Barack Sues Arizona

The gloves are off. President Obama has declared war on the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer because she’s dared to do something that he refuses to do- defend her state.

Hey, isn’t that a governor’s job? Isn’t that part of her job description?

Evidently not. You see, in Obama’s warped, little world, only the federal government should have power, only the federal government should have control. And if the federal government doesn’t find millions of illegal immigrants to be a strain on the economy, then neither should the individual states. Jan Brewer should just sit in her little governor’s office and wait for Obama to decide what’s best for Arizona.

After all, the country is best-run on the dictator’s timetable.

Yes, folks, we’ve about seen it all in the past couple of years, things we never have seen before. This latest lawsuit – The U.S. Justice Department vs. The State of Arizona- is only the latest in a line of head-scratchers that have been thrown our way. Our democrat-run congress just made history by “deeming” a $1.1 Trillion budget bill passed rather than hammering out a real budget.

Cowards all.

We watched a health care bill become law in a process that reeked of corruption, bribes, and skewed laws- not to mention that the bill thwarted the will of 60% of the people.

We’ve seen this same Justice Department, the one run by Eric Holder, dismiss an obvious case of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers as frivolous, although one of the lead prosecutors on the case said that it was a “slam dunk”, one of the easiest cases he had ever worked on.

Hey Eric, have you seen the video of these armed men in their uniforms calling the white citizens, “Crackers”?

We’ve watched as an oil spill has raged out of control while our President has golfed, entertained celebrities, vacationed, and flown all over the country on his “Summer of Recovery” tour. We’ve seen Governor Bobby Jindahl of Louisiana get slapped in the face from this same Obama administration when they refused to give timely federal aide to his state so he could try to save the coastline from certain ruin. The President also refused to lift the Jones Act which would have allowed ships from other countries to help with the cleanup.

I guess Governor Jindahl was supposed to sit in his little office and wait for the dictator to act, too.

The Arizona immigration law is due to take effect at the end of July. Here’s what’s important: Governor Brewer was very careful when crafting this law, knowing that the White House would challenge it. She made sure that her lawyers not only followed the constitution, but also stayed within the constraints of the current FEDERAL immigration laws. While Obama has given speeches claiming that this law will “racially profile” and “discriminate against those who look different”, nothing could be further from the truth. Case in point: The lawsuit put forth by Eric Holder does NOT assert that the Arizona law discriminates or profiles. It merely states that Arizona has no right to usurp federal law.

Once again, Obama is lying to the American people.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would argue that if Obama won’t do his job by building a border fence and getting military aide to help control the rash of illegals who are crossing into Arizona everyday, then Governor Brewer needs to step in. Anyone with common sense knows that our economy cannot continue to envelop the numbers of illegals who are coming across the borders, stealing from the government dole through education, incarceration costs, and health care.

All Americans should be concerned that the city of Phoenix, Arizona has recently surpassed Bogota, Columbia in kidnappings and is now second only to Mexico City.

Shouldn’t we?

Governor Brewer, upon hearing news of the lawsuit, had this to say: ‘‘As a direct result of failed and inconsistent federal enforcement, Arizona is under attack from violent Mexican drug and immigrant smuggling cartels. Now, Arizona is under attack in federal court from President Obama and his Department of Justice. Today’s filing is nothing more than a massive waste of taxpayer funds.’’

Atta girl, Jan.

The cost of illegals in our country per year is $113 Billion according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The cost to the individual states is a collective $84 Billion. Coincidentally, if you were to take the 48 states that are currently running budget deficits and add their deficits together, the number hits $90 Billion- about the same.


Those who support the immigration bill are asking for the government to build the fence, fine employers who knowingly employ illegals, and deport those who are committing illegal activity in our country.

Liberal politicians who are against the new law pretend that they “care” about these illegal folks, but in reality, they only care about the potential votes they can get from this group. If this lawsuit was about racial discrimination, as Obama claims, then we would see a charge of discrimination within the lawsuit, which there is not. If this lawsuit was really about Arizona pre-empting the federal law, then wouldn’t the federal government file a lawsuit against EVERY sanctuary city who are directly defying federal law?

It’s all a smokescreen, folks.

You see, the average American, regardless of political view, seems to “get it” when it comes to illegals. Over 60% of the population agree with the Arizona bill, many of whom are asking their own state governors to enact similar measures. Even legal immigrants support the Arizona law because they came to this country to escape big government and socialism. 60% of Latinos in Colorado support a law similar to the one in Arizona for their own state.

They don’t want to see their new home look like the one they left behind.

We want a fence, Barack. When you told Senator John Kyl that you wouldn’t build the border fence because that would stop Congress from comprehensive immigration reform, that was an act against the federal laws of our land.

You should be ashamed.

But you won’t be. Nothing seems to impede your ideology. Nothing impedes your desire for power. You are a man on a mission, a mission that doesn’t allow something like the silly constitution or some good old-fashioned common sense get in the way.

You are a dictator, not a listener. You don’t respect us.

The November elections?…..They are personal, Barack. They are a mandate on you and what you are doing to our country. Every democrat who’s thrown from office will have you to thank.

We want our country back. We’re determined to get it.

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Date: Thursday, 8. July 2010 7:50
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