Outlawing Illegal Immigration is Common Sense

I read an editorial in the Washington Times today which made me smile from ear to ear.

Finally, someone in the media has some common sense.

The editor sarcastically wrote that all those who illegally break into the Phoenix Suns basketball arena to watch a game, should be given amnesty.


As he stated, “Imagine if thousands of people were sneaking into Phoenix Suns games without tickets. The management would quickly crack down on the “undocumented spectators.” Security personnel would engage in “profiling” – singling out younger male fans wandering around without obvious seats. They would want to see some “papers” – ticket stubs. Those lacking documentation would be deported out of the arena, or, in some cases, arrested.

Shouldn’t those less fortunate be given an opportunity to see every basketball game? Why should this sport only be accessible to “filthy rich” guys who can afford to buy the seats? And don’t you think that some underprivileged basketball fans would love to sit in the front row and be hand-delivered popcorn at the game?

Gosh, life just isn’t fair.

The owner of the Suns, Robert Sarver, enthusiastically supported his team wearing the Los Suns jerseys to show solidarity toward the illegal community and to protests what he feels is an immoral law. It appears that Mr. Sarver believes that passing legislation which simply reinforces existing federal legislation and gives law enforcement the right to enforce current law, goes against “our basic principles of equal rights and protection under the law.”


If illegals have a right to send their children to our schools and we are forced to educate them, if they can walk into our hospitals and we are forced to treat them, if they can use fake social security numbers and we aren’t allowed to arrest them, then what exactly IS against the law for these people? Can they walk into a restaurant and demand food without paying because they “have a right to eat”? Can they break into someone’s home and find an empty bed to sleep in because they have a “right to shelter”?

Food and shelter are “basic” rights, too.

Can they break into a Phoenix Suns game and demand a seat?

Where do we draw the line? When do we use some common sense to solve our problems instead of using stupidity and emotions?

I have a good friend who’s a die-hard liberal- she works in a downtown office building as a secretary. She believes that we need to allow these illegals into our country because “they are just looking for a better life.”

So I turned the tables on her.

I asked her if the homeless folks who walk the streets outside of her building everyday want a good life, too?

“Yes, of course.”

I continued, “Let’s say that every time it got very cold outside or one of these homeless people were hungry, they came inside of your building. And let’s just say that whenever they came inside to warm themselves or feed themselves, the building manager went around to everyone, including you, and required you to put $5 into a hat.”

Not asked- “required”.

“How long would it take before you started to get upset? How long before you lost your compassion for the homeless and started to wonder why they didn’t just go down to the local church for shelter? How long before you began complaining that these folks were taking advantage? ”

My liberal friend told me that I was being ridiculous, that my analogy was completely off-base.

Was it?

Liberals seem to lack the ability to think rationally. As long as a law doesn’t directly affect THEM, they don’t seem to have a problem with it. There is no long term thought-process, no ability to think about consequences. Their world consists of “Me, Myself, and I.” A law is great as long as they don’t have to pay or abide by it.

Oh, they profess that they are the party that helps the world, helps the poor, cleans up the environment. They just want someone else to pay the bill.

Mr. Sarver thinks illegal immigration is great– just not in his basketball arena. He’s a businessman, after all, and he needs to make a profit in order to live, in order to pay the salaries of the players, in order to continue to run the team.

That’s called capitalism.

If he turned over all of his seats to those who “just want a better life”, then Mr. Sarver would lose money and be forced to sell the team.

That’s called socialism.

That mirrors our country, exactly. If illegal immigration was just a matter of “being nice” and helping folks out, then we’d all be applauding. The problems stem from the fact that our country is bankrupt. We cannot sustain the legal citizens we have today. We have 10% unemployment, states which are on the threshold of bankruptcy, a drug problem that is bringing violence over our border, and an unsustainable national debt.

Truth be told, we can’t afford the illegal population.

Mr. Sarver, or Perkins Restaurants, or Target stores, or Best Buy, or the local drycleaners couldn’t afford to give out free services to everyone who walked through their doors.

It’s not a civil rights issue.

It’s a common sense issue.

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Date: Friday, 7. May 2010 8:55
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  1. wing
    Friday, 7. May 2010 12:36

Right on target!

  • Sheila
    Friday, 7. May 2010 15:43
  • 2

    Brilliant post! Liberals don’t understand that the government is not capable of compassion. We need to enforce our quotas and tie them to the unemployment rate– if we can’t sustain a strong economy in America we will not longer be able to be the beacon of light and hope and refuge. And why on earth should anybody actually become legal immigrants if we’re just going to grant amnesty every 20 years or so? What’s the point?

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