Surfing for Porn on the Taxpayers’ Dime

When the employees of the SEC- the Security and Exchange Commission- were caught surfing the net for porn, the excuses started flying.

“I couldn’t help myself.”

“I started by looking at people in swimsuits, and then clicked on links that had porn without thinking.”

“It’s something I guess I felt the need to do it, you know, it wasn’t like I intentionally wanted to go out and violate the rule per se,”

In other words, it wasn’t their fault.

Gosh, the world we live in today, the one without blame, without accountability, without a conscience is such a moral place, isn’t it?

In today’s world, Tiger Woods is a victim, a man who has a sexual addiction because he gained money and fame much too quickly. Britney Spears is a victim for the same reason. She can’t be held accountable when she forgets to wear panties while she’s driving under the influence. She shouldn’t be punished for driving without a license with her 2 year old on her lap.

It’s not the children of these celebrities who are victims. That would mean we’d have to cast blame on Tiger and Britney, something we refuse to do in our PC culture.

That would mean we were making moral judgments, something poo-pooed by the Left.

You see, there is no morality on the Left. Everything is excused and accepted.

The SEC workers are victims, too. They spent countless hours, earning paychecks from us, the taxpayer, to sit at their desks and look at porn. What is being done about this indiscretion? Well, in the rational world of private business, they would be fired. But these are government jobs, and as we all know, it is difficult to be fired from a government job.

According to the Washington Times, these “pornography cases surfaced last week in a memo from the SEC’s inspector general to Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican. The new memo contained information on a total 33 porn-related investigations over the past five years, most of them during the financial meltdown and 17 involving senior SEC employees earning as much as $222,000 per year.

Did they lose their jobs and their lucrative salaries?

The SEC inspector says that “each of the offending employees has been disciplined or is in the process of being disciplined. The SEC also has “further increased penalties” for those caught looking at porn at work.”

What kind of stern discipline are we talking about?

One SEC employee who attempted to look up pornography more than 400 times received a three-day suspension. Another employee who looked up porn 271 times received a one-day suspension, records show.

Are you kidding me?

These employees received a 3 day vacation for looking up porn 400 times at work?

And we are expected to pay their $220,000 salaries? Anyone else outraged?

This is the wacky world we live in, folks. There’s no accountability, no moral fiber left in our society, especially when it comes to those who work for the government at all levels.

The top levels, too.

Hey, Tim Geithner, our Secretary of the Treasury, didn’t want to pay his taxes. Big deal. Barney Frank had a prostitution ring in his basement. Who cares? Chris Dodd was taking “sweetheart” loans from banks. No problem. Eric Holder won’t do his job and prosecute the Black Panthers. Give him a pass. Barack Obama wants to collapse our economy and make this a one-world government…..

Are we surprised that those at the top don’t feel a little porn surfing is a big deal? Hey, boys will be boys, after all.

Besides, we can’t actually FIRE people in government, unless, of course, they are white, conservative males. I mean, can you imagine if some of these porn surfers were gay or black or transsexual or disabled or some other protected classification? They would claim “civil rights” and the lawyers would rush to Washington to defend these poor souls and their “addictions.”

And so it goes. As accountability and consequences for our actions become a thing of the past, the moral fiber of our society goes down the tubes. Our children are the product of what they have been taught, and in this modern society, they have been taught by our government-run schools that everything, every action, every person is equal. There is no “right or wrong”, only “clarification.” They have been taught that using the “victim” card or the “race” card or the “I’ll sue” card will get them out of any situation.

They have been taught that if you get a government job and sit at your computer, surfing porn for a living, you will get a three day vacation.

Oh, and a nice, big salary.

What are we doing, folks? It’s one thing for our society to turn a blind eye to a REAL victim such as a person who served in the war and has lasting psychological effects. It’s a completely different thing for us to treat the entire population as a group of “helpless victims” who can’t seem to stop themselves from anything.

Unless, of course, your name is Sarah Palin. The Left believes that she should be held accountable for every single word she utters and every single action she makes, including the actions of her daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend, and her daughter’s boyfriend’s mother.

For “heathens” like Sarah, liberals believe judgment is necessary. It’s just not necessary for Barney, Tim, Barack, Chris, and the porn surfers at the SEC.

None of it makes sense, does it….?


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Date: Wednesday, 28. April 2010 7:24
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