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The Liberal Elite’s War On Wealth

Monday, 20. December 2010 7:57

I was looking through an old box of my grandparents “stuff” when I came across a newspaper from 1933, one in which the headline celebrated the end of prohibition: “Beer is Flowing Again!!”

My grandfather, a great Italian, liked to make wine.

On the bottom half of the fold was another, more interesting article, one that took my breath away. It was titled: Idle Rich Class Taboo In Hitler’s Economic Plans.

It spoke about the new leader of Germany, a guy named Adolf Hitler, who had come into power and was going to create the “perfect” society with a new economic plan, one that he claimed would “change” Germany.

I wonder if his “change” also included “hope”?

The main principle behind Hitler’s “new Germany” was a classless society, one in which the rich would be taxed to the level of the poor so that both classes would work together side by side to better the state:

Castes and classes are to go. In their stead, a community spirit is to be inculcated in which rich and poor, exalted and lowly, shall work side by side for the fatherland.

The idea is that capitalism as such is not to be abolished, but its excesses prevented. The principle, “the public wealth is paramount to private gain” must be the guiding factor in determining the extent to which individual capital can expand. But private property must not be directed against the state.

For instance, a man of means will not be permitted to support a theater in which plays are given that belittle the government. His surplus must be contributed to useful, patriotic purposes.

Taxes will be graded so as to prevent the amassing of vast fortunes. If a man acquires so large an income that he can live from it without further effort, ways will be found to reduce him to the necessity of again performing socially useful service. This will not apply to old people, who are to be permitted to live off incomes earned by a life-time’s hard work.

The inheritance tax is to be high and everything that might enable the heirs to live a life of laziness. It is not to be high on things that promote socially useful lives. Thus, a factory or a homestead can be passed on to the direct descendants, but distant relatives will be practically taxed out of inheritance.”

Any of this sound familiar? Listen to Megyn Kelley’s interview with Representative Weiner and you will hear history repeat itself. Weiner tells us that taxing inheritance really isn’t taxing someone twice because, in his words, “You’re dead.” He says that those who benefit from an inheritance should be taxed because it is “unearned wealth.”

Really? Didn’t someone earn that wealth? The government certainly didn’t earn that wealth…..why should they feel free to dip into it again?

Listen to the rhetoric of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Michael Moore, Barack Obama, and the Hollywood crowd. All of them are wealthy elites who want to eliminate the extreme classes in society- they want to “spread the wealth around a little bit” – You know, take it from the guy who’s making $300,000 per year and give it to the guy who makes $30,000 so things are “fair.”

Interestingly enough, I would wager to bet that none of these individuals paid more than required to our government in taxes. I would bet that each of them took advantage of tax breaks wherever they could- even writing off their gifts of charity. I’m certain that none wrote an extra check to the government because they wanted to “have more in common with the little guy.”

Did Nancy Pelosi work without a paycheck last year, telling Congress that she didn’t need the extra cash since she and her husband are millionaires? Gosh, no. In fact, not only did Nancy happily collect her salary, she asked the rest of us to finance her private jet so she could fly home each weekend. She asked us to finance her food and drink on that jet to the tune of $101,000 per year (that’s just the food and drink, not the jet). She asked us to fly her friends to Italy so they could have a wonderful vacation together and she even hosted private parties at our expense.

Then Nancy turned around and passed legislation that specifically helped her husband make more money.

These people are hypocrites. They need to be called to the table and ratted out one by one. John Kerry parks his yacht in Rhode Island to protect himself from the high, Massachusetts taxes. Charlie Rangel, Tim Geithner, and Tom Daschle didn’t pay their taxes. Joe Biden gave a pittance to charity until he ran for Vice President and realized that he looked like a cheap-skate.

But they sit on their high horses and preach that the guy making $250,000 is “rich”. They call him names. They chastise his success, telling the world that he “has enough”, and ask that he “give more” to the government so they can spend it on themselves and their pet projects.

Oh, and on their reelections.

While liberals preach “diversity” and “tolerance” in our schools, they are actively preaching “hate” in the halls of Congress. Oh, it’s not “hate” toward blacks, latinos, or gays that they proliferate….it’s a different kind of hate, the kind that’s acceptable.

It’s a hatred of the “rich”, the “successful”, the “upper class”, the guy who has “too much”- the guy who probably gave you your job and is helping to feed your family. The guy who is taking care of the health of your kids because he busted his butt and became a doctor. The guy who mortgaged his family farm to pursue a dream, invent a product, or discover a cure for a horrible disease. The guy who took a risk and watched it pay off. The guy who opened up a little store or a restaurant and watched it thrive. The guy who has a unique God-given talent and decided to nurture it rather than ignore it.

Successful people get in the way of socialism, of government control. Why? Because they are smart, innovative, career-driven folks who are a thorn in the side of a big government mentality. Socialists need to dumb-down society, they need to create “useful idiots”, not entrepreneurs.

You see, in a socialist society like the one we saw in Hitler’s Germany, only the government officials are allowed to be rich. Only government employees are allowed to thrive. The “useful idiots” must rely on the government for everything, including their very lives.

When we read history, whether from an old newspaper or a book, we are holding everything we need to know in our hands. Why don’t we learn from it? Why are we teaching our kids to dismiss it? How can we read about the policies of Hitler or Stalin and not see a parallel to our current society?

What we’re seeing from this administration is pure “hate speech”- the hatred of the successful.

They’re making it acceptable for YOU to hate these folks, too. In fact, they’re encouraging you to be jealous, encouraging you to complain, demand, and organize against those who have wealth. They love the class warfare that they’ve created.

My grandfather, the one who loved to make his wine, came here from Italy at age 16 with a second grade education. He worked his tail off, delivering fruit and blocks of ice. He bought a small business and it became quite successful through his hard work. He died a “wealthy” man- a proud man, a man who proved that the American dream was real to those who found an opportunity and ran with it.

He went back and visited Italy often throughout his life, but each time he returned, he would look at us and say, “I love Italy, but thank God for America.”

Thank God for America.

If only our President would feel the same.

And the American Dream? Well, it’s slowly becoming a thing of the past as the useful idiots no longer strive for success.

They are brainwashed and entitled. And controlled.

Just where the wealthy socialist elites like them.

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Hitler Was a Nice Guy – Really.

Tuesday, 12. January 2010 8:03


That’s the word that Oliver Stone has used to describe both Hitler and Stalin.

I looked up the word, just to be sure: Vilify- To Make Vicious and Defamatory Statements about.

Huh- that’s what I thought.

Stone is in the middle of an exciting new project, one he hopes will educate America into understanding some of these Communist and Socialist leaders who most of us would refer to as “evil.” In his words, he’d like to “educate our minds, and liberalize them and broaden them.” He’s producing a 10 hour documentary called “Secret History” which will be shown on Showtime later this year which is going to reeducate the world on the legacy of Stalin, Hitler, and other evil dictators.

I guess our minds aren’t broad enough. We need Oliver to do that for us.

So what exactly are we missing about Hitler and Stalin- what endearing qualities haven’t we heard about these evil murderers that we need to know?

Stone isn’t telling us much but he indicated that he’s putting this documentary together as an “antidote to the inaccuracies and biases he believes exist in the conventional historical narrative dished out in American schools and mainstream media.”

It seems we’ve misunderstood Hitler. Our schools teach that he was evil, but I guess that’s not the “new” truth; he was actually a great guy.

Stone describes Hitler as “an easy scapegoat.” He says it’s wrong to judge people as “good” or “bad” without full knowledge.

Hey folks, quit judging men who murdered 11 Million people- they are people with feelings, too.

Is anyone else out there disgusted? Is there such a blur between right and wrong, good and evil in our culture that we can’t even judge Hitler? How about Jeffery Dahmer and Charles Manson- are they OK, too? How about Ted Bundy? Was he really just a good guy?

Our kids are no longer learning history as fact, they are learning a manufactured history with a liberal spin. Howard Zinn, a well-known author of many of the history books found in our schools, has twisted and turned historical facts in a fashion that makes even our proudest American moments look dark and evil. For example, he teaches students that the constitution was written by wealthy elites who wrote this document to protect their own interests and didn’t care about the interests of the “small guy.”

This is presented to our children as fact.

He states that “white men killed the buffalo” when in truth, Native Americans, who had recently been introduced to horses, found hunting easy and switched their lifestyle to concentrate on year-round bison hunting. Reckless Indians sometimes started prairies on fire to round up the bison, but ended up burning entire herds.

It wasn’t the “white man” slaughter that is now taught.

Zinn emphatically states that global warming is man-made. Period.

There is no discussion.

We should understand, then, how children who we send off to school come home with a different feeling for America than we had as kids. Most don’t sing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in music class nor do they say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday. Patriotism has been replaced with “tolerance” and “anti-bullying” policies.

Oh, and songs like “Obama loves the little children”, a tune that used to include the name “Jesus” are now front and center at music programs.

Stone has already admitted that people like Rush Limbaugh and the conservative Right won’t like his documentary because it’s a side of history that they will disagree with.

Maybe guys like Rush like the truth, Oliver. Maybe those of us who call ourselves, “conservatives” like to remember history- the good and the bad- the way it actually happened. We don’t care to have murderers made into heroes for our children to worship. We don’t care to have manufactured endings to real events.

Speaking of the kids, Stone wants to get his film into the public school curriculum as a “counterweight” to what they’re learning.

In other words, he wants to warp their minds even more.

Isn’t that what Al Gore was able to accomplish with “An Inconvenient Truth?”

Ask any child what is happening to the polar bear population and they will reply the lie that they’ve been told: “Humans are killing the polar bears.”

Children’s minds are like sponges….

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” -Vladimir Lenin

Stone knows this, Zinn knows this, Gore knows this……

We’d all better stop ignoring it.

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A Fork in a Very Dark Road.

Monday, 9. February 2009 7:22

A few years ago, I opened up a box of my grandparent’s possessions and found an old newspaper they had kept from April, 1933. The headlines hailed the end of prohibition, and while I assume that was noteworthy to them, the more interesting story to me was to be found on the bottom half of the fold: There was an article written about a new dictator in Germany, one who dreamed of a utopic, “classless society”. His name: Adolf Hitler.

I was utterly fascinated to read something about this man which predated his evil. I was intrigued by the fact that his ideology was absolutely upfront, in black and white for all to read, and yet embraced by the general public. He actually stated that he was anti-semitic and wanted those values in his new administration, and there seemed to be little resistance from the masses. He was looked at as a new, fresh face, with big hopes for transforming Germany into a perfect society.

Two things that I remember in this article which made me literally gasp as I read them were these: Hitler stated that he wanted “to tax the rich to the level of the poor, creating a classless society,” and he wanted an environment in which everyone, rich and poor, would “work side by side without distinction.”

Welcome to America circa 2009.

Does this sound a little familiar? Have you seen one of Obama’s speeches or press conferences lately? Have you been paying attention to some of the policies that he’s trying to push?

From the moment he began running for the presidency, Obama has been very upfront and clear about the fact that he wants to “tax the rich.” He has stated that he wants to “spread the wealth around a little bit”, and that this would be “good for everyone.” In his new stimulus plan, Obama plans to give tax credits to the middle class and welfare checks to non-tax payers. There are even provisions in this plan to give checks to illegal immigrants. But where’s the tax cuts for those who make over $75,000? They are non-existent because those are the new breed of “rich”…you know, the people who already have enough money and need to share a little with everyone else.

I want to tax the rich to the level of the poor so I can create a classless society.- Adolf Hitler

In the past few days, Obama unveiled his new policy to hold CEO salaries, from companies who are receiving loans or bailouts from the government, to a ceiling of $500,000. He wants the government to have authority to look into these former private companies and police the way they spend their money. He intends to control whether or not these executives use private planes, take company vacations, renovate their offices, or give out bonuses.

And it’s all sold to us in a package that says, “HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO US?”

If a CEO can only make $500,000, then what will the guy directly beneath him make? Will he also get a pay cut? And how about the guy beneath him…..? It seems as though the disparity in salaries is beginning to diminish. Those who’ve earned their way to the top of the food chain are not going to make proportionally more than those at the bottom….hmmm.

I want an environment where all, rich and poor, work together side by side without class distinction. – Adolf Hitler

On January 9, 2009, Congress voted itself a pay raise. They have an approval rating of about 15%, our country is tanking, they destroyed the banking industry with their own policies, and they are responsible for spending trillions of our hard-earned dollars trying to fix the mess that they’ve helped create. These are the same people who fly home every week, many in private planes, yet tell the corporate executives to drive cross country if they’d like the privilege to meet with them.

And they gave themselves a raise. WE paid for it.

Obama and his friends in the government tell us we’d better keep an eye on those money-hungry bankers and corporate executives who are trying to foolishly spend our money. We need to watch their salaries, and their corporate activities. Let’s be sure to stay focused on the bad Wall Street guys who they claim have financially ruined our country.

You see, if we focus on them, we’ll divert our eyes from those who really created this mess in the first place: Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, ACORN, and company. These are the people who ordered the banks to give out bad loans. They threatened action if the banks didn’t partake in this high risk activity. They covered up all warning signs when obvious problems with their little plan began to rear their ugly heads. And they benefited monetarily from this activity all along the way.

The government is not the solution to our problems; The government IS the problem. Ronald Reagan.

We are at a crossroads as a country. We need to open our eyes and look closely at the two forks in the proverbial road. Hitler’s Germany is on the one fork, the road with the gloomy, dark clouds and stiff government control. Freedom is on the other fork, the one that shows signs of the storm clearing, of free markets, of free choice and less government control.

Barack Obama and his liberal Congress want to see us head down the dark path, the path where they can have control. They have only one obstacle….

We, the people, are in charge of driving the car down this road….

Which path will we choose?


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