Will The NBA Show It’s Liberal Bias?

I received an interesting email from a friend of a friend a couple of days ago….

The author of this particular email voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election, yet was outraged at an invitation that he received from Barack’s reelection campaign. Here’s what he had to say:

I am a classmate of [deleted] from Harvard Business School.

I am also a CEO of a company based in Virginia, and voted for Barack Obama during the last cycle.

Even for me, this invitation is a jaw dropper.

Right now, we have President who cannot get a budget passed, record unemployment, along with equities and real estate markets in free fall..

The President’s answer is to sell the illusion of Basketball with ultra rich striking NBA players who cannot work for less than 5M per year.

We have gone from “”The Audacity of Hope” to just plain audacity.

Here’s the invitation that he’s referring to:

Monday, December 12 – Obama Classic Basketball Game

WHAT: Obama Classic Basketball Game – Courtside Ticket Level

WHERE: Venue TBD | Washington, DC

WHEN: Monday, December 12| 4:00 PM

TICKETS: $35,800 per person contribution/$50,000 raise – Includes two courtside seats, shootaround with the players before the game, autograph session and meet & greet and dinner with the players following the game (children under 16 welcome to attend with each paid parent) courtside seats | $20,000 per person contribution – Includes two courtside seats, shootaround with the players before the game, autograph session and meet & greet (children under 16 welcome to attend with each paid parent) | $5,000 per person – includes one courtside seat.

RSVP: http://donate.barackobama.com/shootaround

PLAYERS: Ray Allen – Carmelo Anthony – Chris Bosh – Vince Carter – Tyson Chandler – Jamal Crawford – Kevin Durant – Baron Davis – Patrick Ewing – Derek Fisher – Rudy Gay – Blake Griffin – Tyler Hansbrough- Juwan Howard – Antawn Jamison – Dahntay Jones – Brandon Knight – Kevin Love – Jamal Mashburn – Cheryl Miller – Alonzo Mourning – Dikembe Mutombo – Chris Paul – Quentin Richardson – Doc Rivers – Steve Smith- Jerry Stackhouse – Amare Stoudemire – Tina Thompson – John Wall – Russell Westbrook

Yup, that’s right. Reminiscent of the days of Bill Clinton when he sold the Lincoln bedroom to Hollywood stars and sold trips with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to his rich supporters in Arkansas, Barack is recruiting and rubbing elbows with celebrity millionaires–NBA basketball players (who are in the middle of their own contract stand-off with their “rich” owners)– to help him raise millions of dollars for his reelection campaign.

Hey wait a minute….aren’t these players part of the 1%? I thought Barack was standing firm with the 99% and was opposed to folks who make a “profit”, folks who’s incomes are determined by the amount of talent and hard work they put forth….Let’s not forget Barack’s unscripted words when talking to Americans about financial reform: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”.

He obviously wasn’t talking about basketball players.

Or the folks who can afford to spend $50,000 per seat for courtside seats to his event….


On a sidenote…. isn’t it strange that both Doc Rivers, the coach of the Boston Celtics, and Patrick Ewing, assistant coach with the Orlando Magic, are listed as a participants in this event when there is currently an NBA lockout and coaches are NOT allowed to associate with players at any level until the lockout is resolved? No phone calls, no appearances, no emails.

No schmoozing.

Why would Barack advertise that these coaches will be present at his game when it is clearly against league rules? And isn’t it interesting that this game is scheduled for December 12th— What if the NBA reaches negotiations before then and players have been ordered back to their teams for practice? Would Obama’s game be canceled or would the entire league take a day off for this event?

Wouldn’t that make the NBA politically biased?

Here’s a warning to David Stern, commissioner of the NBA: Tread carefully. Look to the lesson learned by Oprah Winfrey when she “hopped into bed” with Mr. Barack Obama and shunned Sarah Palin…..Her ratings plummeted and her show was eventually canceled.

Mr. Stern, you can’t afford for that to happen to your basketball league, not at a time when folks are already disgusted with the lockout.

Individual players have every right to play in this game to benefit Barack, but if and when the NBA gives special privileges to coaches or players to assure that they can support a political candidate, then a different page has been turned.

Will Mr. Stern give equal time off to players and coaches who want to attend a Romney fundraiser or a Herman Cain dinner?

While I have my suspicions, we’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s sit and watch as the NBA unveils its true, political colors.


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Date: Saturday, 26. November 2011 8:33
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  1. kb
    Saturday, 26. November 2011 9:41

You’ll need an update, as the strike settled last night. Training camp opens on the 9th.

    Thursday, 28. June 2012 1:07
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