Wall Street Ingrates

I really didn’t want to give the bums “occupying” Wall Street the time of day.

Life is simply too short.

Now I’ve changed my mind, realizing that I do, indeed, have something to say about these interlopers, these ungrateful bums, these cultish, brainwashed youth and ex-hippies who’s only real experience in this world is that of entitlement.

Yes, entitlement. These people who march with pride, holding signs protesting against wealth and profits, are alive and well today because of wealth. Many still have a warm bed and a hot meal waiting for them in their parent’s home when the cold nights set in. Most were loved as children, had clean clothes and a roof over their heads, had a family TV set, a family car, learned to drive, owned a bike, and most probably could relate a story about a family trip they went on as a kid. Most have never known true hunger, true poverty.

Many of their parents either worked for “evil” corporations or aspired to do so.

Yet these spoiled children who wave their signs while donning their Che Gueverra t-shirts want capitalism to be replaced with a “fairer” system of government, one in which THEY personally benefit with free college education, free health care, free housing, free food.

Hmm…..Isn’t that socialism? Or communism? Or at least narcissism?

Don’t these ingrates comprehend that ridding America of capitalism would fundamentally destroy all of our lives?

Let’s ask the kids of North Korea how they feel about communism– these are the children who at the age of 8 are the size of 3-4 year olds, their stature stunted due to a lack of nourishment. Let’s ask the kids who grew up in Stalin’s Russia, a place where “poor” meant making shoes out of tree bark, not buying the latest La Bron James Nikes from Foot Locker. Let’s ask Americans who spent their childhoods in South Vietnam in the 1970′s what it was like to have their fathers taken from their homes without cause and imprisoned.

Let’s talk to the folks in Europe who are watching their socialist economies collapse due to an unsustainable economic system that has never proven to work in the history of man. You simply cannot “spread the wealth” by taking from the rich and giving to those who contribute nothing. It’s simple economics, a concept foreign to these protesters.

They are too busy looking for a free meal and a free sleeping bag.

Sadly, we now have elected politicians who call themselves “grown ups” supporting this “peaceful”, destructive protest.

Did I mention that people have been raped and beaten?

So who’s organizing and funding Occupy Wall Street? Certainly these bums who can’t find the initiative to look for a job aren’t capable of organizing such a large-scale, multi-pronged, national protest. Who’s in charge?

Look to Madison, Wisconsin and our old, socialist friend Joel Rogers for part of the answer. Joel– along with his progressive buddy, George Soros– has been leading the charge to “fundamentally change” America for quite some time, now. He was one of the organizers of the New Party, a communist political party in Chicago in the 1990′s which successfully elected socialist candidates by morphing them with the democrats.

Barack Obama has been tied to the New Party, his picture gracing the cover of their newsletter as he won an election after receiving their endorsement in 1996.

Joel now runs the Working Families Party, another socialist group which we now discover is PAYING folks to come to Wall Street and lead the protests. Yes, these lowlifes– the people who are protesting profits– are being paid to walk the streets of NYC and defecate on police cars. They are being paid to molest and rape women without legal recourse. They are being paid to smash windows and destroy property in places like Oakland.

They are being paid to be useful idiots.

They are marching alongside members of unions like SEIU, folks who are bussed in to lead the revolutionary charge. They are marching alongside CAIR and other radical Muslim organizations who want nothing more than to bring Shariah to our country -a form of law which oppresses women and gays. They are marching alongside Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Susan Sarandon, Russell Simmons, Kanye West, and other “celebrities” who exemplify the 1% they claim to hate.

It’s insanity.

In the book “The Miracle of Freedom”, authors Chris and Ted Stewart make a strong argument that fewer than 5 percent of all people who have ever lived on the earth have lived under conditions that we could consider “free.”

Get that? 5% of all people who have EVER LIVED have lived in true freedom.

WE ARE PART OF THAT 5%. We are the lucky ones, the fortunate ones, the ones who don’t comprehend how bad life can be for those living under true government rule. We live in a country which allows each American the opportunity to determine their own level of success, not a government dictate of their fate in life. Face it, most of these protesters simply want to be taken care of –cradle to grave– without putting forth any sort of effort.

Like babies.

Like entitled babies. With tantrums of “Why me?” and “It’s not fair”— cries I heard from my own children when they were young and didn’t understand what most of us learn through maturity: Life will never be completely fair.

These protesters need to get off their butts, look around, and smell the roses. They need to understand a simple axiom preached every Friday by radio host Dennis Prager: The key to happiness is gratitude.

There is no gratitude within the ranks of Occupy Wall Street, there is only small-minded class envy.

Our president, himself, is cheering and encouraging this class envy. As he sits on his perch in the White House, he is destroying the moral fabric of our society with his chants of “social justice” and “redistribution of the wealth”. He essentially spits on those he calls “rich”, portraying their success as greedy and undeserving– as his wife dons $750 sneakers and his dog boards a private plane for Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite the hypocrisy, Barack Obama is spiritually marching alongside the lowlifes on Wall Street. He is one of them. One of the protesters. One of the defecators, the window smashers, the graffiti writers.

Oh, he’s not participating as a lowly protester, Barack Obama is now the conductor.

And the chaos on Wall Street? Well, that, my friends, is music to his ears.

Saul Alinsky’s music.


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Date: Sunday, 6. November 2011 8:36
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