Barney Frank- What A Joke.

In June, 2007, ex-Senator Larry Craig (R.- Idaho) was busy tapping his foot to a happy tune in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. The guy in the next stall was an undercover policeman, and Craig was immediately arrested for tapping too loudly. Actually, he was arrested for homosexual lewd conduct.

While his original defense of “I have a wide stance” sounded plausible, he ultimately pleaded guilty to a lesser sentence, and was forced to step down from his Idaho Senate seat in 2008.

All because he tapped his foot.

Let’s compare and contrast that with Representative Barney Frank, the well-known representative from Massachusetts. As far as I know, he’s never been caught in Minneapolis, let alone in an airport bathroom, but he is a well-known “foot -tapper.”

Frank was elected to Congress in 1982. He came out as a gay man in 1987.

In 1985, Barney met a male prostitute named Steve Gobie and “hired” his services. The two guys hit it off and became “partners”, leading Barney to hire Steve as his private driver. Steve seemed to have a lot of talents, but driving wasn’t one of them, and he proceeded to pick up thirty three parking tickets, all of which Barney illegally “fixed” for him, using House privileges.

Turns out that Gobie had a couple of other issues unrelated to his driving record. He had prior convictions of drug possession and possession of child porn, both of which Barney was aware of, but didn’t seem to mind.

I guess love truly conquers all.

But the love was ultimately lost when it was revealed that Steve was running a prostitution ring right out of Barney’s basement. Of course, Barney was shocked.

He probably thought all of those people were coming to his home for a game of bridge.

The ethics committee decided that Barney needed to be reprimanded for fixing the parking tickets, but also concluded that they couldn’t prove Barney knew about the scandalous situation happening in his basement.

Folks on the Left dismissed Barney’s actions, saying that we need to stay out of the private lives of congressmen- or at least those congressmen who are on the Left.

That bummer relationship ended, so Barney found himself a new one.

Frank hooked up with a guy named Herb Moses, a nice businessman who happened to work for Fannie Mae, the infamous banking company, who’s job it was to work with mortgage bankers, brokers, and other primary mortgage market partners to help ensure they have funds to lend to home buyers at affordable rates. In 1999, Fannie Mae came under heavy pressure from the Clinton administration to give out risky mortgage loans to low and moderate income borrowers.

Even to those who couldn’t afford them.

And good-old Herb, Barney’s newest love interest, helped to orchestrate these subprime loans. This was at the same time that Barney was the ranking democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, the committee that oversees the banking and housing industries, and became the head-honcho once the democrats took over control of the House.

Oh, and did I mention that Barney also received $42,350 from Fannie Mae during this 8 year period?

Why would you get all that money from a company you didn’t work for? That’s odd.

When asked about these loans and whether they were too risky, Barney was adamant there was nothing wrong with either the loans or with Freddie and Fannie; these two companies were not putting our economy in danger.

Welcome to the big housing crash of 2008.

We’ve recently heard Barney babble that he never thought these loans were a good idea- he simply wanted more low income people to be able to rent homes, not buy them.


When the relationship with Herb ended, Barney once again found himself in love- with another “great guy.”

That’s right, folks, leave it to old Barney to find himself another boyfriend who can’t stay out of trouble. This one’s name is James Ready. The good news is that James isn’t running a gay sex-for-money operation from Barney’s home; the bad news is that in 2007, he was growing marijuana plants in their back yard.

Barney denied knowing anything about the growing vegetation, and since the house was in James’ name, Barney got off scott free. When asked by the local Fox affiliate in Boston why he didn’t know there was marijuana growing in his yard, Frank told them that he “is not a great outdoorsman” and therefore, “would not recognize most plants.”

It took the media 2 full years to report this little indiscretion of Barney’s.

Once the cat got out of the bag, Barney fessed up with a prepared statement:

I met Jim Ready in October of 2005 at a fundraiser in Maine. After his partner died in January of 2007, we began a relationship. That was the year I assumed the chairmanship of the Financial Services Committee, so I was spending more than the usual amount of time in Washington. But during the Congressional recess that year, I was able to spend some time in Maine at his home.

I was sitting on the porch reading one afternoon when the police arrived. They came up onto the porch and then told me that they had discovered small marijuana plants alongside a part of the house, away from where I had been sitting. I was not aware that Jim had these plants, and I was disappointed to learn that he did.

The police asked if I lived there and I told them I did not. Then Jim came to the door. They asked him if they could enter, to which he agreed. He was then charged and a few months thereafter pled guilty and paid a fine according to Maine law.

I told him that our relationship could not develop if he could not promise me that he would not repeat this. He apologized, with great sincerity I believe, and he made that promise and has lived up to it.

Get out the Kleenex.

It might be true that James no longer is growing marijuana in Barney’s backyard, but James is once again causing a bit of trouble for old Barney. You see, there is now videotape of James harassing Barney’s newest political opponent, a man named Sean Bielat. James stood behind a camera in a hallway, posing as a member of the media, and heckled Bielat relentlessly. Bielat eventually recognized the man behind the camera as Barney’s boyfriend and called him out.

The Boston Herald covered for Barney, only reporting James as “Barney’s cameraman” , not Barney’s boyfriend.

Gosh, the media has such a hard time getting things right these days….

The Herald DID seem to get another recent story correct, though. Sean Bielat is now accusing Barney of “grabbing more than $40,000 in campaign cash from banks that received federal bailouts — despite the congressman’s own pledge to refuse that dough.”

You mean that the banks Barney helped to bail out are now paying him back in campaign contributions?


I wonder which boyfriend Barney will blame this on…..

Face it, Barney Frank is a menace, a cheat, a liar, a babbling idiot. He can’t run his own life, why in the world would we trust him with making decisions, critical decisions, about our country?

Leftists would tell us that none of this matters, Barney is just a congressman who’s had some bad luck…

…so what if he’s had a couple of minor “indiscretions”, Barney has never been caught tapping his foot in a bathroom.

THAT might be cause for dismissal.


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Date: Monday, 25. October 2010 8:06
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