What Happened To American Values?

As I looked at the news of the day, a very sad story caught my eye. I actually had to read the headline twice, expecting to find that I had read it incorrectly: Outrage As Bleeding China Toddler Left On Street.

The story was more horrific than the headline.

More than a dozen passers-by ignored a two-year-old girl as she lay critically injured on a street in southern China after being run over twice, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.
Surveillance cameras showed a series of people walk past the girl, named Yue Yue, after she was hit first by a van and then a truck outside her family’s shop in the southern Chinese city of Foshan.
Xinhua said a rubbish collector who finally came to the girl’s aid, moving her to the curb and shouting for help, was ignored by several shopkeepers before he finally tracked down her mother who took her to hospital.

A SERIES of people walked by, ignoring the injured child……

Why? Here’s what was reported:

But others linked the incident to an earlier case in which a man who tried to help an elderly woman after she fell over was prosecuted, apparently because his intervention broke government rules on dealing with accident victims.

It’s against government rules in China to help people? To help dying children?

How do you sleep at night after you’ve walked over the mangled body of a child and done nothing to help because you fear for your own safety?

I know, I know— that’s China. It’s communism. It’s a crazy country with crazy values. Something like that could never happen in America because we’re different. We value life.


Not so fast……

My attention was later averted to another story, this one coming from Garfield Heights, Ohio.


Here was the headline: Boss Told Me To Stop Giving Dying Co-Worker CPR, Says Service Rep.

Last month, a Time Warner Cable customer service rep died at her desk. A local news station reports that after a co-worker began giving CPR to 67-year-old Julia Nelson, a supervisor allegedly told her to stop and “get back on the phone and take care of customers.”

Nelson slumped at her desk at the Time Warner Call Center in Garfield Heights, Ohio, and wasn’t breathing by the time paramedics arrived. But before that happened, a co-worker rushed over and began administering CPR, the woman told WOIO, only to be asked to stop. Employees at the scene have confirmed this report.

The explanation given by an administrator was that the woman who tried to help could be held liable if something went wrong.

So she was sent back to work while her co-worker was dying.

Not mentioned was the fact that Ohio has a Good Samaritan rule “which protects bystanders who provide emergency aid from being sued for unintentional injury or wrongful death.”

Imagine, just imagine if this dying woman was your mother or your wife. Imagine if the person who was trying to help your loved one was ordered back to work because the company was afraid of liability. Imagine your outrage.

I thought America was different. I thought the values of communism would never penetrate a country as morally sound as ours.

Evidently, I was wrong.


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Date: Monday, 17. October 2011 23:05
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  1. J
    Tuesday, 18. October 2011 13:15

When there are too many laws (or lawless laws (China)), most of which were demanded by the left to protect an exception, eventually the laws end up countering themselves.

Oh, boy.

  • NEIL
    Friday, 29. June 2012 6:20
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