A Country of Freedom?

I have a question for our liberal Congressmen and Senators: I’d like you to name ANY piece of legislation that would come across your desk which professed to “help” people by taxing the “rich” that you wouldn’t vote for. Can you think of one?

In other words, in the name of “helping people”, what is the limit that you would expect taxpayers to pay to our government? Do you have a number in mind? Is it 60%, 70%, 75%, 82%…..? Is there ANY level of taxation that would be too high to get your vote?

The reason I was wondering is because I came to the realization that the government is now involved in almost every aspect of my life; from morning to night, they are either taking a piece of the pie or regulating what I can and can’t do.

I wake up in the morning and clean up with products that have been FDA approved. The water I use to shower has been taxed by the city. The clothes I take off and those I put on have been taxed, as are the towels and cosmetics I use to get ready.

My kids go off to government schools where they learn disgusting amounts of sex ed, political correctness, liberal “green” agendas and also courses on “fuzzy math”, put in place by local government school boards who somehow believe that good, old fashioned math didn’t teach us well enough, despite studies to the contrary.

Kids in these schools are not allowed to mention Christmas or eat peanuts.

On September 8, 2009, these students will be forced to listen to an address by our president where they will have to answer questions before, during, and after his speech regarding his message and how they can help him with his liberal agenda.

I get in my car, which is now under warranty by Government Motors. I’ve just paid my license tabs which went up by $375 when a new bill was slid through our state congress. I drive to work on government paved roads, stop at a light which was recently added to our street by our local government, put some gas in my car, and notice that the gas tax now nationally averages 45 cents per gallon. If I went in to the gas station to purchase a pack of cigarettes, I’d see that the taxes have escalated on those, too, in fact, Wisconsin just raised their taxes by another 75 cents per pack.

Although I’m in my car alone, I’m forced by government laws to put on my seat belt “for my safety”, and could get picked up by our government law enforcement if I don’t.

My cell phone is taxed, too, not just the actual purchase of the phone, but the phone company taxes me to use the airwaves.

I stop at the grocery store, where food prices have been determined by our government policies. Produce is subsidized when farmers are paid NOT to plant certain agriculture. Subsidizing corn to produce ethanol raised all grocery prices because farmers found it more lucrative to plant corn than to plant other produce, raising the prices of most food products. Meat is inspected by government workers.

Pretty much everything that I buy throughout the day is taxed, including my cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Most businesses we work at are regulated by some government agency, in fact, minimum wage is set by our government. With the new “green” energy bill, carbon emissions will be taxed by our government, causing the price of manufacturing to escalate, which in turn, will cause the prices of goods to rise.

If I decide to go hunting, I must have a license and it must be done “in season.” I also need a license to fish in our lakes. I need a permit to enter state parks, camp in state campgrounds, or drive my snowmobile on state property. I must take a class and qualify to get a license to shoot a gun.

When I get my paycheck at the end of the day, a huge chuck of cash has been taken out for Social Security, Federal tax, and State tax.

The government also requires that I pay property taxes to live on a piece of land which could be taken away from me if the government wants to put a road through it.

If I want to add a deck onto my private home, I need a government building inspector to OK it. The same goes for adding a gas fireplace. There are government regulations that insist we install plastic sheathing in the walls of our basements in Minnesota, despite the fact that this is a well-known cause of mold. The government doesn’t care that people are getting sick from the mold, they are worried about heat escaping from our homes.

I need a dog license to own a dog. If I want to have a garage sale, the government has rules about what I can sell. They regulate what we see on TV, and are trying to regulate what we hear on the radio.

They will soon determine what type of light bulb I can buy.

They regulate my children’s sleepwear. There’s a tag on the pillow I sleep on at night that claims I can’t remove it “by penalty of law.”

Are you getting the picture?

Now this same government wants to control my healthcare. They want to determine if I live or die, what doctor I see, what procedures I receive, what pharmaceuticals I’m allowed. They want to have access to my medical records so they know how healthy or unhealthy I am.

And to top it off, when I die, the government will take half of my savings, half of my assets, half of my valuables, half of what I earned in my Constitutionally guaranteed “free” life.

So once again, I ask my members of Congress, is there any bill that would come across your desk that is supposed to “help” me that you wouldn’t pass?

Or do you want to control me more?


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Date: Wednesday, 2. September 2009 7:23
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  1. BT
    Thursday, 3. September 2009 8:55

It’s sad that the majority (manipulated my the MSM) don’t ever think about that stuff. Tax on gas, tax on land, tax on your death. Hidden taxes are a killer, let’s not forget about taxes on phones and other utilities.

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