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Don’t Mess with the Messiah.

Monday, 4. May 2009 6:04

Major Garrett of Fox News sat at the presidential press conference front and center, hoping for the opportunity to ask his question.

It was not to be.

He figured as much. You see, he had been warned by the administration prior to the press conference that he may not get the nod because the Fox Broadcasting Corporation decided not to televise the President’s address. They made an executive decision because “American Idol” and “Lie to Me” get better ratings. Better ratings equals more money. It’s a no-brainer.

So Major Garrett was black-balled because his parent station made a business decision?

Yes, apparently so.

You see, President Obama needs ALL of the networks to bow to his every command. He needs the entire nation to have only one choice of programming on the evenings he’s decided to address them. He doesn’t want another American Idol to beat him out in the ratings. He wants the Messiah to be the winner.

So what was Major Garrett going to ask the president? Was he going to ask him about his enchanted wife or his enchanted children?

No, actually, he was going to ask Obama a question that the American public deserves an answer to. He wanted to ask some questions about the closing of Gitmo. He wanted to highlight the fact that most of Europe really doesn’t want these terrorist detainees in their countries, but might take them for the right price. Would Barack pay that price? He wanted to know if the detainees were to stay in the United States, would Barack provide them with affordable housing and government assistance? He also wanted to know if Barack would pay them reparations for their “torturous abuse” by our government during their stay in Gitmo.

Instead, we heard all about Barack’s new dog and his favorite color.

So now we find out the truth. There is a price to be paid if you screw with Barack. A network that decides not to cover the President will pay dearly.

After all, he won.

In Bill Clinton’s first four years of presidency, he had two prime time press conferences. It wasn’t for his lack of trying; the networks simply wouldn’t give him the time. Barack Obama believes that the public needs to hear from him every month, and he’s now had three prime time specials in three months of office.

He seems to make the networks an offer they can’t refuse.

The ratings, however, didn’t hold up for the press conference this time, down 29%. In all fairness to Barack, those viewers who tuned into “Lie to Me” may have thought that they WERE watching the press conference.

Or maybe the country is getting sick of the dog and pony show. Watching the press giggle like school children, asking our leader questions with the difficulty of a Kermit the Frog interview, and seeing our president reading the answers from a big TV screen, has lost its charm to those who have a brain.

Go figure.

President Obama stood at a townhall meeting the other day, calling out Fox News once again. He said with a sad,puppy dog face that they “don’t like me very much.” The crowd sympathetically laughed. He’s painting himself as a victim. OUR LEADER IS PAINTING HIMSELF AS A VICTIM. The man who got 53% of the vote in November is a “victim” because Fox News has the audacity to question his words and actions occasionally.

They just won’t fall in line like the other networks. MSNBC is cooperating, as is CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN. What’s wrong with FOX?

How can this administration get them to conform? There must be a way to get FOX to “see the light”…

Hey, maybe if the democrats refuse to hold presidential debates on their network, they’ll come around…

Maybe if the president refuses to be interviewed by Sean Hannity and some of the other Obama critics on that station, they’ll succumb….

Maybe if Obama black-balls Major Garrett, FOX’s White House spokesman, then they’ll get the message….

What, it didn’t work?….

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for the White House to learn that FOX news is the ONLY network doing the job of the people. They are the ONLY network with a back bone that says, “No, you don’t.” They are the ONLY network who won’t tolerate this president’s strong arm tactics.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s why their ratings have skyrocketed. Maybe the intelligent people are starting to understand that the press is supposed to question the government, not tingle over it.

Hold all the press conferences you want, Mr. President.

I’ll be watching “American Idol.”

I voted you off of my TV long ago.


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Let’s Change the Cover Story

Wednesday, 29. April 2009 7:40

I want to send a notice to Redbook, People, Us Magazine, Vogue, Ebony and every other magazine that has the Obama mania thing going:

Enough!! We’ve had enough. I don’t want to see one more cover with Michelle on it. I don’t want to see one more carbon copy photo of the First Family plastered on the news stand. I don’t want to read about their favorite foods, favorite colors, life in the White House, or outings with the dog one more time.

I’d like to start to read something new.

If you really find it necessary to print another article about these people, could you find out where Barack was born? Could you find out what his name is and when he changed it from Barry Soetero to Barack Obama? Was he adopted or not? Did he ever have an Indoniesian passport?

What kind of grades did Barack have in college? Who funded his education? Could you get us a copy of his college thesis?

Could you ask him what he was really thinking when he voted “present” on nearly every vote in the State Senate?

How many years did he use coke, and did he ever go through rehab? How many times has he tried to stop smoking?

Where did he meet Bill Ayers, and how many times did they have lunch and dinner together? Does he consider him a friend? If not, then why did Ayers attend the inauguration?

Why did Michelle’s salary suddenly escalate when she worked at the hospital? If her job was so important that it earned her $300,000 per year, why did they discontinue her job once she left? How was it that the hospital received a huge grant from the Illinois legislature, right around the same time as her salary increase?

What did Michelle do on the board she sat on to earn her over $50,000 per year?

In looking at the Obama’s tax forms, why did the Obamas give almost all their charity dollars to foundations with black affiliations? Didn’t they feel that white charities were worthy or was it a coincidence?

Why DID Barack bow to the Saudi King? Why did he deny bowing to the Saudi King? Who actually suggested they buy the Queen Mother an ipod, and what made them think that she wanted to hear Barack’s speeches over and over again?

What did Barack whisper to Chavez during the rarely seen footage of the two of them talking? Why did Barack look so stern and why was he poking Chavez in the chest, as if he was angry with him?

Where are the prisoners of Gitmo going to go, and how could Barack decide to close down this facitliy with no contingency plan? Does he believe these prisoners should run wild in our country, and if so, which states does he plan on moving them into? Will these released prisoners be given work visas and affordable housing?

Who’s actually taking care of Michelle’s little garden? Is Martha Stewart being flown in, or is Michelle putting on the coveralls and gardening gloves every day, pulling weeds?

Where are those Special Olympians who were promised a bowling party at the White House?

Why haven’t we seen an article about the kids at Sasha and Malia’s private school who were thrown out because the democrats don’t want to pay for their vouchers anymore? Shouldn’t we see a sob story about these kids losing their big chance at an education?

Where’s the story on the hair dye? One day Barack is gray, the next day, his hair looks black. We saw numerous stories on Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney, debating their black hair color. Let’s see if Barack’s hairdresser will spill the beans.

Gosh, there’s just so much to know, isn’t there?

You just have to wonder why these magazines and newspapers aren’t picking up on all of these fabulous stories….these “journalists” seem more fixated on Michelle’s toned arms and Barack’s pectorals. They seem more interested in the surface of this couple, not their complex inner-workings.

It reminds me a lot of the way they treated Richard Nixon.

And Dick Cheney.

And George Bush.

Maybe things would have been different if those guys had been the first half African American president.

Maybe not.


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Media Bias is in Full Swing.

Sunday, 5. April 2009 7:56

A presidential press conference was never intended to be a “Love Fest.” The President is supposed to stand up in front of a somewhat hostile media, who is to represent the people.

You see, the average American is not invited to these events, so we send representatives of the press there to ask the tough questions, the questions that “enquiring minds want to know.”

The President is to represent HIS side of things; the media represents OUR side. Get it?

What we’ve seen since January 20, 2009 seems to be more of a fun, social gathering of friends, a place where no one wants to come home from the party with someone mad. The buddies all ask tough questions about A-Rod or the Final Four picks so everyone in the room can yuk it up.

Do you think that afterwards they all have drinks and hor-deurves together?

The problem is that the American people want answers. They tune into these prime time news conferences, which replace their beloved TV programs, and hope that they will finally hear the President taking some responsibility for what’s happening to our country. They want to know why they lost their job and how long it will be before they can go back to work.

Instead, they get a statement from Barack, read directly from a big flatscreen (which has replaced the beloved teleprompter), which sums up the press conference before it begins. We then get questions from hand-selected reporters, most from sources sympathetic to the President, like Ebony magazine. Wall Street Journal is not given an opportunity to ask an intelligent question, nor is the Washington Times.

Many of the reporters are told ahead of time to “be ready.” Obama knows who he’s calling on before he even arrives at the podium. Strange, isn’t it?

Barack recently had an “Open Forum”, a townhall meeting which was to include questions submitted by internet users, along with questions posed from the audience. 5 of the 6 people selected from the audience were affiliated with Obama’s campaign in some way, and many worked on platforms associated with his election.

Geez, that’s a big coincidence, isn’t it?

When asked about these townhall forums, Obama has stated: “I think it’s important to engage your critics … because not only will you occasionally change their mind but, more importantly, sometimes they will change your mind.

Hard to let them change your mind when they all agree with you.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the moderator of the event was also an Obama sympathizer, in fact he was a chief economist for Vice President Joe Biden. I don’t suppose he had anything to do with selecting the internet questions, do you?

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, I’m here to tell you that our media is not doing their job. How in the world can we know what’s going on when we aren’t allowed to hear both sides? How in the world can we be expected to get the news when the news is skewed in such a liberal direction?

And the answer, of course, is that we can’t.

It’s by design.

Look at all countries where the government has ultimate control. Every one of them also has control of the media. Hey……..I just thought of something……

Do you think that’s why Nancy Pelosi wants to federalize some of the largest failing newspapers in the country? Do you think that’s why Obama thinks those periodicals are too big and important to fail? Maybe he wants to get the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times on the government payroll, hand select the journalists who work for them, and the public would really be kept in the dark.

You don’t think that Barack wants to keep the press on his side, do you?

I thought that Barack was a man who was going to “change” things; I thought he wanted transparency in this administration. I thought Barack was a man who thought it was important to have reporters question him so that he could learn from them, so they could have a give and take.

Evidently there is more to this man than meets the eye…. too bad it’ll never be reported by our mainstream media.

It would have made a heckuva story.


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Can we Call it Censorship Yet?

Thursday, 15. January 2009 7:26

NBC banned Ann Coulter from their TV station this past week. I guess they feel that she is too controversial. The actual explanation from a Today Show insider was that “We are just not interested in anyone so highly critical of President-elect Obama, right now. It’s such a downer. It’s just not the time, and it’s not what our audience wants, either.”

In her place, they booked Perez Hilton, who recently offered $1,000 to anyone who would throw a pie at Ann Coulter.

Either he’s not overly critical of Obama, or that’s what their audience really wants.

After an uproar by the general public, NBC News came out with a statement denying that Ann Coulter had been banned from the network. “Today” had just dropped her from Tuesday’s program because of “breaking-news events” (which didn’t happen). They then offered for her to appear on Wednesday’s show.

Can we call this what it is? Can we call it censorship?

We’ve seen our share of censorship since Mr. Obama has come onto the scene. We’ve watched the media bias rear its ugly head in the forms of newspaper headlines, magazine covers, TV analyst’s comments, and even in the movie theaters. Mr. Obama has been reigned our new king, and the media has censored every bit of information that would prove him otherwise.

They also outwardly destroyed every person in his path.

Barack now has had to get in front of these same loving reporters for his press conferences, along with a few others who may actually do their jobs and ask him some tough questions. A recent article from states that Obama is “shutting out” some reporters during these question and answer sessions. Sun-Times columnist and long-time Chicago journalist, Carol Marin, reports that journalists at Barack Obama news conferences have come to realize that Obama has pre-picked those journalists whom he will allow to ask him questions at the conference and many of them now “don’t even bother raising” their hands to be called upon.

Can we call THIS what it is? Censorship.

The First Amendment was supposed to assure us that this wouldn’t happen. In fact, it guaranteed us that we would NOT become Russia, China, or North Korea with a controlled press. No, we had a free press in America; we were different.

Not anymore!!

The liberal wing of the government now has full control of our mainstream news media. They control most newspapers, TV stations, TV news reporters, Hollywood Film Directors, Magazines, and public radio stations. The only media that they don’t control are a few independent TV networks, like Fox News, along with talk radio.

Just wait. Those are next.

The Fairness Doctrine, a simple, nice sounding little piece of legislation, will go far in assuring the Left total control of talk radio. Nancy Pelosi has stated repeatedly that she’d like to see this bill passed that will virtually halt all talk radio on the airwaves, taking away Conservatives best venue for news.

Can we call THIS what it is? Censorship.

It looks what America has voted itself into for the next 4 years, is a great big censored movie production, one that even MGM would be proud of. Speeches will be carefully scripted. Questions will be carefully crafted, as will the answers to those questions. Once talk radio is out of the way, a socialist agenda will be broadcast, without retort, in such a way that we will all naively applaud it’s value. Headlines will sing the praises of our new dictator…er, President. Oscar nominations will be everywhere.

Only one question remains. Will Hollywood write us a comedy, a drama, or a tragedy ?

Stay tuned. We’ve only seen the previews.


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The Important Things in Life.

Sunday, 11. January 2009 7:36

So let’s see, we’ve got an economy in shambles, an Illinois governor who was just impeached, a Baltimore mayor who was stealing gift cards that were supposed to be used for the poor, and a new President coming into office. We also have a couple of wars going on, one in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, and a biggie in the Middle East. So I thought I’d see how many of those issues made it onto Yahoo’s top ten searches this week?

Answer: Zero.

It seems that people are more interested in Kat Von D, Fergie, Taylor Swift and rhinoplasty. They want to see what crazy outfit Courney Love is wearing, and what Lisa Bonet named her baby.

No wonder our country is in crisis. No wonder Al Franken could be our newest Senator. No wonder Obama is our new President. American people have their priorities completely screwed up.

I thought this may be an anomaly, so I checked some other media sources. On, the pages labeled “Most Popular” were the ones with Jennifer Anniston (and other celebs!!) turning “the big 4-0″, along with “Gay Celebs”, “Hottest Celeb Moms”, and “Celeb Watcher-real or fake?” Go to and you can see video of Tom Cruise “opening up on The View.” And “Ugly Betty’s, Ortiz, expecting.” These are situated amongst hard news like information about Alzheimer drugs and the $350 Billion bailout.

They’re all the same.

You see, the war in Israel or the impeachment of a sitting governor is not really a big deal. But when Hollywood prepares for the Golden Globes, we all need to take notice. And we do.

This craziness has spread into our everyday lives so rampantly that we don’t even see it anymore. One article that I read stated that Representative John Conyers (D) from Michigan opposes Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General because Gupta had a disagreement with Michael Moore.

So if you disagree with Michael Moore about his movie “Sicko”, you are disqualified to be a government employee? When did Michael Moore start determining our Cabinet staff?

We had a crazy investor, Bernie Madoff, who personally affected thousands of people’s lives with his Ponzi scheme, and nearly all of the news reports were about Stephen Spielberg, Kevin Bacon, and Dreamworks CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg. How are they coping? How much did they lose?

No one else seems to matter, just the celebs.

When we allow Hollywood celebrities to take the forefront in our everyday lives, then all moral values in America will be lost. These are the same people who can’t stay married for more than a day, and treat rehab like it’s summer camp. They can’t, and don’t, parent their own kids, most of whom are adopted so they won’t ruin their bodies. They live on plastic surgery, go to sperm banks on demand, boast about their drug use, and frequent the Playboy mansion as often as possible.

There is NO morality in Hollywood. When are we, as a nation, going to see that? When are we going to stop allowing them to determine what clothes our little girls will wear and what music our children will grow up listening to? When?

You all want CHANGE? I’ll give you CHANGE….How about we all stop watching every movie and every TV show that promotes these immoral values? Why don’t we demand programming, music, and movies that send a clean, or at least neutral message?

For all of you who haven’t yet determined what your New Year’s Resolution will be, here’s an idea: Forget the diet, forgo the Health Club. Do America a favor and give up celebrities this year.


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Hung out to Dry.

Tuesday, 6. January 2009 7:18

So it looks like Sarah Palin is now on a lonely quest to silence the media critics again. The vulchers are out in mass, circling her daughter, Bristol, because of the unwed mother baby news. They are gleefully reporting that Bristol and her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, are not only teenage parents, they’re both “high school dropouts.”

When is enough, enough?

Sarah’s maternal instincts have forced her to protect her daughter, hoping to spare this young girl the media circus that she, herself experienced during the campaign. She’s called media outlets like People magazine and tried to give a different take on the story. She wants them to know that her daughter IS getting her degree, and Levi is getting his GED while working to support his new responsibilities. She’s honestly told them that while this wasn’t what she hoped for her daughter, she sees a blessing in her new grandson.

Where is Sarah Palin’s support group? Where are the Republicans? Where is the RNC when you need them? Do they ever vocally support their good, conservative candidates, or do they always leave them hanging out to dry? If this happened to a liberal woman, EVERY commentator on the air would be supporting this family. James Carvell would be spitting out of both sides of his mouth with love and respect for the fortitude of this new grandmother. Chris Matthews would be tingling all over his body with awe for this young couple who were going to try to raise a child together.

Liberals fall all over themselves when Jodi Foster gets pregnant by a sperm bank without a father in sight. She obviously inspires them. Jamie Lynn Spears is an idol. Every baby delivered by unmarried Angelina and Brad is celebrated as though it were a new prince being brought into the world.

But not Levi and Bristol’s baby. They’re white trash… uneducated, unwed parents.

Hey media, I thought the children of these politicians were hands-off? When Sarah Palin was given the VP nod, little did she know that the rules would all change for her. She knew, of course, that she would receive some scrutiny, but she couldn’t have dreamed that her family would be thrown out in the middle of a cold, lonely lake in a canoe without a paddle.

She faced some of the nastiest criticism in the history of politics….the criticism of those she loves most. Since there was nothing juicy to report on Sarah herself, her husband and kids became perfect fodder. How dare Sarah marry a guy who got a DUI….20 YEARS AGO? How dare she give birth and PUBLICLY love a Down Syndrome baby? How dare she support a teenage daughter who was pregnant? How dare she send her firstborn off to Iraq?

The media had a field day, all the while telling us that Michelle Obama, William Ayers, and Rev. Wright were “off limits.”

Saturday Night Live even insinuated that her husband, Todd, had molested his own daughters. Does anyone else see something sick in this whole scenario?

And Republicans, good, kind, “don’t want to offend anybody” Republicans are no where to be seen. Let Sarah fight her own battles; she’s tough.

So we weren’t allowed to talk about Obama’s associations with mobsters and bigots, but we celebrated with headlines the trials and tribulations of a loving, Christian family with ordinary problems. I thought the liberals liked everyone? Maybe they just don’t like white pregnant teenagers who keep their babies and take responsibility for them. Everyone else is cool.

My message to the RNC. No one can fight the liberal media alone. If you want a united party with moral values, YOU must take a stand and unite them. YOU must stick up for good, conservative officials. YOU must become a leader.

Sarah Palin has been a class act for our party. She has done everything that this party has asked of her, sometimes to her own detriment.

It’s time for the RNC, the conservative politicians, the right-wing pundits, and the Republican voters to give her the support she deserves.

Enough IS enough.


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Gametime for Obama.

Friday, 2. January 2009 7:25

We have almost 3 weeks until inauguration and our new President-elect is tired of the media scrutiny. Huh.

I suggest that he start to grow a tougher skin. Preferably before January 20, 2009.

Most candidates get a pretty good glimpse of life in the White House during their long run for the Presidency. But then again, most candidates have the press all over them during the election cycle. They learn to toughen up; they learn a bit about a hostile environment.

But not Barack Obama, he was the golden boy. The media treated him with kid gloves, after all, he was their candidate. He was the guy that gave them tingles up their legs, and it completely clouded their objective vision. Even the late-night comics have had trouble finding funny material about this man. They were thrilled when Hillary was appointed Sec. of State because they had someone to make fun of again.

Saturday Night Live claimed that they just couldn’t find anything about Barack that was worthy of parody. Maybe I should apply for a writer’s job with them….

How about a skit that shows a man who can’t speak unless he’s on the teleprompter? Show a guy who stutters and stammers, but put a cue card up and his words flow like Martin Luther King. How about a skit showing Barack loving up all his friends, and then claiming he doesn’t know who they are? Or going into a room and untying and ungagging them now that he’s been elected? How about showing him sleeping in church while his pastor rambles on and on about hating America? Or maybe a skit where Barack is rising to the heavens with wings and a halo, and then a cable breaks?

Note to Lorne Michaels: This was not a hard assignment.

Second note to Lorne Michaels: Your true, liberal colors are showing.

At some point, the media will have to begin to do their job, earn their paychecks, and ask a few follow-up questions; they may find that the Messiah isn’t quite sure how to react. In a sport like football, it’s the coach’s job to get the players ready for game time. In an election, the media usually gets that job because the people surrounding the candidate are busy kissing the guy’s butt.

No one seems to want to admit it, but Barack Obama is like a high school player who gets thrown into the big leagues without a helmet. He’s never run a company, a town, a state, or his own family (you know that Michelle has been wearing the pants.) Now he’s supposed to run the most important country in the world, and he thinks that the kid gloves of the media are supposed to stay on.

Those gloves, however, are bound to be removed, even for short periods, and Barack doesn’t seem happy. He ‘s now decided that he wants some solitude. Unfortunately for him, that’s not one of the luxuries of the Presidency.

Welcome to the next 4 years.

You see, when you’re President, there’s a war between Hamas and Israel, and the media wants your opinion, you are going to need to show some fortitude. Distant smiles are not enough. Words, while uniting, are not enough. You can’t vote “present.” And sometimes you have to make decisions based on facts that the world may never know. You have to learn to take the heat. You have a country to run, not a popularity contest to win. Big difference.

Up until today, Barack has done nothing more than win the equivalent of American Idol. Everyone is still cheering. He hasn’t cut an album…he’s still singing Neil Diamond songs. He hasn’t been tested on the circuit, but he has a good voice and some nice clothes.

So did Taylor Hicks.

And that’s where I think Barack will stumble. When the popularity contest is over, and the gray hair is earned, Barack will have a much harder time than he thought because he just wasn’t prepared. The media is in quite a dilemma: do they protect him as they’ve done all along, or do they do their job and hold him accountable? Barack doesn’t like the criticism; he likes to be liked, and that will be his downfall. When you try to be all things to all people, you become nothing to everyone.

Except maybe to the guy with the tingly leg.


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Who needs a Birth Certificate?

Monday, 1. December 2008 6:34

For goodness sake, how long does it take our government to forge a silly Hawaiian birth certificate?

Barack should have given the job to one of the Mexican drug cartels; it would have been done weeks ago.

I suppose there are obstacles to overcome. They would have to find an old birth certificate, preferably from someone now deceased, so they could cut and paste Barack’s information onto it. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, when they have a guy like Sandy Berger waiting in the wings. Send him into the Honolulu City Hall with a tall pair of socks, and he’ll get that done in a jiffy.

And then there’s the issues of the Hospital and the Doctor. I suppose they need to be sure that the hospital they choose for the fake birth has corresponding fake records They’ll have to sneak these into the joint. So, let’s see, who could possibly do this for them?… Easy, how about some guys like George Clooney and Brad Pitt? Maybe Oliver Stone could direct and they could call it “Ocean’s 21.” These guys might even do it “pro bono,” and just call it a friendly gesture, unless they’ve looked at Barack’s new tax plan, in which case it might be an expensive little venture.

The fake doctor, however, does pose a few problems. Surely, for the right price, the government could find someone who would “remember” this wonderful event. He might even have a “flashback” of something extraordinary like a breach birth or an excessively long umbilical cord, just for effect. I wonder if the doctor might want a part in the upcoming movie…..which might mean a new membership to SAG…

It does start to get tricky.

There’s still a problem with Barack’s Kenyan Grandma Obama, the one who wasn’t invited to the victory celebration; the one who said that she “saw Barack being born in Kenya.” Hmmm….what to do with her? Well, that shouldn’t be an issue now that the Clintons are on the scene. They love this kind of stuff. During a Foreign Policy visit to Kenya, they could make a little stop at Grandma’s house, kind of like they did with Vince Foster (wink, wink, nod, nod.)

Only one question remains: Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them? This seems like exactly the type of scandal that they would enjoy, doesn’t it? I remember their noble explanation for investigating Watergate:”It had little to do with politics and everything to do with getting to the bottom of the truth.” They viewed themselves as “journalists” who were “serving the common good” by informing us about the corruption in government. It’s understandable, I suppose, if they don’t want to get involved in a little birth certificate controversy, they’re big-shots now, but what about the rest of the issues? There’s the Selective Service forged document, the missing Columbia and Harvard information, the missing health records, the tapes of Michelle calling people “whitey racists,” Al Mansour, the PLO guy who funded Barack’s Harvard years, and Obama’s Indonesian passport controversy. We haven’t even touched on Barack’s associations and past memberships in socialist causes. Don’t they feel obligated to “get to the bottom of the truth for the good of all?” Where is their passion?

In the end, it won’t matter if Barack is a natural born citizen, just as it didn’t matter that he’s a socialist. None of this matters because to the liberal left, the Constitution doesn’t matter. Why would Barack worry about a silly technicality like being a natural born citizen, when he’s willing to to throw out Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms on the first day he’s in office? These things have the equivalency of dandruff on a dark suit, something to be brushed away without hesitation.

You see, for those like Barack, the Constitution has outlived its usefulness. A birth certificate is only necessary if you feel like showing it. The amendments are only necessary if you feel like enforcing them. The Mexican Drug Cartels can continue to forge documents if they feel it’s right. And the media is going to continue to wear blinders for four years because they feel it’s fair.

One thing we can determine from this little controversy, however, is this: We’ve elected a very arrogant man, one who feels he’s a step above the law, a step above the rest of us. And that, in itself, is very scary indeed.

OK then, birth certificate case closed. The Messiah has spoken.


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President by Committee

Monday, 24. November 2008 12:46

We should have known. Well, some of us could say that we DID know, but the rest of you should have known. Anytime you have a candidate that has to read everything from a teleprompter or he’s in trouble, you have a problem. Anytime you elect someone who can only say about four things but who makes those four things sound really good, you have a problem. Anytime that you have a guy who won’t show us his birth certificate, his college thesis, his grades, or his friends, you have a problem. Anytime you elect someone who has NO foreign experience, NO economic experience, NO business experience, and who voted “present” more than he voted “NO”, you have a guy who’s in over his head. And anytime you have a President who’s in over his head, you have a President looking for someone to bail him out.

Enter Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Paul Begala, Rahm Emanuel…..

You can almost see it now, Obama spotting up a three pointer for the camera screaming, “Hey, I didn’t know that this was a real job! I thought that this was like American Idol. I thought it was all about that new basketball court in the White House. And hey, did you know my kids want a new dog?”

When a child gets in trouble, they look to authority. In this case, “Mommy and Daddy Clinton” will be happy to help little Barack grow up. In fact, they’d be happy to move right into the 3rd floor of the White House and tuck him in at night, right after he finishes playing NCAA 2008 on his Xbox 360.

Listen folks, the next four years is going to be an exercise in “Will the Real President please stand up?” There will be a new standard for the Presidential press conferences….all reporters will have to submit their questions ahead of time so that Barack can get the answers up on the teleprompter. The media will gladly cooperate because they have been hand-holding for so long that they are afraid of being exposed. “Give him some time,” they’ll say, “he’s new at the job.”

Joe Biden, in a rare moment of clarity, once uttered an appropriate response to that thought, “The Presidency of the United States is no place for on the job training.”

Speaking of Biden, you have to feel sorry for him; he just got completely obliterated from this presidential picture. He can take his beloved train back to Connecticut every night and no one will even care. If he thinks that he can compete on Foreign Policy with the Tag Team of Hillary and Bill, then he has another thing coming. They aren’t going to concede one ounce of power to anyone; they will have a hard enough time conceding power to each other.

To all of you reporters, it’s called “vetting” for a reason. That was YOUR job. You weren’t supposed to pray to Barack Obama, you were supposed to research him. IT IS YOUR DUTY to be the liaison between the truth and the people. They looked to you, and you let them down. You were so busy talking to librarians in Alaska, that you forgot to see if our new President was qualified to lead this country in any capacity. And so the uninformed people have spoken, and now we’re stuck with “President by Committee.”

So there you have it. This is what happens when no one bothers to expose that the Emperor has no clothes until after the election. The naked Emperor is afraid to come out of the White House and lead his country until all his little, experienced “tailors” come in, sew him some clothes, get him dressed, and show him how to act and what to say.

I’d advise Barack to be a little careful, however. These tailors use scissors, and sometimes they can find their way into the Emperor’s back.


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