Hey Disney- Stand Up To The Muslim Employee!

Uniforms. My kids wear them. I’ve worn them. I remember working at the Country Kitchen during the “graveyard” shift and being required to wear an uncomfortable brown dress with a checkered apron and a checkered scarf on my head.

It was humiliating.

But I was thankful that I had a job.

Keep your mouth shut . Be grateful. Two things we rarely see from modern-day liberals. Those from the Left believe that the rules in their school, their organization, their company don’t apply to them. You see- liberals don’t believe that they have to act or dress like the rest of us because life has given them a permanent “victim” pass, one which they can conveniently pull out of their back pocket whenever they feel the need. We sometimes refer to their victim status card as “discrimination”, “racism”, “sexism”, or “anti-gayism.”

They have an excuse for everything.

Case in point: A Muslim woman, 26 year old Imane Boudlal, just sued Disneyland because she can’t wear her headscarf to work as a hostess at a Disney hotel. Here’s what’s interesting: Imane didn’t wear her headscarf for months, but suddenly decided she would like to- so she wrote to the company to ask for permission. When she didn’t hear back from the company, Imane took it upon herself to start wearing her hajib.

When the folks at Disney became aware of the issue, they informed Imane that her hajib was not acceptable. You see, they have a strict definition of the “Disney look”, one that doesn’t outwardly show religion. Company rules were as follows: If Imane wanted to continue to wear her hajib, Disney would give her a job “in the back” where she wouldn’t be seen. If she wanted to continue to hostess, she would have to do so without the headscarf.

At no time was Imane going to be fired; she could simply decide which job she preferred.

Well, as with all good activists, these two options weren’t satisfactory. Enter the ACLU, the civil rights group that comes to the aid of the protected class whenever they feel oppressed. The ACLU believes that Imane should be able to wear her scarf AND be a hostess because Imane is feeling “humiliated”. In her own words, “They’re saying because I’m Arab, because I’m Moroccan, because I’m Muslim, they don’t want to see me in the front.”

No, Imane, they couldn’t care less that you are Muslim or Moroccan- They hired you, didn’t they? Disney has a standard of dress which they want you to comply with, one which everyone else at Disney MUST COMPLY WITH. Just because YOU don’t feel like complying doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to.

Either take off the scarf or go work in the back.

Slippery slope, folks. We’re on a slippery slope, one in which the squeaky wheel gets the grease- and the “squeakiest” wheel seems to be those who have been told that the rules don’t apply to them, they are “victims.” It began when African Americans learned from community activists like Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton that cries of “racism” got them special treatment. Everything from getting fired from a job to being denied acceptance to a college was attributed to discrimination. It quickly moved on to women who learned to cry “sexism” or “sexual harassment” whenever their jobs were terminated. Now we see gay teachers who want to cross-dress- or better yet, invite their students to their gay weddings during class hours. They call parents who object to this behavior “bigots” and are now pushing a “safe school” crusade through our schools in the name of “anti-bullying”- a crusade which opens up the door to teach our kids about gay sex.

Those of us who want to see our public schools teach our kids math instead of gay sex are simply “gay-bashers”.

This same “victim” mentality is coming from the Muslims and they’re pushing their initiatives through at break-neck speed. They want special prayer rooms in businesses and airports. They want time off of work to pray. They want Muslim-only prayer in our public schools, asking for foot baths so they can wash their feet before prayer. They receive federal funding for their public schools which covertly teach Islam during the day.

They want to push ahead with a mosque in NY when CLEARLY, if they were aiming for “peace”, they should back away out of respect for those who were victims of 9/11.

Interestingly enough, the same liberals who are voting for gay rights and women’s rights are also voting to push Shariah law into our country. I’ve often wondered if these liberal groups have bothered to research the Shariah complicit countries and take notice of how they treat gays and women? How many gays are there in Iran? How many women are stoned or beaten or raped or forced to marry someone they don’t love in Saudi Arabia?

Here’s the irony: Do women’s groups realize that wearing a headscarf is not a sign of freedom, but a sign of oppression? Do they understand that at one time, they fought for their right to “burn their bra” and now they’re voting to be forced to wear a hajib?

Disney has refused to kow-tow to Imame Boudlal’s desire to wear the scarf. She has chosen to go home 7 times without pay rather than comply with Disney’s rules. She is also going ahead with her lawsuit.

We, as Americans, need to stand up NOW for the right of private companies to set standards of dress and actions for their employees.

The slope gets steeper every day.

We’re sliding fast.

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Date: Friday, 27. August 2010 8:15
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