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A Battered Nation

Wednesday, 26. January 2011 9:28

If I hear one more panelist on a show like “Face the Nation” state that Barack Obama seems to be “moving toward the center” – simply because someone wrote him a moderate-sounding speech to read- I’m going to scream.

Bloody murder.

Barack a “centrist”? Where’s the evidence? This man has done nothing but push through far Left policies for 2 solid years, including his final push of legislation during the Lame Duck congress. Barack Hussein Obama grew up a radical, became even more radical in college, won the title of the most liberal Senator in Congress when he was there, helped to get far Left progressives elected to office in the 1990′s, was a member of the socialist “New Party”, taught about Saul Alinsky as a college professor, sat in a church of a radical cleric for 20 years, and when he became president, he surrounded himself with radical czars and advisers.

The man is anything BUT a centrist.

So we’re suddenly to believe that the zebra has changed its stripes? The radical Leftist has “seen the light” and is suddenly willing to negotiate with the likes of Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul?

C’mon folks. Let’s not be stupid.

At what point does an abused woman- or an “abused nation”- look at the abuser and realize that the apologies- and the promises – are nothing more than empty rhetoric? At what point would a Battered Women’s Shelter tell a woman that the husband who has promised and promised to “be better” will never change? At what point should a battered and beaten nation look at its abusive administration and sing, “We’re not going to take it anymore?”

We saw Obama promise to create jobs 2 years ago. It didn’t happen. We watched Obama promise to create jobs last year. It didn’t happen again. We’ve lost quality jobs during both years, pacifying the jobless with endless months of unemployment benefits- which we can’t afford. Students in college are becoming perpetual students, as jobs dry up and they have no other alternative. “Summer jobs”- those unskilled, underpaid jobs that taught us the value of a good education- are gone.

In their place we have the hollow category of “Saved Jobs”, a term which implies that anyone who still has a job should be grateful to Obama and his merry men for allowing them to go to work and pay their taxes to the government- so others don’t have to.

Obama pushed through the Health Care Bill, bribing members of Congress with more of his empty promises. How many of the Congressmen who lost elections in November can now see that Obama was just sparring with them, toying with them all along? The jabs he threw at both Republicans and unsuspecting Democrats during those negotiations were cheap-shots, punches to the groin which brought them down.

Yet now he wants to play nice with those who survived.

He claims that those days are over, those cheap shots are a thing of the past. Now that William Daley is on board- and Rahm, David Axelrod, and Robert Gibbs are gone- Obama is a changed man…his days of using and abusing are over.

Wait a minute…. Axelrod and Gibbs are leaving to help run Obama’s 2012 campaign. Wouldn’t that insinuate that we’ll be seeing the “old”, the “radical”, the “abusive” Obama back in the White House in 2012 if he wins? Obama’s not distancing himself from these guys, he’s simply moving them around, shuffling the deck so the American people are fooled once again.

Gosh, those dumb Americans are so easily fooled.

Sadly, that’s a true statement.

Americans need to wake up to the abuse they’ve just endured. Their money was stolen to dole out $24,000 per Clunker in an effort to “green” up the country. Their money was stolen to subsidize windmills and solar panels which are ineffective. Their money was stolen to pay off GE, AIG, Goldman Sachs, and a bunch of wealthy banks who had lost money in the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac ponzi scheme. Their investments were stolen when this administration decided to diss those who had stock in General Motors, instead taking the savings from average Americans and giving it to the auto union. Their money was stolen and given to illegal immigrants for their health care, their education, their unemployment, their welfare needs. Their money was stolen to put scanners and gropers in the airports to “assure” our safety.

Yet somehow, the American tax dollars never made it to our Southern border for a fence or extra security.

Obama has taken the American people and battered them with his policies and regulations. He’s declared CO2 a “known pollutant” so he can control it, tax it, and regulate it. He’s pushing legislation that will control our internet, our radio, our communication. He’s pushing for gun control, using the Giffords’ shooting as fodder for his legislation. He’s appointed a Medicare Czar, Donald Berwick, who believes that rationing health care- aka “Death Panels”- are important and necessary.

And don’t get me started on the rest of the czars. Suffice it to say, a “centrist” wouldn’t surround himself with Obama’s hand-selected men and women, most of whom have their feet in the foundation of radical socialism and even Marxism.

Look them up if you don’t believe me.

The punches thrown by these radicals are just starting to produce bruises on our American way of life. The blue and purple discoloration is just beginning to rise to the surface and the black eyes are soon to follow.

We need to understand what Obama is doing. He is not BECOMING a centrist, he’s PLAYING a centrist. He’s merely an actor, a man who will do whatever it takes to achieve his next goal of reelection….

It’s like the abuser who pretends to have changed. He brings his wife flowers and chocolates for awhile, showing her the side of him that she fell in love with. He lays low for a couple of months, knowing that he needs to be on his best behavior to get back into her good graces….and then POW!! As soon as the woman trusts the abuser again, he gives her another left jab.

Obama’s next jab will be in November of 2012. Until then, he’ll be a flower-giving, chocolate-adorning president, one who “just wants us all to get along.” He’ll be the guy Americans fell in love with.

Not the abuser we’ve come to know….

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While Obama Plays “The Moderate”, Who’s Running The Country?

Monday, 24. January 2011 8:52

“There is no liberty without dependency.”- Cass Sunstein

Mr. Sunstein, as you probably will remember, is our “Regulatory Czar”, a man with a million powers of regulation who has the ability to radically change things in the United States with just the wave of his hand, or the stroke of a pen. You see, when President Obama can’t get his radical agenda through Congress, he simply turns to his buddy, Cass, to do the dirty work for him by throwing out a new regulation or two.

It’s just so much easier than dealing with 535 members of the House and Senate.

Mr. Sunstein is a radical thinker. Like all of Obama’s hand-picked czars, he comes from the Marxist, socialist, SDS, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky environment which says that the government needs to have power over the people. He views humans as stupid “Homer Simpson-like” people who need someone to take them by the hand and run their lives for them. He has not been shy about sharing his radical thoughts on gun control, animal rights, and human rights- none of which seem to be even slightly related to the constitution.

For example, Mr. Sunstein believes that government should control all the guns.

Strange that a man who has the ability to dictate regulations without legislation- like controlling the manufacturing of guns and ammo- has been appointed by President Obama- who has always professed to be pro 2nd amendment. Doesn’t that seem odd….?

Actually, nothing seems “odd” in Obama’s world anymore.

“We ought to ban hunting”
- Cass Sunstein, in a 2007 speech at Harvard University

“[A]lost all gun control legislation is constitutionally fine. And if the Court is right, then fundamentalism does not justify the view that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms. ”
- Cass Sunstein, writing in his book, “Radicals in Robes”

Cass believes that animals have a right to get a lawyer and sue humans. Imagine a world where the surviving “family” of a dead deer has the right to be compensated for the wrongful hunting death of their loved one, or a dog having the right to sue its owner because it lives in a kennel outside the confines of a warm house. It’s easy to imagine lawyers all over the U.S. licking their chops to become a part of that lucrative mess.

“Animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives …”
- 2004 book Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions

“[Humans’] willingness to subject animals to unjustified suffering will be seen … as a form of unconscionable barbarity… morally akin to slavery and the mass extermination of human beings.”
- Cass Sunstein, in a 2007 speech at Harvard University

Oh, and did I mention that Cass believes the government needs to control the internet and the radio? He is a proponent of the Fairness Doctrine- the controversial policy which demands equal time to both sides of political issues- knowing it would shut down talk radio as we know it. He also believes that there needs to be a mandatory “cooling off period” before you’re allowed to send a nasty email to someone. The government would look for certain words or a nasty tone in your email and make you wait 24 hours before sending it.

I swear.

“A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.”
-Cass Sunstein, arguing for a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet in his book, 2.0 (page 137).

We now hear rumors of legislation out of Colorado which will make Mr. Sunstein smile from ear to ear. You see, Sunstein holds the belief that humans do not have the right to their own bodies after they die. He espouses that the government should be allowed to take the organs from dead- or brain dead- folks without the consent of the individual or family members.

Colorado may become the first state to grant Cass his wish.

There was legislation introduced last week that would “change the process for renewing drivers licenses and ID cards so applicants are assumed to be organ and tissue donors unless they initial a statement that says they want to opt out.

If you don’t read- or can’t read- the fine print, it is assumed that you want the state to control your organs.

Proponents say that this would increase the number of “donations.”


…except I’m not sure we could continue to call them “donations”.

Folks against this legislation believe that we should have the right to control our bodies- and our organs- unless WE sign that right away. They believe this legislation is “coercive.”

No kidding.

Here’s the scary part: Once legislation sees the light of day, it is merely a matter of time before it comes around again. The first introduction is just to get the idea into the heads of people, to lose the natural reaction of “Oh my!”. Once the panic is calmed, the legislation is introduced again, but this time under the guise of “helping people”. It is only a matter of time before the public accepts this argument and votes away their rights.

We see it all the time.

Mr. Sunstein is in the backround, happy to help Colorado in any way he can. There’s nothing he likes more than the thought of controlling- I mean helping- ignorant Americans like us.

While Obama is pretending to move to the center, we must understand that the folks he has in place, the czars he has appointed- like Sunstein- are not moving anywhere. Their radical, Leftist agenda will not waver one iota.

These czars are continuing Obama’s dirty work behind the scenes….so he can pretend to be a “moderate” and get himself re-elected.

We’re in for two years of a well-scripted production, one in which most of the folks pushing this country to the Left have not been elected, not been ratified, and not been vetted. We don’t even know most of their names….

We’re about to be ruled and regulated by about 36 czars- men and women with the ideological make-up of Cass Sunstein.

Scary stuff.

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Dems: We’ve Lost Our Power So Let’s All Play Nice Now.

Tuesday, 18. January 2011 9:10

Who could forget the almighty seating chart?

I remember when my grade school teachers would come into class the first day of school and announce that they had “worked out” a seating chart- and then assigned everyone to a desk. The seating arrangements usually needed modifications within a few days once the teacher realized some of the kids couldn’t be trusted to sit next to each other.

Congress is now discussing a seating chart, one that will have democrats and republicans sitting next to each other during the State of the Union address. Some members- on both sides of the aisle- are promoting this as a way to “show unity” during this “time of mourning for our country”-in the aftermath of the Tucson shooting incident. Senators Coburn and Shumer are vowing to be “seat buddies” during the address in a show of “civility.”

I’m trying to remember….. Did the democrats recommend a new seating arrangement after the Fort Hood massacre?

Weren’t we mourning then, too?

Let’s review: On November 5, 2009, , Nidal Hasan killed 12 people and injured 31- that’s 43 victims of that horrible tragedy, not including their family members and friends. Yet, when January 27, 2010, came around, the democratic majority in Congress didn’t seem to be “in mourning”, did they? This was the memorable State of the Union address where President Obama called out the Supreme Court Justices because of a recent decision that he didn’t agree with- and most of the democrats rose to their feet and applauded in agreement.

The moment was made even more reverent by the seating chart. You see, the Supremes were sitting right in the front where everyone, including the mainstream media cameras, could easily watch them squirm while Obama gave them a verbal spanking.

During this same speech, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden looked like two “Jack-in-the-boxes” as they sat behind Obama and jumped to their feet in applause after nearly every sentence. Let’s see, our president had time to chastise the Supreme Court and the republicans, but he never once mentioned the tragedy of Fort Hood?

I guess our country was no longer officially “in mourning.”

I find it interesting that the democrats in Congress are suggesting that they sit next to republicans during this year’s speech.

My question is this: What’s their motive?…….

Don’t tell me that the democrats are “enlightened” or are suddenly “bipartisan”. Don’t tell me that this shooting in Tucson has them rattled and they’ve suddenly decided to be civil. This is the group that took a Lame Duck session of Congress and turned it into a political war, screwing the American people- and the republicans- whenever possible as a final nail in the coffin before many of them exited. This is the group that held closed door meetings on Health Care, not allowing the republicans to even be in the discussion.

This is the group that sent bill after bill to the floor of the House, each weighing in at about 2000 pages, and demanded that republicans voted on them within hours of delivery. This is the group who gleefully marched through the streets of Washington DC after Health care was passed, scoffing at the protesters and patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

This is the group who spent our hard-earned money on themselves and their special interests for two solid years. Now that they’re in the minority, they suddenly want to be “friends”, they suddenly want to be “civil” ?

I don’t think so.

Americans collectively rejected the democrats during the last elections. They took the democrats and their policies- and their way of doing business- and threw them to the curb. Life-long democrats, folks like Pat Caddell who worked in the Carter White House and Lanny Davis who worked with Clinton- expressed embarrassment at their party’s antics. Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating hit an all-time low, as did the approval rating for the entire Congress.

The midterm elections were a warning to those who serve: Change your ways or we will throw you out.

Now, if the seating chart had been implemented during the Lame Duck session, we could rationalize that the dems had gotten the message. If the Lame Duck Session had been a mere formality, with legislation put on the back burner for the newly elected Congress to work on in January, we could rationalize that the dems had gotten the message.

Neither happened.

These democrats in power cannot be trusted. They have an ulterior motive for every move- and they are able to “sell” each and every move they make to busy Americans who rely on “sound bites” for their news. Luckily, more and more Americans are beginning to pay attention, and more and more of us have caught on to their little “game”.

It seems that the Republicans in congress need someone to slap them upside the head and let them in on the dirty little secret: The democrats are using you. They don’t really like you or want to sit by you, they merely want to mask the fact that they are in the minority.

Hey, Senator Coburn…. Senator Chuck Shumer doesn’t really want to be your friend and hold your hand during Obama’s big speech, he wants to take political advantage of you. If you can’t see that, then you need to be thrown out of the Senate.

Any of the Republicans who fall for this bunk need to be thrown out. Why? Because they’ve become, what Lenin described as “Useful Idiots.”

Useful Idiots. Stupid people who allow themselves to be used by the opposition.

Or allow themselves to be seated next to them.

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