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President “Flipper”.

Sunday, 27. February 2011 10:30

When Mitt Romney changed his stance on abortion, cries of “flip-flopper” ruled the day. It didn’t matter that the man only “flipped”- he never “flopped”- what mattered is that he suddenly had a big, Achilles heel.

There’s a chance that Romney will face Barack Obama in a 2012 presidential showdown- a duel that would anger many conservative republicans who are skeptical of the ex-governor of Massachusetts. Regardless, if the two go head to head in a battle for the presidency, it will be interesting to watch the democrats- and the media- continue their chants of “flip-flopper” whenever Romney enters a debate.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, has flipped like Barack Obama.

No one.

When Barack ran in the primary against Hillary Clinton, he made it “perfectly clear” that Hillary’s “mandated” health system was not the way to go. He claimed that her plan “went too far” and that we couldn’t “require” Americans to purchase health insurance- in fact, in Barack’s words, “Forcing the uninsured to buy insurance is like forcing the homeless to buy homes.”

Michael Cooper of the New York Times described their differences this way:

Mrs. Clinton’s plan would require all Americans to get coverage and would provide subsidies to make it more affordable. Mr. Obama’s plan would require only children to have coverage; his plan would require employers to provide coverage or contribute to a new public program that would make insurance more affordable to people not covered by their jobs or by the government.

The main quantitative difference between the three main Democratic front runners, Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, is that only Senator Obama’s plan does not mandate care (requiring coverage) for everyone

Two years later, Barack Obama flipped as he forced mandated health care down the throats of non-compliant Americans.

Barack was also “perfectly clear” on his stance on marriage. He sat across the table from Reverend Rick Warren of “A Purpose Driven Life” fame, and said that he believed the term “marriage” meant the union of one man and one woman.

Two years later, Barack is ignoring constitutional law (as any good constitutional lawyer would) and is telling his justice department to simply ignore the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts. This law, which has banned recognition of same-sex marriage for 15 years, was signed by President Clinton in 1996.

So our President is ordering the DOJ to ignore the law?….

While Newt Gingrich didn’t exactly call for Barack’s impeachment, he was emphatic that this was a “clear dereliction of duty”, saying that Barack “is not a one-person Supreme Court” and his decision sets a “very dangerous precedent” that must not be allowed to stand.

Plain and simple, Barack flipped on marriage.

He’s also flipped on the Patriot Act, a piece of legislation that he rallied against when running for president. He recently signed a one year extension of this controversial bill.

He told the American public that he would shut down Gitmo “within a year” of his election. Two years later, Gitmo remains open.

As a Senator, Barack voted against funding the Iraqi war, but now takes credit for its success. He- and his buddies at rallied against General Petraeus, claiming the general was a “war-monger”, yet when things got tough in Afghanistan, Barack called General Petraeus and begged him to bail us out, trumpeting words of praise for the general.

Without one word of apology.

Flip, flip, flip, and flip.

Democrats cheered as Barack called for the end of tax cuts for the rich. In December, he signed an extension of the “Bush tax cuts”.


As a candidate, Barack Obama referred to Reverend Wright as his mentor, “a man I couldn’t disown any more than I could disown the black community or my own grandmother.” Weeks later, when it became politically expedient, Barack completely disowned the good Reverend, claiming that in 20 years of “church-going”, he never heard Wright spew hatred toward Americans and Jews.

Flip…or lie?

He promised us transparency, promised us that he would give us 3 full days to read any bill before it was passed. He promised to reach across the aisle and “work with” republicans in creating legislation.

Instead, we saw republicans shut out of meetings, shut out of discussions, and told to take a seat in the back of the bus. 2000 page bills were thrown before them in the dark of the night, with irrational expectations that they would vote on them within a few hours.


Candidate Obama told us that he supported the Second Amendment. He also told us that a questionnaire he answered when he ran for State Senate of Illinois back in 1996, a form that asked “Do you support legislation to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?” – to which Barack answered “Yes”- was actually filled out by his then-campaign manager who “unintentionally mischaracterized his position,” and didn’t reflect Barack’s true beliefs.

His campaign manager didn’t know his position on gun control? How odd….

After the Tucson shooting,David Axlerod- adviser to President Obama- promised Obama will “engage” on the gun-control issue in due time, claiming that it’s on Obama’s “to do list”.

Watch for another flip.

There’s more, so much more. There are days where Obama says one thing on camera and then does the opposite an hour later. It’s mind-boggling- and frustrating- for those of us who are interested in the truth when we watch the media complicit in the lies, half-truths, and repeated flips in his position.

They’d rather tell Americans to concentrate on Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion or Sarah Palin’s facebook page.

If America continues on its current course- where we will crash and burn- we have no one to blame more than the “three-letter foes” who have harmed our country more than any insurgence of the enemy ever could: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the NYT.

Obama knows he has these news sources on his side. Without them, he would be nothing….NOTHING.

A few tough interviews, a little investigation would have exposed our president long ago.

The enemy within is alive and well.

Who would have thought that this “enemy” would have the smiling face of Katie Couric, the softness of Diane Sawyer, or the All-American good looks of Anderson Cooper?…..

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A Battered Nation

Wednesday, 26. January 2011 9:28

If I hear one more panelist on a show like “Face the Nation” state that Barack Obama seems to be “moving toward the center” – simply because someone wrote him a moderate-sounding speech to read- I’m going to scream.

Bloody murder.

Barack a “centrist”? Where’s the evidence? This man has done nothing but push through far Left policies for 2 solid years, including his final push of legislation during the Lame Duck congress. Barack Hussein Obama grew up a radical, became even more radical in college, won the title of the most liberal Senator in Congress when he was there, helped to get far Left progressives elected to office in the 1990′s, was a member of the socialist “New Party”, taught about Saul Alinsky as a college professor, sat in a church of a radical cleric for 20 years, and when he became president, he surrounded himself with radical czars and advisers.

The man is anything BUT a centrist.

So we’re suddenly to believe that the zebra has changed its stripes? The radical Leftist has “seen the light” and is suddenly willing to negotiate with the likes of Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul?

C’mon folks. Let’s not be stupid.

At what point does an abused woman- or an “abused nation”- look at the abuser and realize that the apologies- and the promises – are nothing more than empty rhetoric? At what point would a Battered Women’s Shelter tell a woman that the husband who has promised and promised to “be better” will never change? At what point should a battered and beaten nation look at its abusive administration and sing, “We’re not going to take it anymore?”

We saw Obama promise to create jobs 2 years ago. It didn’t happen. We watched Obama promise to create jobs last year. It didn’t happen again. We’ve lost quality jobs during both years, pacifying the jobless with endless months of unemployment benefits- which we can’t afford. Students in college are becoming perpetual students, as jobs dry up and they have no other alternative. “Summer jobs”- those unskilled, underpaid jobs that taught us the value of a good education- are gone.

In their place we have the hollow category of “Saved Jobs”, a term which implies that anyone who still has a job should be grateful to Obama and his merry men for allowing them to go to work and pay their taxes to the government- so others don’t have to.

Obama pushed through the Health Care Bill, bribing members of Congress with more of his empty promises. How many of the Congressmen who lost elections in November can now see that Obama was just sparring with them, toying with them all along? The jabs he threw at both Republicans and unsuspecting Democrats during those negotiations were cheap-shots, punches to the groin which brought them down.

Yet now he wants to play nice with those who survived.

He claims that those days are over, those cheap shots are a thing of the past. Now that William Daley is on board- and Rahm, David Axelrod, and Robert Gibbs are gone- Obama is a changed man…his days of using and abusing are over.

Wait a minute…. Axelrod and Gibbs are leaving to help run Obama’s 2012 campaign. Wouldn’t that insinuate that we’ll be seeing the “old”, the “radical”, the “abusive” Obama back in the White House in 2012 if he wins? Obama’s not distancing himself from these guys, he’s simply moving them around, shuffling the deck so the American people are fooled once again.

Gosh, those dumb Americans are so easily fooled.

Sadly, that’s a true statement.

Americans need to wake up to the abuse they’ve just endured. Their money was stolen to dole out $24,000 per Clunker in an effort to “green” up the country. Their money was stolen to subsidize windmills and solar panels which are ineffective. Their money was stolen to pay off GE, AIG, Goldman Sachs, and a bunch of wealthy banks who had lost money in the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac ponzi scheme. Their investments were stolen when this administration decided to diss those who had stock in General Motors, instead taking the savings from average Americans and giving it to the auto union. Their money was stolen and given to illegal immigrants for their health care, their education, their unemployment, their welfare needs. Their money was stolen to put scanners and gropers in the airports to “assure” our safety.

Yet somehow, the American tax dollars never made it to our Southern border for a fence or extra security.

Obama has taken the American people and battered them with his policies and regulations. He’s declared CO2 a “known pollutant” so he can control it, tax it, and regulate it. He’s pushing legislation that will control our internet, our radio, our communication. He’s pushing for gun control, using the Giffords’ shooting as fodder for his legislation. He’s appointed a Medicare Czar, Donald Berwick, who believes that rationing health care- aka “Death Panels”- are important and necessary.

And don’t get me started on the rest of the czars. Suffice it to say, a “centrist” wouldn’t surround himself with Obama’s hand-selected men and women, most of whom have their feet in the foundation of radical socialism and even Marxism.

Look them up if you don’t believe me.

The punches thrown by these radicals are just starting to produce bruises on our American way of life. The blue and purple discoloration is just beginning to rise to the surface and the black eyes are soon to follow.

We need to understand what Obama is doing. He is not BECOMING a centrist, he’s PLAYING a centrist. He’s merely an actor, a man who will do whatever it takes to achieve his next goal of reelection….

It’s like the abuser who pretends to have changed. He brings his wife flowers and chocolates for awhile, showing her the side of him that she fell in love with. He lays low for a couple of months, knowing that he needs to be on his best behavior to get back into her good graces….and then POW!! As soon as the woman trusts the abuser again, he gives her another left jab.

Obama’s next jab will be in November of 2012. Until then, he’ll be a flower-giving, chocolate-adorning president, one who “just wants us all to get along.” He’ll be the guy Americans fell in love with.

Not the abuser we’ve come to know….

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Repeal, Repeal, Repeal….

Friday, 21. January 2011 8:53

The recent vote in the House to repeal Obamacare has brought liberals out of the woodwork to defend the Health Care Law. They are using scare-tactics about pre-existing conditions and are attempting to convince Americans that adding 30 Million folks into the public health care system will SAVE us money. In desperation, they’ve also claimed that taking away this so-called “right” to healthcare is unconstitutional.

This despite the fact that the “right” to healthcare, itself, was never constitutional.

During a cagey, recess appointment this past year, Barack Obama named Donald Berwick to be the new Health Care Czar. We’ve talked about Berwick before. He’s the radical guy who is in love with socialized medicine, sees nothing wrong with “death panels”- aka “rationing”- and believes that England is the gold standard in healthcare. He was appointed during the recess because Obama was smart enough to know that he wouldn’t pass muster with the Senate confirmation process.

So let’s talk about the type of care folks get in Berwick’s beloved English system…

Just read a mind-boggling article out of England about a woman who was brought to a hospital because she was miscarrying a baby and was left in a hospital corridor on a gurney to fend for herself. She was not monitored for blood loss and was unattended when she finally lost the baby. When the ordeal was over, her iron was so low that they couldn’t do surgery so she was sent her home with a few iron pills and told to return for the procedure when her iron levels increased. She wasn’t given any pain medication throughout the miscarriage, and her partner was forced to hold up a blanket to give her some privacy.

We see these stories out of England all the time.

What I found the most interesting were the comments left by folks who also read the article:

From Helen in St. John, Canada:

In Canada, at a large hospital in Newmarket, Ontario, half an hour from Toronto, I was hospitalized, as my miscarriage was ongoing, steady bleeding, and a D&C was going to be performed the next day. I needed sanitary pads and was told the hospital did not have any and I should have brought my own supply. Of course, I had run out of the ones I brought. Socialized medicine in Canada has many problems, and I once worked at another Ontario hospital taking calls from people making complaints regarding the care they or their loved ones had received. When the American people demanded the newly elected Congress try to repeal Obamacare, they knew what they were doing.

So it appears that socialized medicine in Canada isn’t much better than in England.

From anonymous in Devon, England:

I was recently taken to hospital by ambulance following a car accident in which I hurt my back. I was left by paramedics in a curtained cubicle with no way of attracting attention other than screaming. The A & E was packed but I heard two nurses chatting about their holidays to a patient in the next cubicle. I kept calling to them for help as I urgently needed the toilet, eventually one of the nurses pulled back the curtain and told me that she was with a patient and I had to wait. Eventually another nurse brought a bed pan which I could not use due to the pain but she wedged it under my bottom anyway and deserted me, I soaked myself and pulled the pan out sideways because of the pain. I was left for another 2 hours, wet and cold before I eventually got an x ray but was then told no one was available to read and diagnose it until Monday so they sent me home in agony!

From Beth in the United States:

Socialized medicine of UK. I feel sorry for her, geez! I thought your socialized medicine is good? If so, why in the world this happen to her? So inhuman to treat her that way. This is not the first time I’ve read news like this in DM, it seems it’s common in UK. That will never happen to her here. An emergency is emergency, the woman was hemorrhaging, she could have died from loss of blood! GEEZ!

From – Abby, London, England:

I feel sorry for this woman- but it’s nothing new.. I couldn’t get a GP to see me when I started to bleed at 11 weeks- they suggested I go to a walk in clinic- the walk in clinic didn’t ‘deal’ with pregnancy related issues so directed me to a pregnancy clinic- when I got there I found out it was in fact an abortion clinic….then I decided to try my luck at A & E (Newham London was the closest to where I lived at the time). After waiting in the waiting room for hours- someone saw me- left me in a room for 3 hours, a nurse came in and admited she had forgotten about me. I was told I had to wait a week for a scan to find anything out. I came back twice more as the bleeding and pain got heavier over the next week- only to be sent home again and again. Finally after receiving the scan- a cruel chinese woman abruptly stated ‘no heart beat- make decision now’. 3 suppositories later I was told to bleed it out in the public waiting room amongst expectant mothers.

From Mike Lewis in Clitheroe, England:

I am ashamed to live in a country where things like this can happen:apologies are not enough. We are a third world nation now.

From Steven Davidson, Clochester, England:

Exactly the same thing happened to my sister in another hospital in the West Mids: left, overnight, with no care, during a difficult labour, which ended in the baby’s death and her nearly dying. Very similar things have happened to a couple of colleagues. We are so emotionally attached to the NHS as an institution that we react with dismay when Cameron says it’s second-class. For many people, it isn’t even that.

And this, from an “Angry Nurse” in Hull England:

Do you have any idea what its like to be a nurse working in A&E? or any ward? saying that the hospital was staffed as normal means that it was massively understaffed! I work on a trauma ward and have on some of the worst shifts been caring for 12 critical patients with the help of one Auxilary nurse! I work 13 hour shifts, with a 20 min break in the morning, 30mins for lunch and 20 mins in the afternoon! I am not asking for sympathy or to be called an angel i chose this job and despite the difficulties i love it, but your hurtful and rediculous comments just go to show how little you know about hard work. I am so sorry to this poor woman that she had a such an awful experience but the changes need to be made to the NHS, more staff, more funding, more beds, the whole system is a mess!

The whole system is a mess.

This, my friends, is why we need Obamacare repealed. The man we have in charge of Obamacare believes that what we hear from England is what he’d like to see for America.

Any questions?….

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Dems: We’ve Lost Our Power So Let’s All Play Nice Now.

Tuesday, 18. January 2011 9:10

Who could forget the almighty seating chart?

I remember when my grade school teachers would come into class the first day of school and announce that they had “worked out” a seating chart- and then assigned everyone to a desk. The seating arrangements usually needed modifications within a few days once the teacher realized some of the kids couldn’t be trusted to sit next to each other.

Congress is now discussing a seating chart, one that will have democrats and republicans sitting next to each other during the State of the Union address. Some members- on both sides of the aisle- are promoting this as a way to “show unity” during this “time of mourning for our country”-in the aftermath of the Tucson shooting incident. Senators Coburn and Shumer are vowing to be “seat buddies” during the address in a show of “civility.”

I’m trying to remember….. Did the democrats recommend a new seating arrangement after the Fort Hood massacre?

Weren’t we mourning then, too?

Let’s review: On November 5, 2009, , Nidal Hasan killed 12 people and injured 31- that’s 43 victims of that horrible tragedy, not including their family members and friends. Yet, when January 27, 2010, came around, the democratic majority in Congress didn’t seem to be “in mourning”, did they? This was the memorable State of the Union address where President Obama called out the Supreme Court Justices because of a recent decision that he didn’t agree with- and most of the democrats rose to their feet and applauded in agreement.

The moment was made even more reverent by the seating chart. You see, the Supremes were sitting right in the front where everyone, including the mainstream media cameras, could easily watch them squirm while Obama gave them a verbal spanking.

During this same speech, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden looked like two “Jack-in-the-boxes” as they sat behind Obama and jumped to their feet in applause after nearly every sentence. Let’s see, our president had time to chastise the Supreme Court and the republicans, but he never once mentioned the tragedy of Fort Hood?

I guess our country was no longer officially “in mourning.”

I find it interesting that the democrats in Congress are suggesting that they sit next to republicans during this year’s speech.

My question is this: What’s their motive?…….

Don’t tell me that the democrats are “enlightened” or are suddenly “bipartisan”. Don’t tell me that this shooting in Tucson has them rattled and they’ve suddenly decided to be civil. This is the group that took a Lame Duck session of Congress and turned it into a political war, screwing the American people- and the republicans- whenever possible as a final nail in the coffin before many of them exited. This is the group that held closed door meetings on Health Care, not allowing the republicans to even be in the discussion.

This is the group that sent bill after bill to the floor of the House, each weighing in at about 2000 pages, and demanded that republicans voted on them within hours of delivery. This is the group who gleefully marched through the streets of Washington DC after Health care was passed, scoffing at the protesters and patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

This is the group who spent our hard-earned money on themselves and their special interests for two solid years. Now that they’re in the minority, they suddenly want to be “friends”, they suddenly want to be “civil” ?

I don’t think so.

Americans collectively rejected the democrats during the last elections. They took the democrats and their policies- and their way of doing business- and threw them to the curb. Life-long democrats, folks like Pat Caddell who worked in the Carter White House and Lanny Davis who worked with Clinton- expressed embarrassment at their party’s antics. Nancy Pelosi’s approval rating hit an all-time low, as did the approval rating for the entire Congress.

The midterm elections were a warning to those who serve: Change your ways or we will throw you out.

Now, if the seating chart had been implemented during the Lame Duck session, we could rationalize that the dems had gotten the message. If the Lame Duck Session had been a mere formality, with legislation put on the back burner for the newly elected Congress to work on in January, we could rationalize that the dems had gotten the message.

Neither happened.

These democrats in power cannot be trusted. They have an ulterior motive for every move- and they are able to “sell” each and every move they make to busy Americans who rely on “sound bites” for their news. Luckily, more and more Americans are beginning to pay attention, and more and more of us have caught on to their little “game”.

It seems that the Republicans in congress need someone to slap them upside the head and let them in on the dirty little secret: The democrats are using you. They don’t really like you or want to sit by you, they merely want to mask the fact that they are in the minority.

Hey, Senator Coburn…. Senator Chuck Shumer doesn’t really want to be your friend and hold your hand during Obama’s big speech, he wants to take political advantage of you. If you can’t see that, then you need to be thrown out of the Senate.

Any of the Republicans who fall for this bunk need to be thrown out. Why? Because they’ve become, what Lenin described as “Useful Idiots.”

Useful Idiots. Stupid people who allow themselves to be used by the opposition.

Or allow themselves to be seated next to them.

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Sell Your House? Not So Fast….

Wednesday, 22. September 2010 7:38

Cathy Zoi is someone you’ve probably never heard of, probably never seen. She’s the Assistant Secretary of Energy, a woman who was hand-picked by Obama to help Energy Secretary Steven Chu in his effort to destroy our demand for reliable energy.

These two power-hungry individuals are pushing the “green” movement instead. Oil, coal, and gas are “so yesterday”.

They just won’t give the “global warming/green movement” thing a rest, will they?

Let’s see, we’ve now proven that the hockey stick graph is fraudulent; the Himalayan glaciers are no longer going to melt by 2035; the Rainforest is in good shape; the Ice cap is growing- not shrinking; polar bears are more numerous than ever; and most of the data from East Anglica University- which ‘conclusively’ proved ‘global warming’ – was purposefully manufactured to deceive us.

Yet, this administration races ahead with its green agenda, without even a mention of this fraud and deceit.

Ms. Zoi and Mr. Chu are especially excited these days because the U.S. Department of Energy now has a “mandate” to issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to Americans in the future.

According to CNS News: Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced in April that the department had finalized five new “higher energy efficiency standards” for commercial clothes washers, small electric motors, water heaters, direct heating equipment and pool heaters.

Oh, but it gets better. “Standards for 10 additional categories of products are expected to be finalized by the end of next year, according to a DOE spokeswoman. These will include new standards for refrigerators, microwave ovens, residential and mobile home furnaces, fluorescent light ballasts, residential clothes washers and dryers, room and central air conditioners, and battery chargers.”


I’m not exactly sure which Article of the Constitution gives them the right to regulate our appliances…. but I’ll just assume that it’s in the Commerce clause.

It always is.

This government intervention is necessary because, according to Chu, “We’re going to make people save money for themselves.”

Thanks, Mr. Chu. How could I possibly make a refrigerator purchase without you?

No Free Market approach here, folks. We no longer wait for the market to demand a better microwave oven and then watch manufacturers out-do themselves in trying to build it. Oh, no- we’ve reached a point in this country where we simply mandate that ALL manufacturers comply with these regulations, forcing small manufacturers- those without the capital to compete with the big guns- out of the market completely.

Say good-bye to the “little guy”; say hello to GE.

Hey, why does GE seem to always win in these situations?…. You don’t think it has anything to do with their ownership of NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, do you?

We also need to understand the end-goal in this whole little scam. Mr. Chu and Ms. Zoi don’t just want us to buy more energy-efficient appliances when we move into our new homes, they want us to be mandated to UPGRADE our homes before we sell them.

We will no longer be able to buy an old house at a low price and “fix it up.” In their “green” utopia, a home-owner will be required to upgrade the furnace, the windows, the roof, the appliances BEFORE putting a house on the market. The house will have to pass inspection prior to sale or it will not be able to be sold.

Think it can’t happen? Think again. The slippery slope has already started in some Minnesota neighborhoods. The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota reports that “currently, fourteen MN. municipalities have so-called “point-of-sale” ordinances in place, requiring home sellers to pay for a city inspection prior to selling their property. (In some cases, the ordinances are referred to as “time-of-sale” and “truth in housing” inspections.) In fact, in many cases, sellers are required to pay for the inspection before being permitted to put their home up for sale. These inspections are in addition to, not in lieu of, the private inspections for which home buyers routinely pay $300 or more.

That’s because, as several cities readily admit, these ordinances are not intended to help the buyer or seller. They are intended to help the city.

On its website, the City of Richfied, MN., states “inspections are not for the benefit of buyer or seller, but are a community effort to maintain the quality of Richfield’s houses and neighborhoods.” Common code violations cited by Richfield inspectors include bare wood, peeling paint, missing or deteriorated window glazing, and clogged gutters.”

You can bet your life that appliances will be next for these towns- after all, we certainly can’t have a family moving into a home with a faulty furnace, can we? We can’t have someone move into a home with a faulty water heater. Next will come a requirement to fix the leaky roof, the cracked cement sidewalk, the old plumbing. This will all be done in an effort to “help” us. The government, along with well-paid city inspectors, will make a few bucks off the transaction of each sale.

And what if your city inspector is inept or has been paid off to “turn his head”?

The government holds no fault. FFA reports that these inspections “typically include a disclaimer or waiver stating the inspection “does not constitute a guarantee or warranty to any person as to the condition of buildings inspected.”


I had a house full of mold because an inspector didn’t follow up on obvious problems he noticed during the construction of our home. The “problems” led to leaky windows, which in turn, led to mold. I had written proof that the city inspector had been negligent, but was told by lawyers that I “couldn’t sue the government” – even if I didn’t want compensatory damages.

My city inspector was given a promotion to a state inspection job.

Nice, huh?

And there’s even more good news for home sellers….

Remember the Health Care Law, the one that nobody bothered to read? Well, a few folks are reading it now and it’s full of goodies for Americans, including those who want to sell their homes. We now find out that in 2013, a provision will kick in that will require a 3.8% tax on all real estate transactions, including home buying. The Spokesman Review states that “middle income people must pay the tax ‘even if they are just rich for one day- the day they sell their home.’” This means that on a $400,000 home purchase, a $15,200 tax will be added to the price of the sale.

Just what, exactly does this have to do with our health care?

Oh, don’t be alarmed at all of this government intervention- In Zoi’s “green” utopia, these new appliance standards are going to save us all money. She claims,”the American public will save somewhere between $250 billion and $300 billion over the next 20 years “just by getting the crummy stuff off the market.””

Throw a flipping party, folks. We’ll all be rich AND have new appliances.

We can laugh or we can cry.

I choose to vote. And with our current election rules, I may just do it 3 or 4 times.

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Tax The Obese- And Everyone Else.

Monday, 26. July 2010 7:15

Not worried that the government wants to know your Body Mass Index? Not concerned that Uncle Sam is now interested in how obese you are? Think that the government is just concerned about the health of its citizens?

Think again.

A news story from AOL news helps shed new light on the real reason the government wants your obesity numbers. They recently published an article titled, “Germany Considers Tax on the Obese”- a headline which says everything you need to know about the government’s concern over your health. Oh, it’s not just the tax that should worry folks- there are members of the German teachers association who have recently called for school kids to be weighed each day.


I know, I know….the article is about GERMANY, not the United States. Why should we care what’s happening there?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, America is on a fast-track to becoming Europe. These socialist countries have paved the way for us in many areas- including socialized health care, taxing energy, the equalizing of wages- and other idealistic entitlement programs- programs that are supposed to make everyone “feel good”, but actually keep everyone from prospering more than anyone else. If only we were smart, we’d learn from their mistakes.

If only.

“Marco Wanderwitz, a conservative member of parliament for the German state of Saxony, said it is unfair and unsustainable for the taxpayer to carry the entire cost of treating obesity-related illnesses in the public health system. “I think that it would be sensible if those who deliberately lead unhealthy lives would be held financially accountable for that,” Wanderwitz said, according to Reuters.

Basically - If it moves, tax it. If it’s fat and moves, tax it more.

Music to the ears of our own White House.

You know, if we’re going to tax the rich for making too much, tax smokers for smoking too much, tax luxury vehicles for being too nice, tax tanning salons for changing someone’s skin color, and tax medical device companies for making gadgets that keep us alive, then maybe we SHOULD tax people who eat too much.

What do you think, liberals? Should we tax all the fat people in the inner cities- the ones who get their food dollars from the government? Should we tax all of those couch potatoes who are sitting home on unemployment, eating potato chips? Should we tax the overweight folks who we see in WalMart, buying Cheese Puffs and Red Licorice with their food stamps?

And who will pay the tax for their obesity since they don’t even have the cash to buy their own health insurance- or their own Cheese Puffs?

Or will we just tax the RICH obese? Will we just tax the Fat Cats on Wallstreet, the overweight CEO’s of big business, and the porky shoppers at Neiman Marcus?

Liberals who love their twinkies in every class of society will soon be screaming as the government begins to track their weight. Most of them will throw their arms up at the outrage: “Who in the world gave the government the power to control MY weight, MY eating habits, MY health.”

Welcome to the world of conservatism, guys. We’ve been saying that for years. Why should we allow the government to control ANY aspect of our rights as Americans- you know, the rights laid out by the constitution, the rights given to us by “our creator.” Why should we allow a government to get so big and so powerful that they can control whether or not we wear a seatbelt, get a toy in our Happy Meal at McDonalds, buy a soft drink, or put salt on our food.

Let’s stop buying the argument that our government cares about us. Understand that the government only cares about what we can give them- votes, power, and money. Our tax dollars are precious because they give the politicians the ability to spend- and spending brings them votes. Votes give them power. It’s a vicious cycle.

Hey liberals- Ever heard of a “slippery slope”? Do you understand that allowing the government to get their hands on YOUR healthcare, on YOUR BMI, is another slide down that slope? It isn’t only the current position on the slippery slope that is important…it’s where the slope leads.

Ronald Reagan stated it best his famous quote:

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”

Reagan was a man who understood the evils of communism, totalitarianism, and socialism. He was a man who would have fought tooth and nail against the current administration and the “defreedomizing” of America which is rapidly happening today.

Open your eyes. See the freedom that we still have. Close your eyes. Imagine it gone.

That’s what we’re facing folks.

Another tax, another law, another regulation. The taking over of the autos, banks, student loans, health. The regulations on oil, energy, cars, financial markets… the slope is getting steeper.

How are we doing at passing that freedom onto our kids?

Reagan is rolling over.

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Body Mass Index- A New Tool For Health Care Rationing

Tuesday, 20. July 2010 7:52

We all have important numbers in our lives: There’s the year we were born, our social security number, our telephone number, our address, our weight, our age….

You get the picture.

There’s a new number that you’re going to be hearing about, one which may become the most important number of all. It’s called your BMI- Body Mass Index- and it seems the government is suddenly becoming very interested in this little statistic of yours.

What is your BMI? Well, it’s a number which indicates your level of obesity, using a ratio between your height and your weight. In the past, your family’s “fat content” was a private matter, something you only discussed with those you chose to. Thanks to our new president and his the 2009 stimulus law, by 2014 your “fat number” will be required to be filed electronically when you go to the doctor.

It’ll be listed with your other records for all doctors and “appropriate” government officials to see. It will be an indicator of your health to those who sit on the rationing boards in Washington DC- they can factor your fat information into their decisions as to whether or not you will be getting certain health care.

Hey, Obama promised us that he wasn’t going to ration….

Unfortunately, he just appointed a Medicare czar who has other plans. His new appointee is Donald Berwick, a man that believes in both rationing and distribution of the wealth. In an interview last year, Berwick was quoted as saying, “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care — the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly.”

What does that mean for the millions of Americans who are on Medicare and rely on this government body to determine whether or not they qualify for certain doctors, certain procedures, certain drugs?

We don’t know for sure, but a 2008 speech Berwich gave to a British audience may hold part of the answer:

“You could have protected the wealthy and the well, instead of recognizing that sick people tend to be poorer and that poor people tend to be sicker and that any health care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must, MUST redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is, by definition, redistributional.”

Gosh, this guy sounds radical.

He is. The reason that Barack did not allow Berwick to go through the usual confirmation process and instead hired him as a “recess appointment” (when congress was on vacation) was because he knew that Berwick wouldn’t pass muster with the Senate, especially those Senators who are up for reelection. When seniors, who rely on Medicare, hear that there’s a new sheriff in town who will be rationing their care, they will be up in arms.

Keeping Berwick’s appointment out of the news was essential for the democrats.

How does the BMI factor into all of this?

Many factors go into a system of rationing. The “death panels” will take into consideration your age, for instance, to decide if you “qualify” for a certain procedure. Your BMI will play a similar part in either qualifying or denying you health care. If you’ve taken care of yourself and have kept your weight to a reasonable level, you will be more likely to get the care you need. Plain and simple- Fat people may not be given the same care as thin people.

Unless, of course, they are poor or of a minority race. You see, those folks are considered “victims” and need affirmative action.

Rich, white folks should know better.

Listen to Berwick’s own words and you will see that this is true: “Here is a question I often ask my students,” added Berwick. “When you meet a new patient, what is the one test that you could do that would tell you how long that patient is likely to live?

“Typically, students answer: ‘Ask them if they smoke,’ or ‘Test their blood sugar.’

“No,” Berwick said. “Just look at the color of their skin.”

Berwick’s theory goes down the tubes when you look closer at the statistics. There is a high death rate among young minorities who kill themselves -and each other- with drugs and violence- which brings the life expectancy numbers of the whole black population down. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that among older black and white men, the level of education has a greater effect than race on total life expectancy. Older black and white women had virtually the same life expectancy, even without factoring for education. Over the age of 80, blacks actually have a higher life expectancy than whites.

Hey, will Berwick ration more health care to whites than blacks over the age of 80? Doesn’t he promote “fairness”?

A recent study from Mayo concluded, “BMI fails as a cardiovascular risk factor“. It also found that “BMI cannot discriminate between body fat and lean mass”.

While the CDC (Center for Disease Control) claims that BMI is a reliable indicator of body fatness, studies obviously show otherwise. People who are “fit” and have a high level of muscle mass will weigh more, giving them a higher BMI, yet actually be healthier than those who have a lower BMI but are couch potatoes. How can the government use BMI as a reliable factor in health care if it cannot tell the difference between fat and muscle?

And do you want radical men like Donald Berwick relying on this unreliable number to determine your course of health care? Do you want Donald Berwick looking at the color of your skin before determining your course of care? Do you want the government, not your doctor, deciding how fat you are, how much weight you should lose, how much you need to exercise, or what you should eat?

Think this isn’t happening? Think again. I went to the doctor for a routine check 2 months ago. For the first time in my life, my doctor told me what my BMI was- I didn’t ask, she just blurted it out.


Our weight is no longer a private matter. Our fat is no longer a private matter. Our health, or that of our kids, is no longer a private matter.

Big government….had enough yet?

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Anybody Know About Our New Medicare Czar?

Friday, 9. July 2010 10:19

You have the right to vote for whomever you wish.

You also have a right to know what you’re voting for. Our mainstream media is not doing its job, not even slightly. While evidence is popping up every day showing the current White House to be a socialist, out-of-step, radically inspired administration, there are only a handful of media outlets that are giving Americans even a smidgen of that information.

Worse yet, most are helping our President with his leftist agenda. Tales of Lindsay Lohan’s antics, “The Bachelor’s” new conquest, and Lebron’s nail-biting decision fill the airwaves of the liberal media, giving a false sense of security to most Americans. Even so, if you were to ask people on the street to be completely honest, they would tell you that “in their gut” they know something ain’t right.

They know.

They can feel that something has changed, that there IS a “fundamental transformation” happening in this country. It’s all happening too fast, isn’t it? The roller coaster is speeding up and going out of control in an election year, a year where Congress is usually on their best behavior.

It makes you wonder why.

Barack Obama recently appointed a Medicare Czar- a man named Donald Berwick- who will be running the Medicare system in our country. This should be big news to the millions of elderly folks who rely on Medicare, right? Evidently not. Most major news organizations- the same ones who spent a week investigating the rumor of Sarah Palin’s breast implants- ignored this story.

Why is this important? Well Donald Berwick is not your ordinary, guy. Like most of Obama’s czars, he doesn’t think in terms of the “free market” or capitalism. He’s a self-avowed socialist, a man who believes in redistribution of wealth, along with government rationing of health care. He was appointed by Obama in a controversial way, something called a “recess appointment” instead of undergoing the usual scrutiny of a Senate confirmation process.

It’s a rarely used, sneaky, backdoor way for Obama to get this man into his inner fold.

As Senator Mitch McConnell stated:

“As if shoving a trillion dollar government takeover of health care down the throat of a disapproving American public wasn’t enough, apparently the Obama Administration intends to arrogantly circumvent the American people yet again by recess appointing one of the most prominent advocates of rationed health care to implement their national plan. Democrats haven’t scheduled so much as a committee hearing for Donald Berwick but the mere possibility of allowing the American people the opportunity to hear what he intends to do with their health care is evidently reason enough for this Administration to sneak him through without public scrutiny.”

You see, Donald Berwick is a huge proponent of the health care system in Great Britain, the system which turns away women in labor, has a 6 times greater death rate from prostate cancer than the U.S., does not give certain life-saving drugs to breast cancer patients because of cost, and in the words of one researcher, “Have waiting lists for waiting lists.”

Hey, what’s not to like…?

While Germany and other western European countries have decent health care systems run by private insurance, Great Britain is unique in that it uses a system modeled on Lenin’s dream of universal ‘free’ provision- universal health care. This Soviet-style health care was pushed through years ago by a man named Nye Bevan. The ‘free provision’ ultimately destroyed private health care for most people and created the system they have in place today.

In a report called Delay, Denial, and Dilution, Laura Casper and David G. Green, describe the UK health care system this way: UK health care is cheap. They spend less on health care than does any comparable nation, but the cheapness of the NHS is subsidized by the exhaustion and demoralization of the staff and by the second-rate service it so often provides. It is the cheapness of the miser who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. And it is a cheapness that demeans patients as supplicants and which hides the medical realities of rationing from them.

So Donald Berwick, a socialist, wants to bring a failing British, communist-inspired health care system into the United States. Why do the words “communist”, “socialist”, and “Obama’s Czars” all seem to tie together time and time again? Why would a man be inspired by a health care system that is CLEARLY subpar, one that rations care to the point of killing people?

And why would Obama WANT that man to run the elderly care in our country?

Berwick has stated publicly, “the decision is not whether or not we will ration care, the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

Hey seniors, how does it make you feel to know that the man who is now in charge of YOUR health care, YOUR life believes in rationing care? How do you feel about a President who would appoint a man- during a recess in Congress to avoid Senate hearings- to be in charge of YOUR body for the rest of your life?

How many of you believed Barack when he promised you that there would be no rationing under his health care plan?

Sadly, most seniors will be unaware of Mr. Donald Berwick because our press will keep this dirty little secret from them. They will turn on the Today Show and watch Matt Lauer make raspberry lemonade and show us how to tile our kitchen floor. They won’t understand the ramifications of Obama’s latest action until they go to an emergency room one day and are denied care.

By then it will be too late.

And for those of us who aren’t seniors, yet…we will be.

Obama just screwed ALL of us, young and old.

Our media is complicit in the rape.

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“The People” Have Become Insignificant

Thursday, 24. June 2010 8:03

“Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

It’s become an old wives tale.

Anyone who still believes that President Obama cares about “the people” is collecting a government check.

This man cares about one thing: Executive Power.

Over 60% of the people were opposed to a Health Care Bill. Obama didn’t seem to hear any of us- He didn’t even recognize the hundreds of thousands of folks who went to Washington this past Fall and marched in his “backyard.” He and his minions were so intent on pushing their unwanted legislation through Congress that they threatened to use Reconciliation to pass it, a measure used only for budget purposes. When that plot was exposed, Obama then bribed Senators WITH OUR MONEY into voting for the bill. Many will rightly lose their jobs because of that vote.

The people spoke and Obama covered his ears.

The majority of Americans have also rejected Cap and Trade. When the EPA declared that CO2, the gas we exhale everytime we take a breath, is a known pollutant, most of us collectively laughed.

OK, “Americans” in Hollywood didn’t laugh.

Sean Penn and Leonardo Di Caprio held a flameless candlelight vigil, along with their mentor, Hugo Chavez.

Climategate dispelled the myth of An Inconvenient Truth and Michael Mann’s “hockey stick graph” and exposed a sinister plot that would redistribute wealth from the United States to other countries in the name of “global warming.” When Congress refused to push Cap and Trade legislation through, Obama went to the EPA and asked them to do the dirty work for him.

The EPA has now stated that if Cap and Trade doesn’t become law, then they will regulate CO2 themselves.

So much for checks and balances. Our Founders would be so proud.

We were told that Spain was the shining example of clean energy. They had implemented a carbon tax, along with “green” energy measures, and it was working beautifully. If America could only be more like Spain, then we, too, could be part of saving the planet.

Recently, reports have come out of Spain claiming that for every “Green Job” created, 2.2 private sector jobs are lost. The government cannot sustain the unemployment levels. Their economy is in such dire straits that it is predicted that they will be the next European country to fall.

Not to worry. Obama has it covered. As oil spews from the BP well in the Gulf, Obama is “not letting this crisis go to waste.” He’s once again pushing a Clean Energy bill- just like Spain. He ordered an illegal moratorium on all deep water drilling over 500 ft., something that the courts ruled was not within his power. He and his executive buddies are appealing the ruling.

They are suing to keep Americans out of work.

The people of America, and especially those who live on the Gulf, are screaming for Obama to listen.

He’s closed his ears to their pleas.

70% of Americans continue to oppose the immigration bill, many of whom are legal immigrants. Once again, Obama doesn’t appear to care.

The people have asked him to build the fence- we’ve given him our hard-earned money TO BUILD THE FENCE- and now we find out that he has no intentions of doing so. Sen. John Kyl of Arizona had a meeting with Obama where our president told him, “If I build the fence, then you people won’t work on comprehensive immigration reform.”

Translation: Obama ain’t building the damn fence.

Obama told the governor of Arizona that he would send her National Guard troops to help enforce the border. He has yet to fulfill that promise. Yet areas of Arizona, are so dangerous, signs have been posted which ask legal residents to stay away. One in four illegals who cross the border have a criminal record and the federal government is simply ignoring this issue. In fact, they are SUING Arizona over the recently passed state immigration bill, claiming that only the feds have the right to control immigration.

Americans are asking Obama to do something.

Does he listen? Well, it is now being reported in World Net Daily that our president may use little-known executive privileges called “deferred actions” and “parole” to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. These are measures (granted through the department of Homeland Security) that were intended to be used on a case by case basis in dealing with illegals, not as a way to give amnesty to the masses. They grant short-term deportation suspension and in many cases, allow the illegals to apply for employment authorization cards.

Of course, Obama doesn’t seem to care about the fine print when it comes to his agenda.

The ends justify the means.

Eight Republican Senators have sent Obama a letter warning him not to use deferred action to grant amnesty: “We understand that there’s a push for your administration to develop a plan to unilaterally extend either deferred action or parole to millions of illegal aliens in the United States,” they wrote in their letter. “We understand that the administration may include aliens who have willfully overstayed their visas or filed for benefits knowing that they will not be eligible for a status for years to come.”

They concluded their letter this way: “The administration would be wise to abandon any plans for deferred action or parole for the illegal population. Such a move would further erode the American public’s confidence in the federal government and its commitment to securing the borders and enforcing the laws already on the books.”

I’m not sure that the “public’s confidence” could be eroded any more than it already is…

Let’s face it: Our President doesn’t care. Americans can march in the streets, call congressional offices, attend Town Hall meeting, throw Tea Parties- and this man doesn’t blink an eye.

You see, “Government by the people” to Obama simply means , “Government by HIS people”- the people who want “fundamental change” of this country. We, the people, no longer have a role in this government- with amnesty and corruption in place, even our votes have become insignificant. And the legislative branch is no longer a necessary component of government.

The executive branch is now a dictatorship.

Welcome to a world of “hope and change.”

Welcome to “Obamaworld.”

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The Audacity of This Administration.

Thursday, 29. April 2010 7:05

There was a dirty, little secret which no one was talking about in Washington before the health care vote.

Actually, no one was talking about it in public. I’m sure that this little secret was the reason we saw the democrats repeatedly negotiating behind closed doors.

No republicans were allowed, remember?

Now we know why.

Listen carefully……

Although liberals continued to tell the American public that the Health Care bill would save our country a boat-load of money, the polls showed that somewhere between 56% and 60% of Americans were opposed to passing it. Why? Well, common sense, of course. We knew that the fraud in Medicare would never be recovered, we knew that adding millions of folks into a government health care system would not save cash. We knew that a government -which has never successfully run anything- could not suddenly clean up its act and find fiscal accountability for health care.

We knew.

Now, it turns out, THEY knew, too.

Yes, that’s right, folks. It seems that the democrats were sitting on a tidbit of information when they crammed that bill down our dry throats. They had information- information which they hid from the public- which specifically stated that medical costs would rise significantly in the next 10 years under their plan.

According to, “A damning health care report generated by actuaries at the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department was given to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius more than a week before the health care vote. She hid the report from the public until a month after democrats rammed their nationalized health care bill through Congress.”

Take a breath.



“The reason we were given was that they did not want to influence the vote,” says an HHS source. “Which is actually the point of having a review like this, you would think.”

Ya think?

They wanted to keep us in the dark. They wanted to give us false information so that we didn’t scream even louder from the rafters. They wanted to treat us like the idiots we’ve become in their eyes- people who don’t know what’s good for them.

Basically, they didn’t want anything to stop this vote from going through.

Here’s the gist of the report, the one we weren’t allowed to see…. “The report released by Medicare and Medicaid actuaries shows that medical costs will skyrocket rising $389 billion 10 years. 14 million will lose their employer-based coverage. Millions of Americans will be left without insurance. And, millions more may be dumped into the already overwhelmed Medicaid system. 4 million American families will be hit with tax penalties under this new law.”

Hey, isn’t this what Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and all their friends told us WOULDN’T happen if we passed this bill? Didn’t our fine, President go on tour after the legislation was passed, publicly criticizing those who said this bill would raise costs of treatment and insurance? Didn’t he chastise those of us who protested this bill?

And he did that, knowing full well that this report existed, knowing full well that the Americans he was berating were right.

Maybe he didn’t know…maybe the memo never made it to the Oval Office.

Think again. “We know a copy was sent to the White House via their legislative affairs staff,” says the HHS staffer, “and there were a number of meetings here almost right after the analysis was submitted to the secretary’s office. Everyone went into lockdown, and people here were too scared to go public with the report.”

This was a cover-up, a cover-up for power. Anyone who isn’t outraged, political affiliation aside, is not thinking of the consequences of what just happened.

We can no longer trust our elected officials, even those sitting in the White House Oval Office, to level with us.

One thing has become abundantly clear: Our President and his staff have no intention of working with the American people to solve the crisis unfolding in this country today. They have no intention of listening to us, consulting with us.

Instead, this administration is usurping us. They are pushing a radical agenda on all of us, telling us that THIS IS WHAT WE WANT. How many times did we hear Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod stand up and tell us that “the American public wants government run health care” although the polls clearly showed otherwise? How many times did we hear Obama declare that he was “giving the American people what they want”?

Too many to count.

How dare they……..?

No one, and I mean no one, should be allowed to come into our top level of government and destroy it from within.

Throw the thugs out. All of them. Throw them in jail for treason. Build more jails if we have to.

And one more thing……

Throw away the key.

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