Insanity Rules the Skies.

I wasn’t going to write until the New Year, but this story got me so mad……lsm

“The system worked.”

That’s the statement made by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, after the bombing attempt on Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

She personifies, perfectly, the idiocy of this administration. It’s all an act, all pretend, all a work of fiction. If they say it ‘worked’, then it did. If they say the Health Care bill is deficit neutral, then it is. If they say Obama never heard Reverend Wright spew his hate, then he didn’t. If they say that they were shocked that Van Jones was a communist sympathizer, although they’d been carefully “watching” him and his promising future for years, then they were.

It’s all a facade.

The most frustrating thing is turning on the news and seeing the exact words flow from members of our media, those providing cover for this administration. These folks are nothing more than accomplices to a crime.

The crime? The theft of our nation. is reporting that the terrorist on this flight from Amsterdam, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, may have boarded the plane without a passport. A couple from Detroit, both lawyers, overheard Mutallab and another man speaking with an employee of the airline about allowing Mutallab to board without a passport because they claimed he was from Sudan. This, of course, was a lie, since Mutallab originates from Nigeria.

What’s the difference?

Well, it seems that Sudanese don’t always have things like passports or birth certificates, so they are allowed to fly without them.

No kidding.

So while 90 year old “grandma” is taking off her shoes in the airport and struggling with her walker to get through security, Sudanese are breezing through without so much as a passport.

The airport official at the counter helping Mutallab get on board without identification was overheard saying, “We do this all the time.”

Do they do it for people who are on a terrorist watch list? Do they do it for people whose fathers have called the US embassy to report their child as a “person to watch”? Do they wave the passport rule for folks who have been rejected from entrance into England because of terrorist ties?

Heck, Americans need a passport to go fishing in Canada.

Yet, according to Napolitano, “The system worked” just fine.

She also reminded us that the current policies have been in place “for years.”

In other words, it’s Bush’s fault…..

When Richard Reid, the ‘shoe bomber’ made his unsuccessful attempt to blow up a plane, the rest of us paid dearly. Every airport implemented the “Reid Rule”, the rule that says every person flying must take off their shoes and put their liquids into small baggies to be inspected by our highly qualified airline security officials, many of whom are illegal immigrants.

I guess Mutallab didn’t get the memo that he had to disclose his liquids. Instead of putting them in a baggie, he simply strapped them to his upper leg in his underwear.


Does this mean we’ll have to take off our underwear at the security gate?

There’s a simple rule of thumb that might be appropriate here: Criminals don’t follow the rules.

You see, criminals create their own set of rules.

In our new world of ‘political correctness’, we are punishing every member of society because of a few, bad apples, terrorists who will find a way to carry out their evil no matter what.

Oh, there’s another new rule on the airplanes now- No one will be allowed to get out of their seat to go to the bathroom or check the overhead baggage for the last hour of the flight.

This will finally make us safe, right?

No, actually, this is being done because most terrorists, hoping to make a big impact, are more likely to blow up a plane when it’s over populated areas of land, something more easily accomplished when they are within an hour of a major airport.

This doesn’t keep the terrorist from blowing up your plane, it doesn’t keep you safe, it simply keeps the casualties on the ground to a minimum when the pieces of your plane fall out of the sky.

And for this great luxury, you must not use the bathroom or check the overhead bin.

Call me stupid, but I would think that a bomber would be happy that no one was ‘up and about’ in the cabin when he tried to detonate the bomb. It’s much easier to carry out your act when the whole plane is seated and unsuspecting.

Isn’t it?

I guess I’m just not as smart as Janet Napolitano, the woman who also wants to tear down the border fence we were building. She obviously thinks that allowing the Mexican drug cartel to infiltrate the United States makes us safer.

It couldn’t be that she’s hoping to keep her party in power by allowing Mexicans into this country in droves and then giving them amnesty so they can vote for Obama again…..

No, she’s all about safety.

It’s going to happen. There is going to be a day very soon where an average citizen is not going to thwart the bombing attempt of a terrorist. We already saw the destruction these radical Islamists can carry out during the Fort Hood shootings. The only difference is that there weren’t enough casualties to cause much of an uproar.

14 people? Heck, that’s nothing.

Obama still refuses to call the shooter a “terrorist.”

That would be “profiling.”

And profiling, of course, is the only sensible thing that we could do to keep us safe, but it’s simply too logical.

Oh, and it hurts peoples’ feelings.

Besides, the “system worked” just the way it is. No worries. Move along.

Everything is just fine. Even Katie Couric says so.

Besides, if something DOES happen…..?

There’s always Bush…

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Date: Monday, 28. December 2009 10:02
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  1. BT
    Tuesday, 29. December 2009 8:41

I actually herd some people I know that are Obama supporters sady that they thought that Janet’s comments were stupid. But then Janet said that she was taken out of context. Another friend had a great point, it took Barry two days to say that the cop in Cambridge was racist but it took him 4 days to acknowledge an attempted terrorist attack. I guess we know where his priorities lie.

  • Cube Voice
    Wednesday, 30. December 2009 8:57
  • 2

    Don’t make me take off my shoes, take off my sweater, put my lipstick in a plastic baggie, hand over my child’s bottles for inspection, and surrender the rights to my nail clipper. Profile the people who are causing the problems, not the grandmas with walkers, not the caucasian male in a business suit who travels 2 times a week for business, and not the mom with 3 kids who is just trying to make it home to visit family.
    Aren’t we an educated nation? What happened to common sense?
    PROFILE THESE ASSHOLES and leave me alone.

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