The Three-Headed Monster.

Those of us who’ve never lived in another country have never had to think about the concept of freedom.

We’ve never seen the horrors and evils of a dictatorship.

The Founding Fathers assured us that we would never have to live under the rule of a King or a powerful Czar. The Constitution assured us of Government by the people, giving US the ability to determine who would lead us and how much power he would have.

…or so they thought.

You see, there was a “Perfect Storm” in Washington DC in the past year. While we don’t have a classic dictatorship, what we DO have is a collusion of three leaders, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, who all have the same agenda. These three power-hungry individuals have taken two of the branches of government and in-effect, kidnapped them. They have ultimate control of each branch, having a majority in both Houses, and are exercising their power in ways that we, as Americans, have never seen before.

They just don’t care what we think.

They know better.

Huh. Isn’t that the way that Kings treat their “subjects?’ Isn’t that what we see in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea? Isn’t this the attitude of countries we consider to be under government rule?

What we essentially have in the United States, is a three-headed dictator, a “Monster” of sorts, who is “dictating” to us what is “best” for us. It doesn’t matter what we want; what matters is what they want for us.

Over 60% of the public opposes this health care bill. This opposition hasn’t been a quiet one, in fact, Americans have taken to the streets, protesting for months to stop this initiative. They’ve attended Town hall meetings, voicing their opposition, and have found themselves phoning representatives they’ve never paid attention to before, detailing their concerns.

The three-headed Monster has merely inserted ear plugs.

The Monster stands before the American people and lies, telling us that it’s giving us the bill because we want it, because “the American people deserve it.”

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”- Vladimir Lenin.

Along with the ear plugs, the Monster also wears blinders.

Over a million average Americans marched down the streets of Washington DC with their posters, their American flags, and their voices to get the attention of the Monster and let him know that they are angry, that they want smaller government, that they want their fleeting freedom back.

Did the Monster see them?

Barack Obama conveniently flew out of town that day to sell his health care plan to another group of Americans, completely dismissing the crowd gathering in front of his new home. When he flew back, he never so much as acknowledged the presence of those who had made the long journey to Washington to give him a powerful message.

Nancy Pelosi scoffed at the Tea Partiers, calling them “Nazis.” Janet Napolitano said that these protesters were “domestic terrorists”, and labeled our military veterans, “right wing extremists.”

The dictatorship has strengthened as the year has progressed….

The three-headed Monster has given us a Hate Crimes bill, one that punishes religious leaders if they preach their Bible and also protects minorities and “gays” over whites and “straights.”

That doesn’t sound like the “equal protection” given to us by the Constitution, does it?

The Monster is working on an amnesty bill, which will strap our flailing economy even more, as we would now be responsible for the cost of welfare, social security, education, and health care of anyone who walks across our border.

The Monster has the ability to unfairly punish those who they feel are too rich, levying taxes on them at every turn under the guise of “fairness.” They are attempting to control the energy in this country, feeding us lies about global warming, and making us dependent on the government for our energy needs. They have taken over banks, taken over the auto industry, forced us to pay for bailouts, forced us to pay for “cash for Clunkers”, forced us to send money to Brazil to help them drill for oil, while not allowing us to drill for our own sources of oil.

The Monster has appointed Czars, folks who believe in big government, to help them with their dictatorial mission. The Czars are tentacles of evil, quietly making policy that will affect our schools, regulate our land, control our guns, rid our country of religion, and determine our jobs.

None of it sounds like the America we’ve known, does it?

That’s because it’s not.

The Founders tried to protect us from this kind of control at the helm of our federal government. They clearly wrote the rules, knowing that if we simply followed them, we would remain a free nation- yet they understood the tendency for government power to grow if we became lax.

The people of this nation took freedom for granted; we assumed that the Constitution, alone, would always give us liberty, not wanting the hard work of fighting to make it so. We naively put trust into our elected officials and allowed them to steal the federal government right from under us.

We never suspected that the Three Headed Monster would be lurking in the trenches, laying in wait for the chance to “change” everything.

Now we know.

Not only is there evil in the world, there is evil right here in our own country.

Now we know.

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Date: Monday, 18. January 2010 8:23
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  1. Gina Gotti
    Monday, 18. January 2010 10:58

Let’s hope we can save our necks from the jaws of the Monster. Will anyone ever learn from this? It is not wise to put all 3 branches of government in the hands of unethical people. All the signals were there – America just wasn’t paying attention.

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