George Soros’ Political Influence On MN. Politics

Who would imagine that a Hungarian-born, American billionaire who resides in New York and has financial tentacles throughout the entire world, would have a major influence on– and a resounding desire to control-- the political environment in little-old Minnesota?

Such is the yearning and accomplishment of George Soros.

Whether the issue is elections, recounts, protests, or even redistricting, George Soros is touching the lives of every citizen in Minnesota– whether they know it or not. He is successfully using his wealth to not only control the platform of the Democratic National Party, but to move it’s ideology 5 steps to the Left.

Yes folks, he’s morphing the democrats into far-Left socialists, and it appears that most of its unsuspecting members are naively going along for the ride, still believing that they are voting for JFK. Real progressives like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank are not only cheering him on, they are personally using his financial resources to keep themselves in power.

How’s he doing this?

Soros simply has the ability to think 10 steps ahead. He is the master of organizing, of skirting the rules, of spreading his wealth to organizations and associations which will help him with his ultimate goal of a One World Government. The largest obstacle to any organization is one word; money. Soros is able to eliminate this obstacle and free socialist organizations to do their dirty work. He helped to found organizations like, Media Matters, The Center for American Progress, and the Open Society Institute– organizations which are now considered mainstream and have woven themselves as such into the fabric of our political system.

The Center for American Progress is actually considered a legitimate advisory group to the President of the United States. Who works at this esteemed institution? Self-avowed communist Van Jones.

This, alone, should be a red flag.

Have you seen the protests on Wall Street? These are partially financed by Soros. This billionaire is secretly funding this initiative to stir up union members, stir up unemployed youth, stir up the chaos we’re seeing on streets across the world. Why? Because Soros has a “dream” of a One-World government which can only be achieved by collapsing the current system so it can be replaced with another. The U.S. must become unstable and the dollar MUST crash for Soros to work his “magic.”

OK, so what’s Soros doing in Minnesota?

Soros took to heart the famous words of Josef Stalin: “It doesn’t matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes” when he made a concerted effort to seize control of the offices of Secretary of State (the government office which controls voting and elections in each state) in a number of swing states, including Minnesota. He launched the Secretary of State Project, an initiative which cost him a mere $780,000 but helped him to win seats in 11 of 13 contests in 2006 and 2008.

From the Sec. of State Project website:

“In Minnesota, we helped Mark Ritchie beat a Republican incumbent. Because of Secretary of State Ritchie’s dedication to fairness and transparency, a recount in the Coleman-Franken Senate race ensured every vote was counted and resulted in the certification of Al Franken’s narrow victory in the 2008 Minnesota Senate contest. Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project was one of 2006’s most effective political investments.”

As we’ve now seen, Mark Ritchie is doing exactly what Soros asked of him. He’s done little to stop voter fraud in our state despite investigations by organizations like Minnesota Majority who have shown clear evidence that not only were felons allowed to illegally vote, but we had precincts in which more people voted than were registered. Ritchie has been mum on the obvious corruption and has continued to fight the Voter ID initiative passed this pass session in the Minnesota legislature.

Soros also helped to fund the recount of Al Franken, donating $10,000 and $12,300 on two separate occasions to the effort.

He personally gave $22,300 just for the recount of ONE senator?


Oh, that’s not all. Soros also helped to finance the recount of Mark Dayton, holding a fund raiser, with guest of honor, Bill Clinton, in his personal home in New York in December, 2010.

Huh. He must really like Minnesota.

He helped establish the Democracy Alliance, a group of far Left millionaires and billionaires– who use their wealth to finance candidates like Dayton to push forward their agenda. It was through this alliance that the SoS Project was funded and Mark Ritchie was elected. Coincidentally, Ritchie presided over the both the election and the recount of Dayton and Franken. The Democracy Alliance was also responsible for funding ACORN, the organization which we now know was a front for the democratic party with a goal to fraudulently sign up new, democrat “voters”.

As you can see, Soros isn’t just financing the Wall Street protests, he’s creating alliances with the same millionaires and billionaires whom the protesters are protesting. Imagine the absurdity of a group of protesters being financed by the same billionaires who have even more to gain if the protesters get their way and destroy capitalism.

Oh, there’s more: We now know that Soros is using his wealth to help finance the redistricting effort throughout the Midwest, including that in Minnesota. Draw the Line Minnesota is a group trying to influence the legal process of redrawing the district lines. The normal course of action is one in which the legislature puts together a redistricting map based upon specific demographics and presents it to the governor, who can sign or veto it. If vetoed (as Mark Dayton did) , the map then goes to the courts where judges determine the best course of action.

Draw the Line Minnesota is trying to “get into the act” and influence the courts with their own “bipartisan” map drawn by the “people” to sway the judges to draw a map which is favorable to democrats.

Soros is at the heart of this mess. He is funding this initiative through other organizations like the League of Women Voters Educational Fund and Common Cause, Minnesota. He gives them the cash, they turn around and fund Draw the Line.

This is how Soros works, He funds organizations who, in turn, fund other organizations who, in turn fund others. In doing so, he creates enough chaos that the money can’t all be traced back to himself.

Why does Soros care about Minnesota redistricting? Well, as Karl Rove so eloquently stated, “He who controls redistricting can control Congress.” Soros understands that once these lines are drawn, they will be in place for 10 years and he isn’t willing to allow republican control of districts for the next decade. Controlling the district lines is critical to controlling each state.

The average American, the average Minnesotan has never heard of this billionaire. They don’t understand the damage that can be done to our country by an individual who has power, money, and political desire. Soros has the democratic party in the palm of his hand– they simply NEED his funding and his organizations to win elections.

They no longer can win on ideology alone.

They have sold their soul to the devil and it appears that the devil is currently winning the race for the future of America….

The future of our children.


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Date: Tuesday, 25. October 2011 7:17
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