The Unconventional Sarah.

The vultures continue to swarm.

Sarah Palin steps down as governor of the state of Alaska, yet, the vultures continue to swarm.

The media are having a field day trying to speculate as to why this up and coming star in the Republican party would walk away from her current job. Those in power are simply amazed at this mother of five who took the country by storm from her little town of Wasilla, Alaska, and are asking themselves why….

Why would she give it all up, and more importantly, does this mean that she’s finished as a presidential hopeful?

You see, Washington is all about gaining more power, not giving it up. Those who’ve been there awhile, like Teddy, Nancy, Barney, and Harry know the power game and how it’s played. Those who are new to the scene are scared enough to stay in line “if they know what’s good for them.”

People like Sarah Palin, however, have never played “the game.” She isn’t run by the Washington elites, by the Washington press, and hasn’t been baptized into their system of how to do things. She still has some moral integrity, something most of these politicians lost long ago.

And the common citizen in this country can relate to her.

Many of us are wondering if all the media scrutiny has finally finished this woman, thinking she might go back to her life as a housewife and mother. That seems logical, doesn’t it? After all, since she’s received national attention, Sarah and her children have been the butt of jokes, of criticism, and of unworthy, unethical lawsuits by her adversaries. Maybe they finally “broke” her; maybe they made her realize that she didn’t need this dirty world of politics after all.

Me thinks not.

I believe that Sarah is only beginning to fight back. She recognizes that two can play at that game, and as long as she remained governor, the “Chicago” style of politics (which now run the White House) was going to continue to keep her very busy. You see, the more lawsuits and criticism that she’s dealing with, the less time she’ll have to focus on the things she values. The frivolous lawsuits have cost the state taxpayers over $2 Million, and have personally racked up a bill for the Palins of over $500,000, yet of the 15 accusations, all but 2 have been dropped, and those 2 are pending investigation.

Sarah actually has the integrity to recognize that keeping her current position is costing the taxpayers of Alaska a lot of money, a hard thing to swallow for a woman who sold the state plane on E-bay because it was too expensive.

Interestingly enough, it’s not just the democrats and the media who are “swarming.”

Republicans like Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, are putting in their “two cents” too, claiming Palin’s finished politically. Karl Rove seems to agree with him.

Think Huckabee doesn’t have a dog in this race? Think again. This is the man who sealed the Republican’s fate last year when he was a spoiler for guys like Romney, which led to the nomination of John McCain. No, Mike Huckabee, self-proclaimed Christian, is all about what’s best for Mike Huckabee, and my gut tells me that we’ll see him in the 2012 race. He’s viewing Palin’s exit as a way to notch himself up on the ladder of Republican candidates. One more thing: Huckabee claims that Palin will have a hard time running as a private citizen, rather than as a governor….

Isn’t he a guitar-playing talk show host right now?

And while we’re on that note, think back to the Republican debates in 2008. Who was on that stage alongside John McCain? Fred Thompson, EX-Senator of Tennessee, Rudy Guilianni, EX-mayor of NY, Mitt Romney, EX-governor of MA, Huckabee, EX-governor of Arkansas, yet the pundits around Washington claim that Palin’s presidential aspirations are over because she won’t be a standing governor if she runs.


John McCain has had very little to say about Sarah Palin recently. Interesting, isn’t it, that he used her to advance his career when he needed her, but now basically dismisses the mere mention of her name.


Well, Sarah upstaged John, didn’t she? When Sarah came on the scene, John McCain became “the guy running with Palin”, not the other way around. It was HER conservative values, certainly not his, that appealed to so many. It was HER view on energy independence, not his, that brought this party out on election day. SHE drew the crowds and the cheers. SHE gave the speeches which were quoted day to day. SHE was the breath of fresh air, not McCain, the moderate, aging Senator who was forced on most of us.

No, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Sarah Palin, in fact, I think we might see an awful lot of her in the coming months and years, giving speeches, helping others win races and doing something that most in Washington have long forgotten: Putting her country and her family first.

While those who know politics say this woman is finished, her latest move has made me, personally, like her even more. She just seems to “get it”. She seems to understand that her family must be protected, even if it means giving up her dreams. She seems to innately know that the good of the country is more important than the good of herself, and SERVING doesn’t always mean doing so “at the highest level.”

Sarah may never again run as a presidential candidate, although I still believe she should, but she will continue to be a winner in an area long forgotten by politicians…

She’ll win a moral victory in life.



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Date: Tuesday, 7. July 2009 6:29
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  1. Scarlet O'Kara
    Tuesday, 7. July 2009 11:59

Well written. Sarah is the real deal and the type of politician that we need more of.

  • New Initials
    Tuesday, 7. July 2009 13:41
  • 2

    Nice post by Roger Stone today regarding Palin:

    As he quoted Bill Kristol; the move also frees Palin to “write her book, give speeches, travel the country, and educate herself on some issues.” It also frees her to build a net work of fundraisers and supporters throughout the country

  • Joy
    Wednesday, 8. July 2009 4:24

    Good points about Sarah. While she ‘gets it’, most just don’t seem to get her. I’d vote for her based on character alone.

    I curious though, why do you call Mike Huckabee the spoiler for Romney -couldn’t that work the other way too? For that matter, Fred Thompson lolly-gagged around just long enough to act as a spoiler for both Huckabee and Romney and give McCain the victory in SC, which was the turning point in the primaries for assuring the nomination went to McCain.

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