Who Doesn’t Love Herman Cain?

It appears that the republicans and the Tea Party members have reared their ugly, racist heads once again, this time in Florida.

They came out in force and decisively, voted for Herman Cain- a BLACK man- in the Florida straw poll.

Oh my……

Maybe only blind folks were allowed to vote.

There’s simply no other explanation. Our current government officials have told us time and time again that republicans are racists, Tea Party members are racists. They’ve made it abundantly clear that whenever these “right-wing lunatics” challenge Barack Obama on ANY issue what-so-ever, it’s because of his race. You see, liberals insist that if you sit on the right side of the aisle, you despise people of color, especially blacks. Representative Andre Carson, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, even went so far as to say that republicans would like to “lynch” African Americans.

Yet, wait a minute….Herman Cain is black. And the “racist” Tea Party members love him, in fact, they love him so much that they overwhelmingly voted for him in Florida when they could have voted for a white man named Rick Perry or a white man named Mitt Romney– or a white woman named Michele Bachmann.

Go figure.

For those of us who believe that common sense and strength of character are two of the most important attributes in a 2012 presidential candidate, the sun got a little brighter yesterday. For those of us who are tired of the standard politicians who repeatedly plunge their hands into the cookie jars of corruption, this presidential election took on a refreshing twist.

We’re tired of the politics of old. We’re tired of politicians who tell us what we want to hear. We’re tired of being “ruled” by a bunch of leaders who don’t give a damn about what we think–unless, of course, we contribute heavily to their campaigns.

We’re searching for someone like ourselves, someone who wants to glue the pieces of this crumbled country back together and rediscover the true meaning of “freedom”.

What’s not to like about Herman Cain? He’s not only articulate, but he’s able to communicate his common sense principles to average Americans, people who haven’t necessarily spent their whole lives in the world of finance or politics. He’s patriotic, a man who not only believes in the American dream of opportunity for all, but has lived it. He’s a cancer survivor, a man who has been at death’s door and understands the value of living a good life– he has nothing to lose.

He’s qualified, not in the world of politics, but in the world of leadership, something sorely missing from our current administration.

And he’s happy. Herman Cain exudes happiness. He makes people smile. He has a sense of humor.

How refreshing…..

Does this suddenly make Herman Cain the front runner for the republican nomination? Of course not. But it makes him a “player”, it makes him significant to the debate. While Cain has been sitting in the “second tier” with the likes of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, this straw poll has now moved him up a few rows. He’ll move toward the center of the stage in the debates; he’ll take more heat from other candidates who had previously cast him aside.

You see, Cain simply doesn’t have the money–or the corporate support– to compete with the big guys. If the Tea Party members unite behind him–turning their backs on Bachmann and Perry– and begin to pour their collective piggy banks into his campaign, Cain can become a force. But currently, the money and the republican power stands with Romney and Perry, and until the average American is ready to open their wallets and rush in force to the caucuses and primaries, Cain simply can’t compete with the power structure behind the current front runners.

But wouldn’t it be fun?

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch this man rise to the top? Wouldn’t you love to see Cain standing shoulder to shoulder in a debate with Obama– black man vs. black man– a man of character vs. a snake oil salesman? Wouldn’t you love to watch the Left squirm as they try to use the race card against Cain, a man who we’ve seen repeatedly laugh it off? Wouldn’t you love to watch a conservative capitalist take on the socialist/Marxist principles espoused by our current president?

It might take a conservative black leader like Cain to heal the racial divide in this country intentionally scripted by Obama and his minions. It might take a black man like Cain to reach the inner city youth with common sense arguments that will give them “hope” for life outside of the ghetto, not the safety and comfort of life inside of it.

Do I think Cain will be our nominee? Sadly, no, but he’s making a very strong argument to become someone’s running mate, namely Mitt Romney, a guy who could use a bit of Tea Party support if he gets the nomination. Cain would add an element of conservatism, along with a likability which is badly lacking in Romney.

They could be the “business guys”, the “jobs guys”, the men who want to run the country as you’d run a business…..

Maybe, just maybe, a bit of Cain would rub off on Romney. That, folks, would be a very good thing.

At a time when this country is sorely lacking in “happy”, we desperately need a man like Herman Cain to bring some sunshine into the conversation.



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Date: Sunday, 25. September 2011 13:31
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  1. BT
    Thursday, 29. September 2011 8:56

I believe it’s because smart people look at what a person stands for not the color of their skin. All Dems can see with Obama is his race and can’t look at his policies.

  • freddie jenkins
    Friday, 14. October 2011 7:43
  • 2

    Of course Republicans love him he is a House negro, He has turned his back on middles class people in his views on how America should be ran. You are right about this should not be about the Race and the fact of the matter is he is not good for America working class just like many Republicans..Its not about color..By the way I am black

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