A Scripted Presidency.

And on Day 45, Obama got furious….

Just like Spike Lee directed him to.

Anyone out there who still doesn’t believe that this Presidency is a highly contrived movie script needs to look no further than the recent epiphany that Obama has had on the oil spill. He simply ignored the spill for a few days, concentrating instead on more important things like golf and fundraising. After days of criticism, he decided to visit the spill, proclaiming that this has been his “top priority” from the beginning and that the federal government has been “Johnny on the spot” with this disaster.

Uhh….No, they haven’t.

They have been a bunch of blundering idiots who have no idea what to do. Bobby Jindahl, governor of Louisiana has had a plan from the beginning, one which Obama and his minions didn’t allow him implement in a timely manner. He wanted to build “islands” of highly absorbable material which would “sop up” the oil before it hit the Louisiana coast. The problem was that Louisiana needed federal funding for this endeavor and Obama couldn’t be bothered.

He was vacationing in Chicago.

Not only did Obama not bother to visit the oil spill site for 12 days, we now learn that he has yet to meet with the CEO of BP.

He did, however, host Paul McCarthy at a big White House fiesta/Bush-bashing party.

As the oil situation got more and more dire, Obama got on the phone and called in “the expert”, James Cameron, to help. Yes, this is the same James Cameron who directed “Titanic”- and as far as I know, has never worked on an oil rig. In fact, I doubt that he even pumps his own gas. It appears that the “spin machine” is in full gear.

Who better to direct damage control than an Oscar winning director?

But he’s not the only one. Director, Spike Lee came forward, too. Spike praised Obama for his “cool” demeanor, yet expressed that it’s time for Barack to get angry or as he says, “Go off.” Right on cue, Obama went on Larry King, furrowed his brow, and gave his “I’m really angry” speech.

Who said this guy couldn’t take direction? Looks like he’ll have a career in acting when he’s done trashing the country.

It seems strange, doesn’t it, that Obama- or even Robert Gibbs- can never seem to answer a question in a timely manner. They always have to think about it, consult with their lawyers, look at the script. It took weeks for them to fully address this oil spill. It took weeks for them to finally discuss a job offer to Rep. Sestak with the press, although they claimed that “nothing inappropriate happened.” It took months for Obama to decide to send a surge of troops into Afghanistan and weeks before they commented on the Terrorist at Fort Bragg or the Underpants Bomber.

They’ve never mentioned Climategate, a scandal that SHOULD completely change the current course of the U.S. energy policy.

Heck, Obama still won’t show us any of his credentials- and rumor has it that the bill to keep those documents private is up to about $2 Million.

Everything is staged, everything is contrived. Whether it’s a “date night” in New York, a walk around the White House hand in hand with Michelle, a Beer Summit with a racist cop, a bare-chested photo op on the beach in Hawaii, or a bow to the Saudi prince, Obama’s actions are carefully crafted to send a message.

Teleprompter jokes were funny at first; most folks cut him some slack thinking Obama needed some time to get comfortable in the job. But the teleprompter isn’t going anywhere soon. This man needs to be spoon-fed words on a daily basis, even needing a teleprompter for a simple introduction of his new Supreme Court nominee or a new czar. He takes the mighty teleprompter overseas, to elementary schools, and everywhere inbetween.

The mainstream media praises him for his speaking prowess.


They also praise him for his “genius” I.Q. – Chris Matthews claims that we have never had such an intelligent man in the White House.

Yet, when it’s convenient, this “intelligent” man seems to be clueless. He “didn’t know” that Van Jones was a radical activist. He “didn’t know” that Anita Dunn was a Mao supporter. He “didn’t know” that Sestak was offered a job. He “didn’t know” that Air Force One had taken a cruise through the skies of New York.

The standard media line is, “This cannot be traced back to the President.”

And whenever there is a dark spot in this presidency- a loss of jobs, an economic downturn, problems in Iraq or Afghanistan, or even an oil spill- the same, simple explanation is given by this administration.

It’s Bush’s Fault.

Contrived. Crafted. Every move scripted. An explanation for every misstep. A sham.

We all know it; we all feel it. Something just ain’t right. But we want to believe, we want to think that a simple November vote will change the strange feeling we have inside.

Think again, folks.

That “tipping point” we’re on? It can go either way.

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Date: Monday, 7. June 2010 7:29
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