Why Is Romney’s Wealth Different?

OK, OK, so Mitt Romney has money.

When, pray tell, did that become a crime? When did success become a negative? When did self-accomplishment become something to jeer, something to chastise?

The recent reporting by the MSM which demeans Governor Romney for his lifetime of success reminds me of high school, a place where young, underdeveloped minds scoff at other students–the ones who earn A’s on their report cards– calling them “nerds” and casting them aside because they showed some form of a work ethic. You see, hard work is not accepted by many groups in high school; it’s simply not “cool.”

Sagging pants are cool. Sideways hats are cool. Falling asleep in class is cool.

Success is frowned upon. “Who do you think you are?” is a common phrase thrown at students who acheive.

Back when I was in school, many of us knew better. We knew that good grades would get us entrance into a better college, a better job, and hopefully, afford us a better life.

Better. Not Equal. Better.

Yet, Mitt Romney is known by those who are obviously still stuck in their old high school mentality as “the rich guy” who shouldn’t be elected President because he’s too rich, too successful, and, therefore, “can’t relate to the rest of us”.

Strangely, the same folks who demean Mitt for his wealth, are enamored with the fact that Barack Obama went to college at both Columbia and Harvard.

Wait a second…..don’t you have to be “successful” to gain admittance to those colleges?


The Mitt-bashers also don’t seem to have a problem with Michelle Obama’s decision to wear $750 tennis shoes to pass out food to the poor. They refuse to talk about the fact that Michelle and Barack sometimes take separate planes on vacations simply because they don’t care to wait an extra 4 hours for each other. They celebrate the unnecessary White House pow-wows where entertainers are wined and dined on the taxpayer dime. They don’t care that the first children are enrolled in private school or that Malia took a boatload of secret service with her on a Spring vacation to Mexico.

They are more concerned over the fact that Ann Romney has TWO– count’em….TWO– Cadillac Escalades.

How dare she? She’s “so out of touch….”

It appears that in the eyes of the Left, only CERTAIN money is considered “good”. Warren Buffet’s billions are good. George Soros’ billions are good. Teddy Kennedy’s money was good. Tom Hanks, Oprah, Michael Moore, and the rest of the Hollywoods’ “hard earned” cash is also considered good.

After all– sitting in your private trailer with your private hairdresser, waiting to go on the set and read from a script is oh-so draining. And then there’s those tiresome award shows and interviews which are simply exhausting……

In the clouded eyes of the Left, Hollywood stars and rappers “have a unique talent and work hard for their money so they deserve their earnings”…….

Wait a minute. Hard work equals better pay?

That doesn’t sound right, does it? That sounds like capitalism. And the Left tells us that capitalism is bad, that Mitt Romney’s money is bad because he’s an “evil” capitalist. He didn’t earn his money the same way Oprah did.

Or did he?

Both Oprah and Romney used their talents to build companies which became successful. Both were job creators. Both made a hefty profit from that success. Both live lavish lifestyles and both are quick to give a nice portion of their wealth to charity.

Both have also fired people and downsized companies when the necessary.

Yet, have you ever heard ANYONE on the Left claim that Oprah is “out of touch” because she drives a Mercedes or because she wears designer clothing? Have you ever heard them say that she “can’t understand the little guy” because she owns a number of homes? Have you ever heard the Left literally COUNT the number of people who have been fired by Oprah because she simply needed to downsize or discontinue one of her companies in order to reorganize?

The answer, of course, is “No.” Discrimination is alive and well in the world of the Left. While they preach “acceptance” and “tolerance” and “kindness”, those nouns are reserved for those who espouse Leftist thought, who use their wealth to further the Leftist viewpoint.

Romney and his wealth would be celebrated if only he would replace that “R” behind his name with a “D”.

Heck, Ann Romney could get a chauffeur and a limousine if only she would “change” parties, if only she would “change” her morality.

You see, if you live life as a democrat– or socialist or communist or whatever they currently call themselves – then you never have to apologize for your success. YOUR wealth was earned.

YOUR wealth is good.

YOUR wealth is needed to help further “the cause” of brainwashing others into believing that wealth on the Right is greedy and undeserved.

You know what? I’m tired of the double standard, tired of the facade. The American people are being duped by powerful, rich Leftists who cast Romney’s wealth as undeserved and “evil” simply because they can’t find better arguments against him.

To them, I say this: Grow up.

Get out of catty high school.

You know in your gut that this double standard doesn’t hold water.

Time to turn your back to the naked Emperor and his merry men…before they turn their backs on you.

Which they will.


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Date: Wednesday, 4. April 2012 10:25
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  1. John Zimmerman
    Thursday, 5. April 2012 15:04

I don’t think people have problems with Romney being rich so much as his constant “flaunting” in public leaves a bad taste in American’s mouths. He talks about money A LOT and his relationships with other rich people, and there just seems to be a big focus on it. I think that’s what bothers people. He’s more than his wealth and it might do him better to talk less about it when they are other more importants part of him to focus on.

  • terrance
    Monday, 16. December 2013 19:02
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