The Public “Lynching” Of Herman Cain.

Herman Cain finds himself in a bit of a bind.

You see, he’s a man. A black man. A threat to the democrats. A threat to Obama.

As a man living in society and running a business, he may have spoken to a woman once or twice. He may have even flirted with her or told her an off-color joke. As a man with a sense of humor, Cain may have shared a laugh with a woman, may have chided her a bit. May have commented on her height, her dress, her hair, her new shoes. He may have been human.

Most people like working for humans; they may even work harder, be more productive, when their boss is a human. Ask anyone who works for a dull, robotic introvert and they will tell you that the workplace is an equally dull and boring place.

Humans laugh. They talk. They LIVE. They sometimes say things that they wish they hadn’t. They don’t calculate every move, every sentence for fear that 15 years later someone will recall a specific interlude and nationalize it. They have a sense of humor, of sarcasm, usually laughing the hardest at themselves. They make the world a happier place.

Herman Cain appears to be human. He appears to be a man who embraces life and has a good time doing it. While we don’t know all of the details, one thing is clear: Someone is targeting this man and they don’t intend to stop until he is pulverized. Sarah Palin can sympathize with Mr. Herman Cain for she’s seen this wrath herself. If this is the same group of Obama supporters who tried to take down Sarah by going after her Downs Syndrome baby, then Cain is in for a fight. These folks are ruthless.

For them the end always justifies the means.

So what do we know?

Well, we know that a woman named Sharon Bielak came forward on Monday with an implausible story about an encounter she had with Mr. Cain. It appears she was down on her luck and needed a job so she went to her old boss to ask for his help. She claims that he “acted inappropriately”, alleging that he reached under her skirt and tried to force her head to his crotch.

When she asked him to stop, he did. When she asked him to bring her home, he did. “Right away.”

Did she flirt with him? Did she lead him on? Did she bat her big, blue eyes and lead him to believe that she wanted more than just a “job”? Well, we don’t know, do we? We DO know that he stopped when asked and we DO know that Sharon didn’t tell anyone about the details of her encounter with Mr. Cain. She didn’t report him, she didn’t run home and call everyone she knew to tell them how traumatized she was… Didn’t file a report, go to the police, call her mom.

No, instead Sharon “told her boyfriend” — a pediatrician (why does THAT matter?)– that Mr. Cain was “sexually inappropriate” with her BUT NEVER TOLD HIM WHAT HAPPENED?

Are you kidding me? He never asked for the details? He wasn’t curious?

Is there a possibility that Sharon didn’t devulge the details because she had instigated the entire episode by leading Mr. Cain on and knew she held culpability in what happened?

Think logically here……

Let’s also not forget that Sharon has been in deep financial straights for years. She’s filed for bankruptcy twice. She describes herself as “a full-time, single mom.” She recently met up with Mr. Cain at a tea party convention. An eye witness claims to have seen them “embrace like old friends.” Did she spit on him, cower from him, or confront him with allegations of abuse as most women would do?

Evidently not.

One more thing: Who in the world is paying Gloria Allred to represent Sharon? Gloria doesn’t come cheap…..

It appears upon further review that Sharon has a history of filing lawsuits:

Sharon is not the only woman who has accused Herman of sexual indiscretion. There are three other allegations against this man, two of which involved a settlement, an “agreement” involving $35,000 and $45,000 respectively.

Wow. If there was a payoff, then there is culpability, right?

Not so fast. Corporations settle these alleged disputes with monetary payments all the time, even when there is no evidence to support them. The cost of taking a case to trial– by the time you hire a lawyer, get the depositions, and do all the necessary paperwork-- runs over $200,000. “Paying off” an employee to go away to the tune of $35,000 is simply more cost-effective.

The fact that the “victim’s” lawyer was willing to ‘settle’ for $35,000 simply means that there wasn’t enough evidence to bother with a more aggressive lawsuit.

Oh, and let’s not forget that after getting a payoff from Mr. Cain’s employer, one of these anonymous women/victims made a similar claim at her next place of employment.

She found an easy way to win the lottery.

Neither of the two women filed a claim with the EEOC– The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-- the agency which enforces laws against workplace discrimination.

Now ask yourself, if you had a substantial claim against a man like Mr. Cain, wouldn’t your lawyer file a claim with the EEOC to use as leverage for a better settlement?

The correct answer is yes.

We don’t know all the details of these allegations. We DO know that these women now want to come forward as a united panel to confront Mr. Cain. My theory is that they have little of value to say on their own and are hoping to show some sense of validity by sticking together.

Will it work? Well, that depends on the liberal media. That depends on whether or not men in the media can look at Mr. Cain and utter these biblical words….

“There by the grace of God, go I.”

In the Godless country we now find ourselves in, I would predict that most male journalists have never even heard the phrase.


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Date: Wednesday, 9. November 2011 9:43
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  1. kld
    Tuesday, 15. November 2011 16:56

It was well said: “This man has fallen prey to the “Court of public opinion” in the mainstream media with its recent ravenous reports meant to ruin his reputation. But has it … or has it served him well, this firey furnace?

Mr. Cain has found himself in a fiery trial-the integrity of his very character is in question. His news report bears noting.

Respectfully, he went directly to the American people with his response and took questions from the media. There was conviction in his voice, history in his integrity-married 43 years, steadiness in all seriousness, compassion for the concerns this brings, unflinching denial of the allegations, and a persevernce to serve the people and a country in crisis inspite of it.

Herman Cain contends He is a man of integrity. We do know “an undeserved curse will not come to rest.” However,it may rattle and roar, but the heat that it produces really serves to polish the precious metal that remains. It is also true, it is in the firey furnace we find the fourth man who is able to deliver.

  • JACK
    Friday, 29. June 2012 22:01
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