The Second Branch Falls.

I’m pretty sure there’s been some serious grave-rolling by our Founding Fathers the last few months.

Intensive grave-rolling.

They must look down at this debacle we now refer to as “Congress” and ask themselves where they went wrong. After all, when they designed this government, they purposefully put in checks and balances to keep this from happening. They gave us a constitution with a brilliant rule structure meant to keep any one branch of government from getting too much power. They wrote up a Bill of Rights to give us a guideline to follow.

It looks like they overestimated one thing…

The goodness of man.

Maybe men were just better back in those days; maybe they actually had character. I know that power has always had the ability to corrupt, but this representative form of government was suppose to fix all that; the people were in charge and could vote out anyone who they felt was getting too powerful.

It looks like the people forgot.

We had an interesting situation happen the other day… As most of us have heard by now, Joe Wilson, a representative from South Carolina, yelled out the words “You lie” during the health care speech President Obama was delivering to the joint sessions of Congress.

It just happened that at the time, President Obama was lying.


Joe, realizing that he was a bit out of line, apologized to the press and to the White House shortly thereafter. His apology was accepted.

Lot of good that did.

You see, the democrats in the House, seeing a political opportunity, weren’t ready to let the incident go, so they then asked this man to grovel on his knees before them and beg for forgiveness. If he did so, they would “consider” suspending any further action; if not, they were going to punish him.

Maybe put him in a corner with a dunce hat.

So Joe Wilson stood before them and declared the incident over, refusing to bend over to the democrats in the House. Pelosi and company didn’t take lightly to the snub, and exerted their power by formally rebuking Joe Wilson.

Nancy, once again, showed her kind, gentle, generous side.

According to, the democratic Majority leader in the House, Steny Hoyer, stated the following about the rebuke: “The resolution is not about the substance of an issue but about the conduct we expect of one another in the course of doing our business.”


OK, Mr. Hoyer, I have a few questions. Does that “conduct” include paying your taxes because we have Charlie Rangel, who heads the Ways and Means Committee, who not only didn’t pay taxes, but hid assets from the government? Was he allowed to vote on the “conduct” of Joe Wilson?

Does proper “conduct” include calling the CIA “liars” because the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has done that on a couple of occasions to get herself out of trouble… Did she get to decide the fate of Joe Wilson?

Does proper “conduct” include running a prostitution ring from your basement because Barney Frank and his ex-lover did that. I have to believe that doesn’t speak well for our Congress.

Does proper “conduct” include “booing” the President of the United States during his State of the Union address? It seems that many members of this Congress did that to President Bush when he stated something that they disagreed with. Is it different when a group yells out instead of one person?

Maybe if 50 legislators had yelled, “You Liar” at the same time, all would be well.

Somehow I have to believe that would only be true if the 50 people were democrats.

We have more corruption, lies, deceit, and dirty dealings in this Congress than you can shake a stick at. I believe it would make our skin crawl to know the true character of most of our elected officials. How any one of them can sit and “rebuke” a man for his freedom of speech, rude as it may be, is insane.

For goodness sakes, this man didn’t moon the President on National TV…. as much fun as that would have been to see.

He simply called it as he saw it. Like an umpire. Obama was striking out, and Wilson wanted the American people, the ones who he serves, to know the count. End of story.

Was it right? Not really. Was it accurate? There’s no question.

For our Congress to waste time on this issue when they could be investigating the communist Czars, the payoffs of lobbyists, the corruption in ACORN, and the massive “waste” in Medicare, not to mention their own housecleaning issues, is disgusting.

Our Congress is a laughingstock.

The Founders knew that one branch of government could become corrupt, which is why they assembled three branches. The other two were to be the “checks.” They assumed this would stop the power grabbing of any one branch. Then again, the Founders had never seen the likes of this administration, a group of leaders who don’t care about the rules. We have not one, but two, branches of corruption in power right now, and the third branch, the Supreme Court, is a mere vote away from going along with the other two.

The balance of our country hangs on a single vote in a single branch of government.

The Founders are rolling. The people of this country are screaming.

Yet, nobody’s listening.

They’re too busy rebuking.

It’s all disgusting.


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Date: Wednesday, 16. September 2009 7:18
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