Pray, But Only When We Say It’s OK.

So the Grammy’s opened up with a prayer to pay respect to the late Whitney Houston.

How nice. How honorable.

How hypocritical.

Yes folks, the same audience which included rappers who sing their “songs” of hate, clad with lyrics that preach murder, rape, and evil, feigned God-like reverence for the loss of a woman who found her voice as a child in a local church, took their industry by storm with her amazing gift, and then lived the last few years of her life paying tribute to the god of drugs and alcohol– a god much desired by many of the attendees.

During the prayer, most of the audience bowed their heads in silence. Some clasped their hands, tightened their clenched eyes, and appeared to find meaning in the words spoken by LL Cool. Others clearly felt out of place, awkwardly looking around while the words were spoken, unclear as to how to act when others pray.

They’re aren’t used to being “tolerant”.

I wonder if those who felt uncomfortable will sue CBS– after all, is it “fair” that non-religious members of the music industry should be subjected to a prayer to God? Should they be forced to suffer through even a moment of queasiness because others find comfort in looking upward for strength?

Maybe, just maybe, the non-believers found solace knowing that just a few moments later, Nicki Minaj would take the stage and give a roaring performance of her new tune “Roman Holiday” in which she mocked the Catholic Church and was exorcised on stage.

Whew. The atheists could finally settle back in their seats and enjoy the show.

They got the last laugh…..

I wonder how the Catholic members in the audience felt during Minaj’s performance? Were they insulted or uncomfortable? Or have they been so conditioned over time to find tolerance toward those who mock them -chastise them- that they’ve quit fighting for their beliefs, simply accepting the intolerance of others as the “new norm”?

Would Nicki Minaj have had the guts to mock the Islamic religion, maybe wearing a burka or staging a mock-stoning of a gay woman?

Here’s a thought: Let’s petition her to try it next year and see what happens! Let’s see how “gutsy” she really is! It’s easy to mock the downtrodden, easy to mock the disabled kid, easy to mock the Catholics and the Jews– they’re used to it. It’s much harder to mock the bully, the big guy, the person who will fight back.

Sometimes ferociously.

Why is it that Christians and Jews allow themselves to be laughingstocks, yet agnostics and atheists are forever calling the ACLU when they are “offended” by a religious monument, a prayer, or a simple mention of the word “God”? Why is it that a high school valedictorian cannot thank God for their academic gift and inspiration without someone being offended? Why is it that liberals get to pick and choose when they are offended and when prayer should be allowed– like at the Grammy’s?

Why do the non-believers get to control the conversation time and time again?

Tim Tebow was vilified for his outward religious display. Did he physically hurt anyone? Did he push his religion on anyone else?

Of course not. But he showed something that the Left doesn’t want to see on display. He showed us “good.” Tim Tebow had the audacity to be a “good” role model for kids– and adults alike.

“Good” is laughed at in our society. We have replace goodness with the dark side of life– with the reverence for those who march at Occupy Wall Street, spewing hatred toward Jews and others. We have replaced goodness with obscenity, pornography, nudity, and sexual perversion (including a new fascination with beastiality). We encourage this darkness in our youth by pushing sex and condoms in schools, along with thong underwear in our retail stores. While pornography used to be viewed only by those who bought magazines wrapped in paper coverings, it is now front and center on our billboards and in stores like Abercrombie and Fitch:

I actually snapped this photo at my local Abercrombie:

As I was snapping it, a mother came by with her 3 small children, one in a stroller. She didn’t notice the picture, but her young son–who looked about 8– stopped and stared at it while she shopped. He cocked his head quizzically, appearing to digest the information before him. And then they walked off.

I’m not supposed to be offended.

A display of the Ten Commandments in a government building, a prayer in school, a cross worn around the neck of a child in elementary school is somehow “threatening” to the non-believer, but outward pornography and the pushing of condoms and gay sexuality sold to us as “safety” is somehow OK?

The Left gets to pray at the Grammy’s if they want. They also get to silence prayers when they want. They get to mock the Catholic Church at an awards ceremony or mock Jews at Occupy Wall Street. They also get to be offended if someone mocks Mohammad in a newspaper cartoon. They get to keep our school children from singing “God Bless America” yet hand our children “fisting kits” in case they feel the urge to sexually “fist” someone they like.

They get to control the conversation.

Control, control, control. And they do it by claiming that THEY are the tolerant ones, THEY are the “good” ones.

We are allowing it. Plain and simple.

We are allowing it.


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Date: Tuesday, 14. February 2012 9:49
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