thugs ruling the roost by usurping the very laws, the very rules upon which the country was founded.

We have checks and balances in place to stop the president from gaining too much power, don’t we? We have a system in place that is supposed to stop ANY president who acts like a dictator, who uses the office to advance his own, evil agenda.

Don’t we?

Eric Holder, the Attorney General, the most powerful lawyer in the land, is supposed to reign in the president when he over-reaches. Congress is supposed to reign him in. The Supreme Court is supposed to reign him in.

That’s what we learned in school.

Instead, the current “checks and balances” appear to turn their collective heads, occasionally moaning and groaning on a Sunday talk show, but doing nothing to stop the actions of Barack Obama. They throw up their arms, afraid to make waves because their own political aspirations might take a serious hit if they challenge this thug from Chicago. Some, like Holder, cheer the president on, complicit in Obama’s socialist plot to gain complete control of this country.

Sadly, instead of holding our president accountable, the American people appear more concerned about Kim Kardashian’s newest escapades than about the outrageous presidential behavior which will eventually affect each and every one of us.

Kim Kardashian included.

Even more maddening is the fact that the average God-loving, hard working LIBERAL is oblivious to what’s happening, blindly supporting the filth that are members of “Occupy Wall Street” , the Black Panthers, the unions, and yes, this administration. They have never contemplated the ramifications of their support for these organizations, nor do they want to. The media has done a brilliant “snow-job” on them, leading them to believe that “up” is really “down”, “black” is “white”.

Evil is good.

It’s now become a “me” world, a world where we say “to hell with our kids, to hell with our country. As long as I get my government check every week, I’m a happy camper.” It’s a world where those of us who are awake are at the mercy of those who are either asleep or don’t care. Like the inner city elections in most states, conservatives simply cannot win the arguments anymore. Heck, we can’t even get in on the conversation because we have been outbidded. Freedom and opportunity no longer trump cash and freebies.

The country has lost its soul to entitlements.

President Obama went in front of a group in Ohio recently in a taxpayer-paid campaign speech, proudly proclaiming that he was going to go outside of the rules of the constitution to make recess appointments which he claimed were “necessary” because Congress “refused to act”. Oh, Barack never mentioned that he was usurping the constitution, he simply said that he was doing this to help the people, to help the economy.

It was for OUR own good. For us. Because he loves us and wants what’s best for us.

“I refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer,” Mr. Obama said in Shaker Heights, drawing applause from his audience. “When Congress refuses to act and as a result hurts our economy and puts our people at risk, then I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them.”

The cheers from the Ohio galley were loud and boisterous. Obama had delivered a speech which had impressed all of the useful idiots in attendance. Little did they know that their president had just proclaimed that he was going to make Congress irrelevant, had just proclaimed that he was going to “dictate” the new way of doing things. Little did they know that the man who “loves” them actually loves himself, his power, and his ideology more. Barack has no intentions of making these people “freer” or more prosperous. He wants them to sit down, shut up, and cheer wildly for him.

Which they did.

Hey, wait a minute….. aren’t executive appointments constitutional? Didn’t George Bush and Bill Clinton make executive appointments? What’s the fuss all about?

Here’s what you need to know: Executive appointments can only be made when Congress has not been in session for 3 days. Senators from both parties – including Democrats in 2007 and 2008 (including then-Senator Barack Obama) – unified behind this rule. Members of our current Senate held a session the day before Obama made his announcement. They have been meeting every few days specifically to keep Obama from using executive privileges to gain unnecessary power.

It is one of the ways in which they can constitutionally “check” the president.

Jay Carney, Obama minion and White House spokesman, sees it differently: ” Even though the Senate has been convening in those sessions every three days, he said, “the president’s counsel has determined that the Senate has been in recess for weeks and will be in recess for weeks.”

“The president’s counsel has determined…..”

End of story.

It appears that when Obama doesn’t like our current set of rules, he simply changes them. Tweaks them ever so slightly. Twists the wording and then feeds the people propaganda. No harm done. No big deal.

Like all of the other good dictators throughout history…..

Move on comrads. Nothing to see here…..


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Will The NBA Show It’s Liberal Bias?

Saturday, 26. November 2011 8:33 | Author:lsm

I received an interesting email from a friend of a friend a couple of days ago….

The author of this particular email voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election, yet was outraged at an invitation that he received from Barack’s reelection campaign. Here’s what he had to say:

I am a classmate of [deleted] from Harvard Business School.

I am also a CEO of a company based in Virginia, and voted for Barack Obama during the last cycle.

Even for me, this invitation is a jaw dropper.

Right now, we have President who cannot get a budget passed, record unemployment, along with equities and real estate markets in free fall..

The President’s answer is to sell the illusion of Basketball with ultra rich striking NBA players who cannot work for less than 5M per year.

We have gone from “”The Audacity of Hope” to just plain audacity.

Here’s the invitation that he’s referring to:

Monday, December 12 – Obama Classic Basketball Game

WHAT: Obama Classic Basketball Game – Courtside Ticket Level

WHERE: Venue TBD | Washington, DC

WHEN: Monday, December 12| 4:00 PM

TICKETS: $35,800 per person contribution/$50,000 raise – Includes two courtside seats, shootaround with the players before the game, autograph session and meet & greet and dinner with the players following the game (children under 16 welcome to attend with each paid parent) courtside seats | $20,000 per person contribution – Includes two courtside seats, shootaround with the players before the game, autograph session and meet & greet (children under 16 welcome to attend with each paid parent) | $5,000 per person – includes one courtside seat.

RSVP: http://donate.barackobama.com/shootaround

PLAYERS: Ray Allen – Carmelo Anthony – Chris Bosh – Vince Carter – Tyson Chandler – Jamal Crawford – Kevin Durant – Baron Davis – Patrick Ewing – Derek Fisher – Rudy Gay – Blake Griffin – Tyler Hansbrough- Juwan Howard – Antawn Jamison – Dahntay Jones – Brandon Knight – Kevin Love – Jamal Mashburn – Cheryl Miller – Alonzo Mourning – Dikembe Mutombo – Chris Paul – Quentin Richardson – Doc Rivers – Steve Smith- Jerry Stackhouse – Amare Stoudemire – Tina Thompson – John Wall – Russell Westbrook

Yup, that’s right. Reminiscent of the days of Bill Clinton when he sold the Lincoln bedroom to Hollywood stars and sold trips with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to his rich supporters in Arkansas, Barack is recruiting and rubbing elbows with celebrity millionaires–NBA basketball players (who are in the middle of their own contract stand-off with their “rich” owners)– to help him raise millions of dollars for his reelection campaign.

Hey wait a minute….aren’t these players part of the 1%? I thought Barack was standing firm with the 99% and was opposed to folks who make a “profit”, folks who’s incomes are determined by the amount of talent and hard work they put forth….Let’s not forget Barack’s unscripted words when talking to Americans about financial reform: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”.

He obviously wasn’t talking about basketball players.

Or the folks who can afford to spend $50,000 per seat for courtside seats to his event….


On a sidenote…. isn’t it strange that both Doc Rivers, the coach of the Boston Celtics, and Patrick Ewing, assistant coach with the Orlando Magic, are listed as a participants in this event when there is currently an NBA lockout and coaches are NOT allowed to associate with players at any level until the lockout is resolved? No phone calls, no appearances, no emails.

No schmoozing.

Why would Barack advertise that these coaches will be present at his game when it is clearly against league rules? And isn’t it interesting that this game is scheduled for December 12th— What if the NBA reaches negotiations before then and players have been ordered back to their teams for practice? Would Obama’s game be canceled or would the entire league take a day off for this event?

Wouldn’t that make the NBA politically biased?

Here’s a warning to David Stern, commissioner of the NBA: Tread carefully. Look to the lesson learned by Oprah Winfrey when she “hopped into bed” with Mr. Barack Obama and shunned Sarah Palin…..Her ratings plummeted and her show was eventually canceled.

Mr. Stern, you can’t afford for that to happen to your basketball league, not at a time when folks are already disgusted with the lockout.

Individual players have every right to play in this game to benefit Barack, but if and when the NBA gives special privileges to coaches or players to assure that they can support a political candidate, then a different page has been turned.

Will Mr. Stern give equal time off to players and coaches who want to attend a Romney fundraiser or a Herman Cain dinner?

While I have my suspicions, we’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s sit and watch as the NBA unveils its true, political colors.


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Islam Invades Your Thanksgiving Table.

Wednesday, 23. November 2011 8:51 | Author:lsm

As I stood in the checkout line at Target and was asked by the Muslim cashier if I would bag my own pork because she didn’t want to touch it (despite the fact that it was hermetically sealed in plastic) , I found myself wondering when, exactly, Americans became more concerned over political correctness– about the rights of the “offended”– than about saving our American culture.

When did we decide that Muslim high school students have the right to pray in public schools but Christians can no longer celebrate the Christmas season? When did we determine that although incarcerated Americans are not allowed to wear civilian clothing, a special case would be made for a radical, Muslim woman who want to wear her hijab in the Ramsey County prison? When did we decide that it would be “hospitable” to use taxpayer dollars to install foot baths –used for Muslim prayer– in Minnesota State Community College and at the same time, refuse to allow administration at the college to display Christmas cards in their cubicles?


We tolerate, tolerate, tolerate– assuming that radical Muslims just need a little time to assimilate into our culture. We are told that they aren’t asking for special privileges, aren’t pushing their culture on ours. We are told that they are peaceful, loving, and accepting of the American way of life.

If that is true, then explain this.….

Butterball turkeys are now being slain according to USDA Halal standards.

What are USDA Halal standards? Well, according to WND.com, “Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, the esophagus and the jugular vein and letting the blood drain out while saying, ‘Bismillah allahu akbar’ – ‘in the name of Allah the greatest.’”

Yes, folks, that’s right. Your thanksgiving turkey has been “blessed” by Muslims in the name of Allah.

I called the Butterball hotline to ask if this information was correct. I was read a statement by the Butterball employee: “At Butterball, we follow USDA Halal standards. If you want more information about the USDA, you can go to their website or call them at 888-674-6854.”

When I asked if I could leave a message for Butterball, the woman hung up on me.

Nice, cozy customer service.

Now, for many of you, having your Thanksgiving turkey blessed by Muslims is probably not a problem. But imagine if you were a devout Jew. Or a devout Christian. Or a Hindu. Many people of these religious faiths would find it offensive to eat meat which has been slaughtered by Islamic ritual. Many of us view the Thanksgiving meal as a religious one, a time where we offer prayer and thanksgiving for all God has given us.

I, for one, am not thrilled that the same words uttered by radical Muslims as they took down Flight 93 –”Allahu Akbar” -on September 11, 2001, are prayed over my turkey during slaughter.

The Jews have their own method of slaughter called “kosher”, one which ensures that the animal experiences as little pain as possible. When meat is slaughtered by “kosher” methods, it is labeled as such. Look at the label on your Butterball turkey today and tell me if you can find any evidence that this turkey was slaughtered by Hilal standards.

You can’t.

I’m imaging the outrage if I worked in a slaughterhouse and brought a rosary into work so I could pray over the chickens or cows while they met their demise. I’m imaging the outrage if CAIR was to discover that Christians made the sign of the cross while slaughtering the meat they purchased at Cub Foods or that their favorite grocery store employees said Christian or Jewish prayers while they cut the deli meat each day.

Call Butterball and express your outrage. 1-800-288-8372 . Let them know that we expect “truth in advertising.” If they want to use Hilal standards to slaughter their birds, then we expect to see that on their packaging. Butterball has every right to use Hilal standards– and we have EVERY right to KNOW that this is happening.

Let the free market decided whether or not Americans want their turkeys blessed by Muslims.

Our country and it’s liberty are worth fighting for. Assimilation is a necessary ingredient in American society. When we allow another culture to come into this country and begin to dictate ours, then we will be finished as a nation.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Allah Akbar God Bless Us, Everyone.


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The Public “Lynching” Of Herman Cain.

Wednesday, 9. November 2011 9:43 | Author:lsm

Herman Cain finds himself in a bit of a bind.

You see, he’s a man. A black man. A threat to the democrats. A threat to Obama.

As a man living in society and running a business, he may have spoken to a woman once or twice. He may have even flirted with her or told her an off-color joke. As a man with a sense of humor, Cain may have shared a laugh with a woman, may have chided her a bit. May have commented on her height, her dress, her hair, her new shoes. He may have been human.

Most people like working for humans; they may even work harder, be more productive, when their boss is a human. Ask anyone who works for a dull, robotic introvert and they will tell you that the workplace is an equally dull and boring place.

Humans laugh. They talk. They LIVE. They sometimes say things that they wish they hadn’t. They don’t calculate every move, every sentence for fear that 15 years later someone will recall a specific interlude and nationalize it. They have a sense of humor, of sarcasm, usually laughing the hardest at themselves. They make the world a happier place.

Herman Cain appears to be human. He appears to be a man who embraces life and has a good time doing it. While we don’t know all of the details, one thing is clear: Someone is targeting this man and they don’t intend to stop until he is pulverized. Sarah Palin can sympathize with Mr. Herman Cain for she’s seen this wrath herself. If this is the same group of Obama supporters who tried to take down Sarah by going after her Downs Syndrome baby, then Cain is in for a fight. These folks are ruthless.

For them the end always justifies the means.

So what do we know?

Well, we know that a woman named Sharon Bielak came forward on Monday with an implausible story about an encounter she had with Mr. Cain. It appears she was down on her luck and needed a job so she went to her old boss to ask for his help. She claims that he “acted inappropriately”, alleging that he reached under her skirt and tried to force her head to his crotch.

When she asked him to stop, he did. When she asked him to bring her home, he did. “Right away.”

Did she flirt with him? Did she lead him on? Did she bat her big, blue eyes and lead him to believe that she wanted more than just a “job”? Well, we don’t know, do we? We DO know that he stopped when asked and we DO know that Sharon didn’t tell anyone about the details of her encounter with Mr. Cain. She didn’t report him, she didn’t run home and call everyone she knew to tell them how traumatized she was… Didn’t file a report, go to the police, call her mom.

No, instead Sharon “told her boyfriend” — a pediatrician (why does THAT matter?)– that Mr. Cain was “sexually inappropriate” with her BUT NEVER TOLD HIM WHAT HAPPENED?

Are you kidding me? He never asked for the details? He wasn’t curious?

Is there a possibility that Sharon didn’t devulge the details because she had instigated the entire episode by leading Mr. Cain on and knew she held culpability in what happened?

Think logically here……

Let’s also not forget that Sharon has been in deep financial straights for years. She’s filed for bankruptcy twice. She describes herself as “a full-time, single mom.” She recently met up with Mr. Cain at a tea party convention. An eye witness claims to have seen them “embrace like old friends.” Did she spit on him, cower from him, or confront him with allegations of abuse as most women would do?

Evidently not.

One more thing: Who in the world is paying Gloria Allred to represent Sharon? Gloria doesn’t come cheap…..

It appears upon further review that Sharon has a history of filing lawsuits:

Sharon is not the only woman who has accused Herman of sexual indiscretion. There are three other allegations against this man, two of which involved a settlement, an “agreement” involving $35,000 and $45,000 respectively.

Wow. If there was a payoff, then there is culpability, right?

Not so fast. Corporations settle these alleged disputes with monetary payments all the time, even when there is no evidence to support them. The cost of taking a case to trial– by the time you hire a lawyer, get the depositions, and do all the necessary paperwork-- runs over $200,000. “Paying off” an employee to go away to the tune of $35,000 is simply more cost-effective.

The fact that the “victim’s” lawyer was willing to ‘settle’ for $35,000 simply means that there wasn’t enough evidence to bother with a more aggressive lawsuit.

Oh, and let’s not forget that after getting a payoff from Mr. Cain’s employer, one of these anonymous women/victims made a similar claim at her next place of employment.

She found an easy way to win the lottery.

Neither of the two women filed a claim with the EEOC– The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-- the agency which enforces laws against workplace discrimination.

Now ask yourself, if you had a substantial claim against a man like Mr. Cain, wouldn’t your lawyer file a claim with the EEOC to use as leverage for a better settlement?

The correct answer is yes.

We don’t know all the details of these allegations. We DO know that these women now want to come forward as a united panel to confront Mr. Cain. My theory is that they have little of value to say on their own and are hoping to show some sense of validity by sticking together.

Will it work? Well, that depends on the liberal media. That depends on whether or not men in the media can look at Mr. Cain and utter these biblical words….

“There by the grace of God, go I.”

In the Godless country we now find ourselves in, I would predict that most male journalists have never even heard the phrase.


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Wall Street Ingrates

Sunday, 6. November 2011 8:36 | Author:lsm

I really didn’t want to give the bums “occupying” Wall Street the time of day.

Life is simply too short.

Now I’ve changed my mind, realizing that I do, indeed, have something to say about these interlopers, these ungrateful bums, these cultish, brainwashed youth and ex-hippies who’s only real experience in this world is that of entitlement.

Yes, entitlement. These people who march with pride, holding signs protesting against wealth and profits, are alive and well today because of wealth. Many still have a warm bed and a hot meal waiting for them in their parent’s home when the cold nights set in. Most were loved as children, had clean clothes and a roof over their heads, had a family TV set, a family car, learned to drive, owned a bike, and most probably could relate a story about a family trip they went on as a kid. Most have never known true hunger, true poverty.

Many of their parents either worked for “evil” corporations or aspired to do so.

Yet these spoiled children who wave their signs while donning their Che Gueverra t-shirts want capitalism to be replaced with a “fairer” system of government, one in which THEY personally benefit with free college education, free health care, free housing, free food.

Hmm…..Isn’t that socialism? Or communism? Or at least narcissism?

Don’t these ingrates comprehend that ridding America of capitalism would fundamentally destroy all of our lives?

Let’s ask the kids of North Korea how they feel about communism– these are the children who at the age of 8 are the size of 3-4 year olds, their stature stunted due to a lack of nourishment. Let’s ask the kids who grew up in Stalin’s Russia, a place where “poor” meant making shoes out of tree bark, not buying the latest La Bron James Nikes from Foot Locker. Let’s ask Americans who spent their childhoods in South Vietnam in the 1970′s what it was like to have their fathers taken from their homes without cause and imprisoned.

Let’s talk to the folks in Europe who are watching their socialist economies collapse due to an unsustainable economic system that has never proven to work in the history of man. You simply cannot “spread the wealth” by taking from the rich and giving to those who contribute nothing. It’s simple economics, a concept foreign to these protesters.

They are too busy looking for a free meal and a free sleeping bag.

Sadly, we now have elected politicians who call themselves “grown ups” supporting this “peaceful”, destructive protest.

Did I mention that people have been raped and beaten?

So who’s organizing and funding Occupy Wall Street? Certainly these bums who can’t find the initiative to look for a job aren’t capable of organizing such a large-scale, multi-pronged, national protest. Who’s in charge?

Look to Madison, Wisconsin and our old, socialist friend Joel Rogers for part of the answer. Joel– along with his progressive buddy, George Soros– has been leading the charge to “fundamentally change” America for quite some time, now. He was one of the organizers of the New Party, a communist political party in Chicago in the 1990′s which successfully elected socialist candidates by morphing them with the democrats.

Barack Obama has been tied to the New Party, his picture gracing the cover of their newsletter as he won an election after receiving their endorsement in 1996.

Joel now runs the Working Families Party, another socialist group which we now discover is PAYING folks to come to Wall Street and lead the protests. Yes, these lowlifes– the people who are protesting profits– are being paid to walk the streets of NYC and defecate on police cars. They are being paid to molest and rape women without legal recourse. They are being paid to smash windows and destroy property in places like Oakland.

They are being paid to be useful idiots.

They are marching alongside members of unions like SEIU, folks who are bussed in to lead the revolutionary charge. They are marching alongside CAIR and other radical Muslim organizations who want nothing more than to bring Shariah to our country -a form of law which oppresses women and gays. They are marching alongside Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Susan Sarandon, Russell Simmons, Kanye West, and other “celebrities” who exemplify the 1% they claim to hate.

It’s insanity.

In the book “The Miracle of Freedom”, authors Chris and Ted Stewart make a strong argument that fewer than 5 percent of all people who have ever lived on the earth have lived under conditions that we could consider “free.”

Get that? 5% of all people who have EVER LIVED have lived in true freedom.

WE ARE PART OF THAT 5%. We are the lucky ones, the fortunate ones, the ones who don’t comprehend how bad life can be for those living under true government rule. We live in a country which allows each American the opportunity to determine their own level of success, not a government dictate of their fate in life. Face it, most of these protesters simply want to be taken care of –cradle to grave– without putting forth any sort of effort.

Like babies.

Like entitled babies. With tantrums of “Why me?” and “It’s not fair”— cries I heard from my own children when they were young and didn’t understand what most of us learn through maturity: Life will never be completely fair.

These protesters need to get off their butts, look around, and smell the roses. They need to understand a simple axiom preached every Friday by radio host Dennis Prager: The key to happiness is gratitude.

There is no gratitude within the ranks of Occupy Wall Street, there is only small-minded class envy.

Our president, himself, is cheering and encouraging this class envy. As he sits on his perch in the White House, he is destroying the moral fabric of our society with his chants of “social justice” and “redistribution of the wealth”. He essentially spits on those he calls “rich”, portraying their success as greedy and undeserving– as his wife dons $750 sneakers and his dog boards a private plane for Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite the hypocrisy, Barack Obama is spiritually marching alongside the lowlifes on Wall Street. He is one of them. One of the protesters. One of the defecators, the window smashers, the graffiti writers.

Oh, he’s not participating as a lowly protester, Barack Obama is now the conductor.

And the chaos on Wall Street? Well, that, my friends, is music to his ears.

Saul Alinsky’s music.


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