Islam Invades Your Thanksgiving Table.

As I stood in the checkout line at Target and was asked by the Muslim cashier if I would bag my own pork because she didn’t want to touch it (despite the fact that it was hermetically sealed in plastic) , I found myself wondering when, exactly, Americans became more concerned over political correctness– about the rights of the “offended”– than about saving our American culture.

When did we decide that Muslim high school students have the right to pray in public schools but Christians can no longer celebrate the Christmas season? When did we determine that although incarcerated Americans are not allowed to wear civilian clothing, a special case would be made for a radical, Muslim woman who want to wear her hijab in the Ramsey County prison? When did we decide that it would be “hospitable” to use taxpayer dollars to install foot baths –used for Muslim prayer– in Minnesota State Community College and at the same time, refuse to allow administration at the college to display Christmas cards in their cubicles?


We tolerate, tolerate, tolerate– assuming that radical Muslims just need a little time to assimilate into our culture. We are told that they aren’t asking for special privileges, aren’t pushing their culture on ours. We are told that they are peaceful, loving, and accepting of the American way of life.

If that is true, then explain this.….

Butterball turkeys are now being slain according to USDA Halal standards.

What are USDA Halal standards? Well, according to, “Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, the esophagus and the jugular vein and letting the blood drain out while saying, ‘Bismillah allahu akbar’ – ‘in the name of Allah the greatest.’”

Yes, folks, that’s right. Your thanksgiving turkey has been “blessed” by Muslims in the name of Allah.

I called the Butterball hotline to ask if this information was correct. I was read a statement by the Butterball employee: “At Butterball, we follow USDA Halal standards. If you want more information about the USDA, you can go to their website or call them at 888-674-6854.”

When I asked if I could leave a message for Butterball, the woman hung up on me.

Nice, cozy customer service.

Now, for many of you, having your Thanksgiving turkey blessed by Muslims is probably not a problem. But imagine if you were a devout Jew. Or a devout Christian. Or a Hindu. Many people of these religious faiths would find it offensive to eat meat which has been slaughtered by Islamic ritual. Many of us view the Thanksgiving meal as a religious one, a time where we offer prayer and thanksgiving for all God has given us.

I, for one, am not thrilled that the same words uttered by radical Muslims as they took down Flight 93 –”Allahu Akbar” -on September 11, 2001, are prayed over my turkey during slaughter.

The Jews have their own method of slaughter called “kosher”, one which ensures that the animal experiences as little pain as possible. When meat is slaughtered by “kosher” methods, it is labeled as such. Look at the label on your Butterball turkey today and tell me if you can find any evidence that this turkey was slaughtered by Hilal standards.

You can’t.

I’m imaging the outrage if I worked in a slaughterhouse and brought a rosary into work so I could pray over the chickens or cows while they met their demise. I’m imaging the outrage if CAIR was to discover that Christians made the sign of the cross while slaughtering the meat they purchased at Cub Foods or that their favorite grocery store employees said Christian or Jewish prayers while they cut the deli meat each day.

Call Butterball and express your outrage. 1-800-288-8372 . Let them know that we expect “truth in advertising.” If they want to use Hilal standards to slaughter their birds, then we expect to see that on their packaging. Butterball has every right to use Hilal standards– and we have EVERY right to KNOW that this is happening.

Let the free market decided whether or not Americans want their turkeys blessed by Muslims.

Our country and it’s liberty are worth fighting for. Assimilation is a necessary ingredient in American society. When we allow another culture to come into this country and begin to dictate ours, then we will be finished as a nation.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Allah Akbar God Bless Us, Everyone.


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Date: Wednesday, 23. November 2011 8:51
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  1. Cathy
    Wednesday, 23. November 2011 9:55

I shopped at a JC Penney the other night and Christian Christmas music played while Muslim clerks rang at the register. It made me happy and sad — knowing at some point that will probably end in the name of tolerance.

  • Rick
    Wednesday, 23. November 2011 11:16
  • 2

    Has anyone actually found the USDA Halal Standards and can post a link? Doing a little research the “USDA Halal” may only mean killed by a person (not a machine). The “IFANCA Halal” obviously includes the recitation. I just want to get a clarification since I can’t find any info about a “USDA Halal Standard”

  • USDA
    Monday, 2. January 2012 11:16

    While producers may call it USDA halal, it’s probably because almost everything they do is USDA regulated. The halal standard/inspection does not appear to be set by USDA though. A slaughter house can get an Islamic Organiztion (such as IFANCA) to come and give their stamp of approval. As far as USDA is concerned though the halal or kosher marking is not really a claim and anyone can put it on their label without any certification. If you want halah foods, you should look for an Islamic Organisation stamp.

    As is usual for government, there is no page that will tell you exactly what the law is but go to and search for “halal” “halal export requirements” and put the pieces together. Here is the closest single page, from the Q&A of the USDA :

    Also a machine is fine for killing “The mechanical blade in slaughterhouses that follow this system should be calibrated to cut only the four jugular veins and not other parts of the neck” from GCC (Arab Gulf Cooperation Counci)

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