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The Desperation Of The Dems.

Thursday, 30. September 2010 7:37

Wow, are they desperate…

Knowing in advance that November will be a landslide in favor of their opponents, the democrats are pulling out all the stops. Watching them has been nothing short of a sad, comedy hour.

Let’s see, first we witnessed Stephen Colbert testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee- in character- about illegal immigration and migrant labor. Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California actually thought inviting Colbert to speak was a rational idea. When Colbert was asked what gave him the credentials to appear before the committee, Mr. Colbert said, “I believe one day of me studying anything makes me an expert on something.” When asked how much a migrant worker makes, Mr. Colbert answered, “I didn’t do a good enough job to get paid, so I can’t compare my salary to anyone. I was actually asked to leave.”

This is the kind of trash that Democrats deem significant. Taking a vote that will affect taxes for the middle class and small businesses is just so “old school.”

What we now know is that Colbert’s appearance was a sham, a publicity stunt to divert the attention away from the testimony of Christopher Coates, the former top guy in the Voting Rights Division of the Department of Justice. You see, Mr. Coates, who testified the same day, is the man who can prove that the DOJ is not only corrupt, but it is downright discriminatory toward white folks.

The mainstream media, as ordered, focused their attention on Mr. Colbert’s testimony, relegating the testimony of Coates to back pages of their respective newspapers.

Mission Accomplished.

We’ve seen CBS use Justin Bieber, a young heartthrob, to smear the Tea Party movement when they cast him on an episode of CSI. In that episode, the Tea Party was portrayed as a radical, hateful, racist organization that meets in dark rooms, behind closed doors where they plot the bombing of America.

Hmm…sounds more like the Weatherman Underground.

Obviously, none of the writers, directors, or producers have ever been to a peaceful Tea Party rally, have never associated with an American who can recite the Bill of Rights.

The intent of CBS was to get little girls who think that Justin Bieber is “cute” to tune into CSI and get schooled on what their evil Tea Party parents are really doing at those rallies.

The media has become complicit.


Saturday Night Live has once again been dispensed to put on their political claws and attack another threatening person in the Republican party. The number one target this election cycle seems to be Christine O’Donnell, the woman running for the Senate in Delaware. Unfortunately for SNL, the “schtick” of making every republican out to be “dumb” is getting old. We’ve seen it before with “dumb” depictions of both of the Bush presidents, as well as Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, and Sarah Palin.

Let’s think logically here. Which party is filled with small-business entrepreneurs and which one is filled with people who are looking for money from “Obama’s stash”? Which party has a congressman who thinks that the island of Guam can “tip over” if a few thousand people are added to it? Which party has a Vice President that thought the TV was a modern convenience during the time of the Great Depression?

Enough said.

Now we’re hearing that Alan Grayson, the congressman from Florida, has taken campaigning to a new low. He has run an ad where he calls his opponent, “Taliban Dan Webster” , taking statements Webster made to a religious group out of context, skewing the meaning to imply that Webster wants women to be subservient to men. The full context of the speech shows Webster actually denouncing that sentiment, telling his audience to ignore those particular passages in the Bible that infer women should be subservient.

It is another example of the lies, deceit, and desperation that the democrats are using. Through it all, Grayson’s campaign manager continues to defend the ad and says they have no intentions of pulling the smear campaign.

This ties into the theory of what we’ve heard from Bill Maher and the liberals in power: Most Americans are dumb and uneducated. If you keep telling them lies over and over, they will eventually believe them.

Where have we heard this before?

Well, it’s from our good, communist friend, Vladamir Lenin: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Now we hear that Barbara Boxer hired Day Laborers to protest her opponent, Carly Fiorina, in California. Boxer’s campaign workers made signs and then paid unemployed, non-English speaking illegals who were hanging in the vicinity to hold up the signs and pretend to protest Fiorina. They didn’t even know who Boxer was; they simply wanted the cash. We PAY illegals to rally? Isn’t that illegal?

In the ultimate of desperate tactics, Barack Obama stood before a crowd this past week and praised Jesus, claiming that he was a “Christian by choice.” Obama said he seeks to look to God through daily prayer and public service. “That’s what I strive to do. That’s what I pray to do every day,” he said. “I think my public service is part of that effort to express my Christian faith.”

A wonderful sentiment, isn’t it?

It’s taken him nearly 2 years to express his faith? This is the man who didn’t go to church on Christmas, canceled the National Day of Prayer, and announced to the world that we are “not a Christian nation.” He has yet to find a church for this “daily prayer” that he speaks of.

Why should we believe this sudden transformation?

We shouldn’t.

Communists are not only allowed to lie, it is expected of them. You see, in the communist world, the ends justify the means, and since the American masses seem to be turning toward God, then by golly, Obama is going to give them the spiritual revival that they crave.

Anything for a vote. Anything to keep his hope alive of global governance.

It’s desperation, folks. Hard to watch, hard to understand.

Stay tuned. These next few weeks could get even uglier…

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Obama- Once a Muslim, Always a Muslim

Monday, 24. May 2010 7:30

It was National Press Day and our President was getting ready to sign the Daniel Pearl Press Freedom Act when he decided to say a few words about the significance of this memorable day:

“Obviously, the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination because it reminded us of how valuable a free press is.”

He went on, “It was “one of those moments” – you know, like Princess Di’s wedding, Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, whatever – “that captured the world’s imagination.”"

It “captured our imagination”? Really?

For those who don’t recall, Daniel Pearl was a Jewish journalist who was captured and decapitated in Pakistan by a group of radical Muslims on February 1, 2002.

I remember the day that I heard Daniel Pearl had been beheaded; I remember hearing that we could watch the beheading on the internet and the sick feeling in my stomach just thinking about it. I remember hearing on the radio some of the audio of Daniel’s last words, “My name is Daniel Pearl and I am a Jew from Encino, California, USA”, along with his screams of terror and pain which accompanied the beheading. I was haunted for days. I was horrified at the pain his parents and his wife must have been experiencing, thinking that it must be too much for them to bear.

Never, and I mean NEVER, did this nightmare “capture my imagination.”

I also remember Princess Di’s Wedding. I woke up early to watch the fairy tale event, filled with horse-drawn carriages, bridesmaids, dresses, flowers, laughter, and love. It was a day for joyous celebration in England.

I cannot imagine anyone, especially our President, comparing the two events in any context.

Especially with Daniel’s parents and wife in attendance, standing behind him.

What must they have been thinking? How disturbing must it have been for them to see this insensitive President talking about their husband and son, a man who kept his composure while his head was being sawed from his body, and comparing this horrific event to Janet Jackson’s top being ripped off or Princess Di’s wedding vows.

It gets worse.

The man convicted of beheading Pearl is Omar Sheikh, a British-born Muslim who was born into considerable wealth and went to exclusive, private schools in both England and Pakistan. He has a history of jihad, however, having been taught by the masters during his days in Pakistan. He has not, yet, been put to death because his appeals to this case have not been heard.

What is he appealing?

Well, it seems that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, confessed in March 2007 that he was the actual killer of Daniel Pearl : “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi.”

Wait a minute, isn’t Khalid Shaikh Mohammed the same guy who Obama wants to bring to NYC for a civilian trial? Are you telling me that our President wants the terrorist, who not only planned the attacks on September 11th, but also bragged about beheading an American citizen, to get American rights and a special trial?

Does this sound strange to anyone?

Whether it’s the panty-bomber, the Fort Hood terrorist, the NYC bombing suspect, or those who currently reside at Gitmo, our President has originally taken the side of the Muslim terrorists at every turn. He has supported Hamas and chastised Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, for building apartments and infrastructure on his own Israeli land. Our administration even refuses to prosecute the Black Panthers, a group which has Muslim ties, for intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place.

He has bowed to the Saudi Prince.

Now we see Barack dismissing the beheading of Daniel Pearl by a Muslim jihadist.

The Muslim ties run deep in this President. Whether it’s due to the his time spent in Indonesia as a child or the indoctrination by radical college professors, it cannot be denied that Obama’s loyalties toward Islam runs deep. Maybe too deep.

When you can’t call out a Muslim extremist or a radical terrorist for what they are, when you won’t allow waterboarding to get information from terrorists because they are Muslims, when you want to give Muslim terrorists Miranda Rights and civilian trials, then you have lost perspective.

Folks were worried that JFK would allow his Catholicism to impede his ability to govern. People worried about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith when he governed Massachusetts. Yet, never have we had a problem with a the faith of a politician coming into play as significantly as we have seen with Obama.

Oh, except when Keith Ellison (D. MN.) insisted on putting his hand on the Koran when he was sworn into office.

You see, once a Muslim, always a Muslim.

We see the evidence more and more each day…..

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Control the Media, Control the People

Thursday, 20. May 2010 8:02

In 2002, Robert W. McChesney and Josh Silver co-founded the organization Free Press using funding from George Soros.

Whenever George Soros spreads his wealth, bad, liberal things happen.

You see, George has a lot of money and he’s been busy using that money to stimulate “radical change” in our country for some time now. He’s financed numerous organizations including: The Center for American Progress (where John Podesta and Van Jones now work); Moveon.org, the organization which finances liberal candidates and ballot initiatives during elections; and the Secretary of State Project, the financial drive to elect liberal Secretaries of State into swing states, making it easier to steal close elections.

The damage this man has done to our country is irreparable.

The Founders, if alive, would have him tarred and feathered. Many of us would pay to watch.

Free Press is an organization which was founded under Marxist principles. McChesney is a professor at the University of Illinois and former editor of the Marxist journal Monthly Review.

Gosh, isn’t our friend Bill Ayers also a professor at the University of Illinois? And didn’t Obama teach about Saul Alinsky at that school?

Small world…..

So what do we know about McChesney? Well, he believes that capitalism needs to be replaced with his beloved socialism.

In February 2009, McChesney recommended capitalism be dismantled. According to Worldnetdaily.com, he once wrote in a column, “In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick-by-brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles,’”

It seems McChesney just published a study which called for a “world class” government-run media system in the U.S. “The Free Press study urges the creation of a trust fund – largely supported by new fees and taxes on advertising and the private media – to jump start the founding of a massive government-run public media system that will ultimately become self-sufficient.” They are also pushing for government intervention in the Internet.

Why is this important? Why do we care about the writings of one American man?

You could say that we’re starting to see a pattern, a pattern of radical thought that permeates those who are associated with this administration. McChesney may not have a direct link to President Obama, but George Soros certainly does. Obama took realms of money from Soros and Moveon.org during his campaign, despite the fact that Soros is clearly a Marxist.

Who else does Barack know who was associated with Free Press? Well, it was our good friend, Van Jones, the self-avowed communist “Green Jobs Czar” and a guy who served on the board of directors of Free Press.

Another Marxist.

Did Obama know that Jones was a Marxist before he hired him as a Czar? Well, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s right hand woman, was quoted as saying that they were excited to have Van Jones on their team and that they “had been watching him for some time.”

Obama’s “Internet czar,” Susan P. Crawford, spoke at a 2009 Free Press event in Washington, D.C called “Changing Media.”

So the Internet Czar was speaking to a group of people who believe that the internet needs more government regulations?

Then there’s the issue of Cass Sunstein, the Regulatory Czar. This man has written publication after publication spewing his radical thought. One of his latest includes a “First Amendment New Deal” – WND reports that Sunstein believes that we need a panel of “nonpartisan experts” to ensure a “diversity of view” on the airwaves. It’s a way of getting around the Fairness Doctrine. He also argues that websites should be forced to remove “false rumors” and laws should be put into place to sue for spreading those rumors.

Basically, he wants to remove free speech from radio and the internet.

Hey, there’s a coincidence! McChesney and Crawford want to regulate the internet too!!

Sunstein says that folks like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh should not be allowed to talk about “false associations” between people like Barack and Bill Ayers. He says that we shouldn’t be allowed to talk about conspiracy theories (even those that are true) or dispute the idea of initiatives like global warming.

In other words, while Obama’s in power, we should not be able to criticize anything that he does, says, believes, or is associated with.

Gosh, that sounds like a communist country, a place where the “subjects” aren’t allowed to talk badly about their dictator.

I wonder how Mr. Sunstein and Mr. McChesney will feel if Obama is defeated in 2012 by a Republican? Will they continue to want the government to control the media and the internet?

Why do I somehow believe that there are plans in the works that will make Obama so powerful that he will not lose in 2012? Why do I think that come “Hell or high water”, Obama plans on governing for a very, very long time.

Oh, not just the United States. This man wants to basically control the world.

Whoever controls the media, controls information. And whoever controls information, controls what the mindless citizens think. Add to that the fact that nearly 50% of our citizens don’t pay taxes, many of whom are dependent on the government for entitlements, and you can see where this is all going.

We’re watching a speeding train of communist thought bull-dozing its way through our country.

Obama may not be the engineer, but he’s the salesman, the guy who’s selling the tickets to board the train.

Beware. It’s a one-way train with no way out.

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Power Through Intimidation

Monday, 3. May 2010 7:19

Larry David is the writer and star of the HBO comedy show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” On a controversial episode this past year, Larry (who plays himself) was taking a type of medication which caused him to urinate forcefully. While visiting a woman’s home, he used the bathroom, and his urine splashed up and hit a picture of Jesus on the wall, making it appear that Jesus had a tear dripping from his eye.

The homeowner, a devout Christian, believed this to be a “miracle”, not knowing that it was actually Larry’s urine.

I watched the episode, and to be honest, I actually found it to be funny. Hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then we have some problems.

In fact, many of the world’s problems could be solved if we’d find a little humor.

The Catholic League had a different view, one which I understand. They felt as though Larry was showing a level of disrespect toward Christian religions, arguing that he would not have been so bold in poking fun at other religions, especially the religion of Islam.

Realistically, would Larry have used comedy to diss the Islamic religion, knowing the death threats which may follow?

Me thinks not.

Case in point? South Park.

This cartoon which airs on Comedy Central pokes fun at everyone. They’ve taken on gays, Jews, Christians, and a number of other groups, all with the same type of disrespect. Because they are “equal opportunity name-callers”, they seem to have avoided the wrath of civil rights activists.

Until now.

You see, they’d never made fun of Mohammad before, they’d never dared to attack the Islamic faith.

Obviously, they didn’t get the memo that unlike Jesus, the Pope, Catholics, Jews, and Christians, Mohammad and comedy don’t mix.

I guess Mohammad is in a protected class all his own.


We need to begin to listen, not to those who cry foul when Mohammad has been ridiculed, but to those who understand, who have seen the wrath of Muslims when they don’t like the ridicule. Listen to someone like Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian woman who was born in Lebanon and was forced to live for 7 years in an underground shelter because the Muslims had forcefully invaded her once, multi-religious country. Listen to her tell the story of how those in the Islamic religion took over the reigns of the Lebanese government and killed “infidels” who dared to continue to practice their Christian faith.

Her story will take your breath away.

Listen to apostates, Muslims who have dared to leave the faith. Male apostates, according to the Koran, must be killed. Females are either imprisoned until they recant or are put to death, depending upon which sect of the Islamic faith they belong to.

In the Prophetic Tradition, apostasy is punishable by death, a view which is upheld and detailed in both the Sunnite and Shi’ite law books. However, the offender is usually granted an opportunity to recant. Only adult, sane, male apostates who have acted freely are to be executed (traditionally by the sword). Women are either imprisoned until they recant (Hannafites and Shi’ites) or are executed (Malikites, Shafi’ites, and Hanbalites).

We all saw the Muslim’s lack of humor when a Danish newspaper had the audacity to print a cartoon depicting Mohammad in a negative light.

There were death threats, not only on the cartoonist, but on the newspaper personnel who dared print it.

When American papers got wind of the controversy, they reported the story but refused to reprint the cartoon, giving the Muslims exactly what they wanted, power through intimidation.

We saw the murder of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker killed by an Islamic extremist in 2004 after making a film critical of Islam.

This is how it starts. This is exactly what we see happening in England today. Those in the Islamic religion who moved into Great Britain under the guise of peaceful immigration have taken over the British culture in ways that are unprecedented. They have forced Sharia Law into the English judicial system, creating 2 separate forms of justice, one for the Muslims and one for everyone else.

If a Muslim man beats his wife, he will receive a lesser sentence than a Christian man who does the same thing because Sharia Law allows men to beat a woman if she has disgraced their husband’s honor.

Those darn Christians don’t worship a book which allows the beating of women.

Got it?

Muslims have forced their religion into our public school system, stating that the Koran requires them to pray at certain times each day.

Yet the same liberals who push for the right of Muslims to pray, also force Christmas and Halloween out of those same schools in the name of “separation of church and state.”

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the common sense? Where’s the “fairness”?

Americans are not used to bullies. We are the ultimate “melting pot”, wanting to accommodate those who have come into our country and need time to assimilate.

The problem is that many Muslims have no desire to assimilate. They want to change our culture. They want to control our schools, control our newspaper cartoons, control our TV shows, and control our freedom of speech…

As long as we accommodate them, they will be peaceful.

If we don’t, watch out.

Case in point? There was a bomb found in Times Square a few days ago, one conveniently placed adjacent to the Viacom building. What’s Viacom? Well, it’s the home of Comedy Central, the media outlet which airs South Park. Was the bomb intended for the South Park creators? We don’t know, but coincidences rarely happen in the world of terrorists.

We need to stand our ground firmly NOW, before the Muslim population becomes too large, before they get stronger, before they get bolder.

We are America, home of the free…..

Land of the Brave…..???
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The White Sox Superfan Exposes Himself

Wednesday, 7. April 2010 7:30

We are fortunate to have a President who is so well-rounded that he can pass a Health Care bill one day, change nuclear policy the next, and throw out the first pitch at a baseball game sometime in-between.

That, my friends, takes talent.

Did I mention that he also reads very well from a teleprompter?

Barack Hussein Obama was once called a “Manchurian Candidate” by none other than David Horowitz, a once self-professed communist who came to his senses and changed his radical ways. He is now a conservative activist, a leading voice against the communist movement in this country, and someone who understands the ideology behind Leftist, radical thought.

Horowitz claims that Obama is not exactly what he appears to be; he’s a man who has no record of his past other than the 2 autobiographies he wrote before the age of 45, a bizarre fete considering that as a Senator he was relatively unknown and his past life was not exactly “compelling.”

Publishers want to sell books, not stroke egos.

So who is this man, this president of ours? All we have to judge him by are his words, most of which have been written for him. Occasionally, we get a glimpse of the “real” Barack- like on the day we saw him approach Joe the Plumber- and he reveals a side of himself to us that we don’t usually see, a side that makes us say, “huh.”

I was saying “huh” the other day, watching Barack’s interview at, of all things, a baseball game.

President Obama was asked to throw out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game; afterwards, he headed up to the broadcasting booth and had a conversation with Rob Dibble, the color commentator for the Nationals. Obama talked longingly about his strong support for the White Sox, how he’s followed them for years and has enjoyed watching them play from the time he was young.

Dibble followed up with a question: “Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?”

That’s when the stuttering began….

“Ya know…uh….I, I thought that uh, ya know, the truth is that a lot of the Cubs I liked too, but uh, I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago. Because I uh, ya know I was growing up, uh, in Hawaii. So I ended up actually being an Oakland A’s fan.”


I thought he was an avid White Sox fan…at least that’s what he TOLD us.

Most of us who watched sports as a child, or even as a teenager, can name a few guys who played for our favorite team, in fact, we can probably name quite a few players from opposing teams, especially those who were our rivals. Back in the 60′s and 70′s, young boys like Barack used to collect baseball cards, following the stats of every player in the league. Kids these days play video games; kids of old traded cards.

Barack couldn’t name one player on the old White Sox. It’s strange, at best, isn’t it?

It gets even stranger. When talking about the Sox, Barack mentioned the old park they used to play in- “Kaminsky Park”.

Had he had a teleprompter, Barack would have correctly read “Comiskey Park”, not “Kaminsky Park” and no one would have known that he was faking his past interest in the Sox. That one little “n” is telling, though, isn’t it? The Boston Garden is not “The Garben.” Wrigley Field is not “Wrigey”.

Remember when our President incorrectly called our military men, “Corpse-men” instead of “Core-men”?

Gosh, the media didn’t pick up on that one, either. Where’s Katie when you need her? Imagine if Bush had mispronounced his favorite ballpark…..

America wants to believe Barack; we want to believe he’s who he professes to be. We want to believe that he’s telling us the truth- he’s a Christian, he’s not a socialist, he never knew Bill Ayers, he loves and supports Israel, he loves the Constitution, he wants what’s best for the United States….

Heck, we want to believe that he’s a White Sox fan.

It’s disconcerting to think that our own President is such a compulsive liar that he will even lie about a sports team, but that’s what liars do.

I believe that David Horowitz has it right- Barack IS a Manchurian Candidate. The only things we know about him are those that he’s carefully crafted and allowed us to see. Anything controversial about him has been repressed. His birth certificate, his college records- even his health records- are non-existent. Barack completely denies associations that can hurt him, he denies being a member of the socialist New Party, despite pictures of his membership, he denies knowledge of the radical past of close advisers like Van Jones and John Holdren.

Lying has gotten him this far and thus far, no one seems to notice…..no one has called him out.

It must be stressful keeping up the charade. Of course, having a media with “tingling legs” has helped him along.

While Barack’s advisers and speech writers can basically control what the president says on big issues, it’s the little clues that he gives us when his guard is down that tell us what we need to know….

Our President is not who he says he is- the man is wearing a mask, a very deceptive mask.

Oh, and by the way, he’s not an avid White Sox fan…

But that’s the least of our problems.

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A Simple Cartoon Teaches a Big Lesson

Thursday, 11. March 2010 8:51

There’s one thing you can say consistently about Muslims. They are persistent.

Remember the outrage when the Danish newspaper printed a cartoon of a man wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with its fuse lit, drawn by cartoonist Kurt Westergaard? Remember the death threats against those at the newspaper along with Westergaard, himself? Remember the protests of members of Muslim countries and the demands for apologies?

Remember the mainstream United States media who were too afraid to print this simple cartoon?

Yup, that’s right. Even when this cartoon became news in itself, causing a global uproar, not one major newspaper had the guts to show the American people what the “uproar” was all about.

Hey, isn’t that their job?

The Dallas Morning News printed the cartoon, but in pixelated form- as if it was porn- to hide the readers’ delicate eyes from the obscenity. The Philadelphia Enquirer, a small paper, also printed the cartoon and found protesters outside of their news building with signs which read, “No To Hate.”

“No to Hate”? What hate? IT’S A CARTOON!!

I wonder if those protesters brought their signs back to march on the day that the newspaper printed the Pope-bashing cartoons about pedophile priests? I wonder if they showed up and marched against the numerous cartoons printed about the Mormon faith? Or those against the Jews?

It seems that the death threats against Mr. Westergaard weren’t enough, nor were the global protests. A Muslim group, calling themselves “The Descendants of Mohammad”, are demanding apologies and retractions from 11 other Danish newspapers who also had the gall to print the cartoon. The Politikkan, the original Danish newspaper who printed the cartoon, has bent over backwards with an apology to all who were offended, hoping to escape the wrath of this group.

It seems that an OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) spokesman said 1.5 billion Muslims had “felt humiliated, insulted and deeply hurt by the publication of the cartoons.” They want these 11 newspapers to “follow suit” with Politikkan and issue a formal apology.

Douglas Murray, the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion – a think tank focusing on extremism in Britain –pretty much summed it up when he said that there is a recent acceptance of the false ideology that ” Muslims somehow have deeper feelings than the rest of the world.”

I would go so far as to say that Muslims seem to have thinner skins than the rest of us. Most Americans have been brought up in a world of free speech where we long ago learned the concept of “sticks and stones” breaking our bones. Most of us who grew up in the 50′s and 60′s learned to laugh at ourselves.

Muslims don’t seem to like sticks or stones. They seem to get their way if they pretend to “be offended.”

Earth to the Islamic world: There is nowhere in the U.S. constitution that grants us a freedom from being offended.

We do, however, have a clause that allows us freedom of speech and freedom of the press. If there is a law in Denmark which protects citizens from being offended, then so be it. Muslims who come to America need to understand that should not be offered protection here.

More importantly, U.S. newspapers should not participate in keeping Muslims sheltered any more than they protect any other religion.

But they do.

In 1987, a little-known artist named Andres Serrano, took a photograph of a Crucifix, a strong Christian symbol, in a glass of urine. He named it “Piss Christ” and entered it in the Visual Arts competition, sponsored, in part, by the government-run National Endowment for the Arts.

Guess what? “Piss Christ” won first prize and the artist was given a $15,000 award- partially funded by taxpayer dollars- for his “art.”

This, I assume, is acceptable by U.S. standards. In fact, it is so “acceptable” that it is rewarded with the taxpayers’ money! Imagine our government giving out a financial reward to someone who defaced a Muslim symbol, such as a Koran, and put it in a glass of human urine.

Andres Serrano has become a celebrated artist since that time. His works include “art” that depicts aborted fetuses, post autopsy corpses, and even the KKK. Most of these have made their way into some of our most famous art museums for everyone to see and celebrate.

The Muslim cartoons are nowhere to be found. They’re not in art museums. Heck, they’re not even in newspapers.

Political correctness runs amok. We, as a country, are afraid of the wrath of the Islamic religion. We cater to their whims- whether they ask for prayer rooms in airports or foot baths in universities. We do this in the name of tolerance.

Meanwhile, we are discriminating against other religions in the process, removing all visible signs of their existence wherever possible.

We’d better be careful.

Giving this Islamic group too much power is dangerous. Look to Britain, look to France. Look to Lebanon, a country which once lived peacefully with Christians and Muslims coexisting.

Not anymore.

I say this all the time…

Think it can’t happen here? Think again.

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Enough IS Enough

Thursday, 18. February 2010 8:26

From the moment Sarah Palin was thrust into the limelight when it was announced that she was to be John McCain’s running mate, liberals and other members of the Left have shown a form of hate which is unparalleled.

Never was this woman given a chance to show who she is; from the beginning, the media has made sure that THEY get to define who she is.

While Joe Biden was on the campaign trail delivering blunder after blunder, introducing Barack Obama as “Barack America”, asking a man sitting in a wheelchair to stand up, and talking about recently visiting a diner that has been closed for years, the media was busy casting his gaffes off as “just lovable Joe” moments.

Sarah, on the other hand, wasn’t treated quite as nicely.

Rumors quickly surfaced about her son, Trigg, a Downs syndrome baby whom she had delivered just 4 months earlier. A California newspaper was quick to tell us that Trigg was not Sarah’s baby- he was her grandchild, delivered by her daughter, Bristol. This, of course, was a lie, but it led to the revelation of Bristol’s own pregnancy, a sad mistake of a young teenager and her hockey-loving boyfriend.

The media jumped on these two young kids, determined to scar Sarah’s reputation as a mother. Even liberal, Hollywood women, those who’s own children have been through rehab, pregnancy, and worse, were willing to look down at Sarah for not giving her child a lecture on birth control and “choice.”

It crossed every line that has been drawn regarding the criticism and privacy expected for politician’s kids.

But it didn’t stop at a little criticism. Reporters from all over came to Wasilla, Alaska to probe deeper into this story. We suddenly found out everything there was to know about Bristol’s boyfriend, Levi Johnston-a hockey player who had smoked pot in the past, and who’s mother was arrested on drug charges.

Unfortunately, that’s the biography of many young kids today.

Hey, didn’t Obama admit to using many types of drugs…and wasn’t that all portrayed as “cool”?

Even after Palin lost the election and Levi and Bristol had called it quits, the media wouldn’t stop. Tyra Banks had Levi on her show and prodded him to talk about his sex life with Bristol- it seems they had sex in the Palin home, and Levi contended that he’s “pretty sure” that Palin “probably knew.”

There’s a strong statement of fact.

Levi was then offered a lot of money to pose for Playgirl, an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

Gosh, the liberal, media stroking of this kid just never seems to end, does it? They know that every time this naive kid appears on TV, they can pay him to talk about the Palins, which, of course, gives them more fodder for their hate.

Meanwhile, SNL was busy portraying Sarah as a complete idiot. Week after week, they took on her strong American values by labeling her as a moose-hunting, out of touch, unintelligent woman who “could see Russia from her house.” They mocked her accent, her clothing, and her values.

Women’s groups around the US silently snickered at the ridicule, not wanting to admit that if they actually stood for women, they would be cheering the vision of a female Vice President.

Through the campaign, we heard nothing about the Biden family. We didn’t hear the media harp on Biden’s grown children or his wife, did we? We didn’t hear endless stories about Joe’s son, the lobbiest who had appealed to then-Senator Obama to solicit earmarks from congress for his clients. The media didn’t plant 30 reporters in Biden’s home town, prodding libraries and churches for information on the man.

Biden was given the red carpet treatment.

Palin, on the other hand, was practically burned at the stake.

Todd, her husband was ridiculed for his blue collar job and his love of snowmobiling, a ‘trailer-trash’ type of hobby according to the Hollywood elites. His marriage to Sarah was criticized and there were false rumors of a pending divorce.

David Letterman sunk even lower than the media crowd. He told a “joke” on his show, a funny, funny joke, about Alex Rodriguez, a philandering, baseball player “having sex” with Willow Palin, Sarah’s 14 year old daughter:

“One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game: During the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

Sarah didn’t find it all that funny and called for an apology. David’s explanation included the fact that he really meant to say that Rodriguez had “knocked up” Bristol, who was 18, not Willow, 14.

I guess that made the joke OK.

Remember, this joke was in Letterman’s well-scripted opening, it was not an off-the-cuff remark.

The latest attempt at humor at the expense of the Palin family came in a recent “Family Guy” episode where one of the characters went on a date with a Down’s Syndrome woman who claimed her mother was the “former governor of Alaska”, a clear jab at Sarah and her special needs son.

This crossed the line. There was no humor, no sarcasm, no laughable moment. This was disgusting. Liberal blogs called Sarah a “whiner” for not being able to “take a joke.”

One problem with that line of thinking: There was no joke.

Bristol Palin, a girl who knows something about the mean-spirited media had this to say on Facebook:

“When you’re the son or daughter of a public figure, you have to develop thick skin. My siblings and I all have that, but insults directed at our youngest brother hurt too much for us to remain silent. If the writers of a particularly pathetic cartoon show thought they were being clever in mocking my brother and my family yesterday, they failed. All they proved is that they’re heartless jerks.”

Heartless jerks who pick on Down Syndrome 2 year olds for humor and then laugh at Sarah because she’s protective of her son.

I don’t believe there’s anything lower.

Enough is enough.

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The Chicago Tribune Sees Trouble Ahead.

Friday, 22. January 2010 8:41

The ultra-liberal Chicago Tribune came out with a scathing editorial the other day, ripping the state government in Illinois for its policies- the ones that are bankrupting the state.

You see, while job growth is at zero, spending by politicians in Illinois continues to rise at a level that is unsustainable.

Sounds like Washington DC, doesn’t it?

Hey, wait a minute…..aren’t Barack and Rahm and David Axelrod from Illinois…?

The Tribune explained it this way: “Suppose you’re deciding where to locate a new factory. Would you invest your money, and your company’s future, in a state whose leaders chronically run deficits, don’t pay their bills, won’t reform how they spend revenues by the billions — and whose refusal to make costs match revenues earns a Moody’s bond rating lower than every state but California? It’s your company. Do you really want to bed it down next to a ticking time bomb that’s sure to explode in the face of you and every other taxpayer?


Those editors certainly let the Illinois government know what they thought, didn’t they?

But there’s more. The Tribune also chastised the voters for voting for politicians who “stunted economic growth” in the state. They said that in 2010, voters need to elect public officials who’ll address three areas of grave concern to potential employers: Lowering taxes to make the climate more conducive to attracting businesses, curtailing the number of lawsuits against businesses which drive them out of the state, and putting an end to the current government policies of “Splurge, Borrow, Repeat.

Hey- aren’t those all conservative ideas?

And isn’t this a liberal newspaper?

In 2008, the Chicago Tribune endorsed candidate after candidate who stood for the very principles that got Illinois into this mess, yet now they chastise “the voters” for actually voting for the candidates they endorsed.


Worse yet, they endorsed Barack Obama for president, the man who wants to take the policies of Illinois and spread them throughout the country so that we can ALL enjoy bankruptcy. It is impossible to grow government at the rate that Barack is- to employ more government workers than private sector workers- and to have it be sustainable.

Add to that the fact that as private sector employees are losing their jobs, government workers are getting raises.


So we’re all cutting back our spending to make ends meet but the government, instead of cutting back along with us, is just flippantly handing out raises with OUR tax dollars?

While we’re in a recession and have a massive deficit?

While China is warning us to quit spending money or they’ll quit financing our debt?


It’s no wonder that Obama was desperate to get the Gitmo detainees housed in Illinois: he certainly can’t convince private companies to move in and help job growth. With terrorists roaming the state, the federal government can “allocate” lots of money to Illinois in the form of “Homeland Security dollars” to keep Illinois safe.

It’s a way for Barack to keep them afloat.

When the liberal newspaper begins to rip the Tax and Spend policies of the state, then you know things have hit the critical stage. Simply put, Illinois (along with New York, California, and Michigan) cannot sustain itself with its current way of doing business unless they raise taxes.

Which, ironically, will force even more private sector jobs out of the state.

Here’s the quandary: These states may be past the point of no return. They have accomplished their goal of getting over 50% of their population relying exclusively on the government, either through government jobs or welfare. They have that “voting block” brainwashed into voting for anyone with a “D” after their name.

People like Pelosi will continue to get elected and the spending/taxing/spending/taxing will continue.

If conservatives can’t win in these states, then the financial problems will continue to decline- the cycle will spiral downward.

You see, in the eyes of a socialist, entitlement programs encourage growth.

And taking from the successful, no matter how much, is “Fair.”

I fully expect that the federal government- meaning you and me- will be bailing out California and New York very soon.

Barack will declare that “they are too big to fail.”

Instead of balancing their budgets, these states will wait, as all good liberals do, for the federal government to bail them out.

And the democrats will continue to win seats in these liberal states.

No lesson learned. Nothing will change.

California must be allowed to implode. They may have to deport immigrants to survive; they may have to cut programs; they may have to drill for oil. Let THEM figure it out.

The same goes for New York and Illinois. Let them fail.

Let the constituents get mad enough to want “change.” It is the lesson of Massachusetts- and the ONLY lesson that will turn this country around.

For once, the media is getting it right.

OK, not all the media, but the Chicago Tribune has sent out some warning flares.

I’d suggest that the politicians in Illinois take notice…..

Your state is going down the tubes. Fast. Your only lifeline is “change.”

And not the kind coming from the White House.

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Insanity Rules the Skies.

Monday, 28. December 2009 10:02

I wasn’t going to write until the New Year, but this story got me so mad……lsm

“The system worked.”

That’s the statement made by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, after the bombing attempt on Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

She personifies, perfectly, the idiocy of this administration. It’s all an act, all pretend, all a work of fiction. If they say it ‘worked’, then it did. If they say the Health Care bill is deficit neutral, then it is. If they say Obama never heard Reverend Wright spew his hate, then he didn’t. If they say that they were shocked that Van Jones was a communist sympathizer, although they’d been carefully “watching” him and his promising future for years, then they were.

It’s all a facade.

The most frustrating thing is turning on the news and seeing the exact words flow from members of our media, those providing cover for this administration. These folks are nothing more than accomplices to a crime.

The crime? The theft of our nation.

BigGovernment.com is reporting that the terrorist on this flight from Amsterdam, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, may have boarded the plane without a passport. A couple from Detroit, both lawyers, overheard Mutallab and another man speaking with an employee of the airline about allowing Mutallab to board without a passport because they claimed he was from Sudan. This, of course, was a lie, since Mutallab originates from Nigeria.

What’s the difference?

Well, it seems that Sudanese don’t always have things like passports or birth certificates, so they are allowed to fly without them.

No kidding.

So while 90 year old “grandma” is taking off her shoes in the airport and struggling with her walker to get through security, Sudanese are breezing through without so much as a passport.

The airport official at the counter helping Mutallab get on board without identification was overheard saying, “We do this all the time.”

Do they do it for people who are on a terrorist watch list? Do they do it for people whose fathers have called the US embassy to report their child as a “person to watch”? Do they wave the passport rule for folks who have been rejected from entrance into England because of terrorist ties?

Heck, Americans need a passport to go fishing in Canada.

Yet, according to Napolitano, “The system worked” just fine.

She also reminded us that the current policies have been in place “for years.”

In other words, it’s Bush’s fault…..

When Richard Reid, the ‘shoe bomber’ made his unsuccessful attempt to blow up a plane, the rest of us paid dearly. Every airport implemented the “Reid Rule”, the rule that says every person flying must take off their shoes and put their liquids into small baggies to be inspected by our highly qualified airline security officials, many of whom are illegal immigrants.

I guess Mutallab didn’t get the memo that he had to disclose his liquids. Instead of putting them in a baggie, he simply strapped them to his upper leg in his underwear.


Does this mean we’ll have to take off our underwear at the security gate?

There’s a simple rule of thumb that might be appropriate here: Criminals don’t follow the rules.

You see, criminals create their own set of rules.

In our new world of ‘political correctness’, we are punishing every member of society because of a few, bad apples, terrorists who will find a way to carry out their evil no matter what.

Oh, there’s another new rule on the airplanes now- No one will be allowed to get out of their seat to go to the bathroom or check the overhead baggage for the last hour of the flight.

This will finally make us safe, right?

No, actually, this is being done because most terrorists, hoping to make a big impact, are more likely to blow up a plane when it’s over populated areas of land, something more easily accomplished when they are within an hour of a major airport.

This doesn’t keep the terrorist from blowing up your plane, it doesn’t keep you safe, it simply keeps the casualties on the ground to a minimum when the pieces of your plane fall out of the sky.

And for this great luxury, you must not use the bathroom or check the overhead bin.

Call me stupid, but I would think that a bomber would be happy that no one was ‘up and about’ in the cabin when he tried to detonate the bomb. It’s much easier to carry out your act when the whole plane is seated and unsuspecting.

Isn’t it?

I guess I’m just not as smart as Janet Napolitano, the woman who also wants to tear down the border fence we were building. She obviously thinks that allowing the Mexican drug cartel to infiltrate the United States makes us safer.

It couldn’t be that she’s hoping to keep her party in power by allowing Mexicans into this country in droves and then giving them amnesty so they can vote for Obama again…..

No, she’s all about safety.

It’s going to happen. There is going to be a day very soon where an average citizen is not going to thwart the bombing attempt of a terrorist. We already saw the destruction these radical Islamists can carry out during the Fort Hood shootings. The only difference is that there weren’t enough casualties to cause much of an uproar.

14 people? Heck, that’s nothing.

Obama still refuses to call the shooter a “terrorist.”

That would be “profiling.”

And profiling, of course, is the only sensible thing that we could do to keep us safe, but it’s simply too logical.

Oh, and it hurts peoples’ feelings.

Besides, the “system worked” just the way it is. No worries. Move along.

Everything is just fine. Even Katie Couric says so.

Besides, if something DOES happen…..?

There’s always Bush…

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Anita is Dunn.

Thursday, 12. November 2009 8:11

Chalk up another one for Glenn Beck.

Anita Dunn, White House communications director, is stepping down from her perch later this month.

Night after night of Glenn challenging Anita to call him on his “Hotline”, a red phone with direct access to the White House, must have finally made the White House squirm. Glenn was only trying to give Anita the opportunity to denounce some of the truisms he was uncovering on his TV show, yet, Anita never called.

Maybe she’s leaving because of the video that Glenn showed over and over, the one where Anita professes to a group of high school graduates that she often looks to Chairman Mao Zedong for inspiration because he was such a great guy.

You gotta love a guy who murders 50 Million of his own people. It’s utterly inspiring to have that kind of initiative.

What a great mentor, especially for young, high school kids.

Anita made a few boo-boos during her short tenure as communications director. She first received a bit of notoriety when she stood on the White House lawn and stated that Fox was not really a news organization, they were simply “an arm of the Republican party”.

Even a few democrats winced.

Other news stations were stunned, unclear of how to respond. Do they defend Fox, a fellow broadcasting network, or do they applaud Anita Dunn and take the risk of looking like the biased news organizations that they are?

Big decision.

In the end, they played the fence, semi-supporting Fox, yet secretly hoping that Dunn had done her job of discrediting the competition. Unfortunately for everyone in the White House, Fox was the real winner in this controversy. You see, the more this administration denounced Fox, the higher Fox’s ratings rose.

The moral of the story? People don’t want to be told what to watch. It’s a little thing called “freedom.”

The White House is working hard to strip that away from us.

The irony of the situation is that only a few months before, ABC actually broadcast a newscast from WITHIN the White House, a show designed to specifically help Obama promote his healthcare agenda.

I guess that’s different. That’s not biased in any way.

Interestingly enough, the Pew Research Center found that Fox was the most unbiased of any of the three major cable news networks during the last six weeks of the 2008 presidential campaign. Who was the worst? MSNBC.

You mean that Chris Matthews isn’t “fair and balanced?”

I wonder why Anita didn’t refer to MSNBC as an “arm of the Democrat party.”

Or she could have called them “an arm of the communist sympathizers party.”

OK, that would have been redundant.

But it seems that Anita’s mouth got her into even more trouble when she opened it on her trip to the Dominican Republic. There she disclosed that during the election, Obama’s campaign “made the news cover certain issues” rather than allowing them to report stories on their own. She said that they “controlled” the press and made sure that the only things communicated to the public were the things they wanted communicated.

I guess Free Speech is alive and well.

No wonder Anita looks to Mao for inspiration; Mao liked control, too.

Do you think anyone in the press or the media feel like fools? Do any of them see that they were- and are- manipulated by this cagey administration?

We don’t have to feel bad for Anita. The White House already has released a statement that her position as communications director was always temporary, so the fact that she’s moving on has nothing to do with Glenn Beck or even with Anita’s own stumblings. Heck, she is going to be retained as a “consultant” to the White House on communication matters, while she heads back to her old law firm to pursue a full time position.

Here’s an idea: Maybe she could just give Obama a book of “Maoisms” on her way out the door so he could consult the master, himself, whenever he needs inspiration.

On second thought, he probably has one already.

Anita is Dunn. Van Jones is done. Yet neither have gone too far, have they? Both are still given access to the White House, and more importantly, they’re given access to Obama’s blackberry, the one he “can’t live without.”

Oh, if only we could see that blackberry of his….the tales it would tell. The address book, alone, would read like the authors and geniuses behind the Communist Manifesto.

2 down, about 40 communists to go.

Keep it up, Glenn, keep the pressure on.

We still have 3 more years of this nonsense.


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