It’s the Muslims Turn to Take on DC.

It looks like the steps of the Capitol are going to have another large group of people descending upon them in a few days.

Not the 1,700,000 people that were there during the September 12th Tea Party protests, just 50,000.

All Muslims.

I wonder if Charlie Gibson will be there to cover the event or if he’ll be ‘purposefully oblivious’ to their presence? How about Katie, think she’ll get wind of the big rally and find it worthwhile? It’s pretty hard to ignore 50,000 prayer rugs.

I wonder if Barack will fly in for a “shout out” to his people.

This crowd will be gathering on September 25th for ‘A Day of Islamic Unity.’ It’s a day meant to celebrate Islam, “inviting Muslims and friends of Islam” to come together and celebrate Mohammad, Allah, and everything else Muslim. They will gather to pray from 4:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

They have an official website which explains the goals for their day of prayer and boasts their slogan:

“Our Time Has Come.”

Time for what?

Where do I start… While there are many peaceful, America-loving Muslims in our country, there are a percentage of Muslims who are not here to celebrate our liberty and freedom; they are here to change our country dramatically. A Pew poll suggests that 25% of Muslims in America under the age of 30, condone suicide for jihad.


Knowing that they cannot beat America with military force, they have decided to plot the destruction of our country from within.

Some of their tactics are subtle, things as simple as getting Muslim foot baths, used for prayer, inside of state universities, the same places that vehemently deny the presence of other religion in their schools. They are slowly getting their agendas into our public school systems, concealing the Islamic faith that is being preached within the walls of the institutions. They are also setting up private schools versed in Islamic faith. One such school, the Islamic Saudi Society, is located in Virginia. It’s texts are from the Wahhabi sect of Islam, which teaches hate toward Christians and Jews.

So we have schools in America which teach hatred toward Christians and Jews in America.


The Saudi government funds these schools. They also give funding to big, prestigious universities like Harvard, which in turn have courses that teach the Saudi version of Islam. Oh, and the Saudi’s are well known to also contribute millions of dollars to political candidates, many times through a third donor so the transaction is more “legit.”

Hey that reminds me, our President bowed to the Saudi King, didn’t he?

We don’t always think of Saudi Arabia when we think of radical Islam, but what we need to acknowledge is that it is NOT a moderate, Islamic country. Stories of citizens being beheaded or having their hands and feet cut off are commonplace. 15 of the 19 terrorists who were involved in the attacks on 9/11 had their origins in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year to fund terrorism, most of the money coming from oil. When we purchase gas for our cars, we are indirectly funding the terrorism we see throughout the world.

Oh, another thing. Many of our mosques in America are also funded by the Saudis. The youth in these particular mosques are taught to hate secular society and to try to establish a Saudi State in America.

That’s not all.

There are Muslim organizations like CAIR who profess to represent a moderate view of Islam. CAIR had a Muslim rally in 2000 where the main speaker was a guy named Abdurahman Alamoudi, the founder of the American Muslim Council. During his speech, Alamoudi publicly stated his support for Hezbollah and Hamas, two terrorist governments in the Mideast; he was met with wild cheers from the Muslim crowd.

Alamoudi was later found guilty of financial and conspiracy charges in 2004, which resulted in a 23 year prison sentence.

Where are all of these radical Muslims coming from? Well, obviously, many come here legally from countries throughout the world. Yet we are finding more and more have been recruited right here in the United States.

In our prisons.

While religious leaders frequent the prison system and pray with the inmates, some radical Muslim chaplains are getting through the doors of our jails. They seem to be reaching and recruiting a certain percentage of the inmates, especially the black males. As a matter of fact, thousands are converted to Islam each year. These jailed criminals already have a propensity for hate or killing and are easy targets for the radical church leaders. When released, the newly recruited males are offered solace in one of 30 Muslim compounds in America.

Gosh, it’s nice to get out of jail and have a support group waiting for you.

There isn’t much known about these compounds because our mainstream media doesn’t seem to think they are newsworthy, but we do know that some are run by a man named Sheikh Gilani, a radical Muslim who runs a terrorist organization called Jamaat al-Fuqra (Community of the Poor). Gilani has been linked to 17 fire bombings and 10 assassinations in the United States alone, and is believed to be behind the beheading of Daniel Pearl.

This guy also has ties to videos that teach terror training and bomb making. Is he teaching these techniques in his compounds in America? We’re not sure, but no worries, the FBI and Homeland security say they are “aware” of these camps.

Thank God. It’s good to know that Janet Napolitano, the woman who doesn’t want a border fence to keep drug cartels out of our Southern border, is on the case.

Maybe potential terrorist compounds will scare her a little more.

Time to wake up, America. You see, we don’t know what our government is doing these days to keep us safe. We know that President Obama is friendly with Chavez and his buddies. We know that he’s more than friendly to the Muslim population of the world. We also know that a radical Muslim community that will kill their own children in the name of Allah is capable of anything.

Let’s start demanding that someone pay attention. Let’s watch the White House on September 25th and see if the President sends a message to the 50,000 Muslims at its doorstep, a message he forgot to send to the million plus who came to a Tea Party just a couple weeks ago.

It will be telling. And interesting.

Stay tuned.

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Date: Wednesday, 23. September 2009 7:33
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